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  1. JeffieBoy


    Took my wife to an RMT appointment about 30km from home this morning. When she hobbled out afterwards the first thing she said was that she was starving and ready for early lunch. Directly across the street was a BBQ joint called the Lancaster Smokehouse. I pulled into the parking lot, walked into the restaurant and ordered a brisket sandwich for myself. It was more expensive than a quarter pound cheeseburger combo and didn’t include a drink but I felt it important to bite the bullet for you, loyal Guru viewer! Probably the best brisket sandwich I have had in several years (that I did not make myself). Let’s consider this research for future cooks. Look at those slices!
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  2. Continuing my experiments with cooking fish and seafood high in the dome, this time I tried Steelhead filet in a garlic laced thick teriyaki glaze. The dome thermometer read 425* and the fish was cooked indirect to an IT of 115*. Here are some photos: -A thick side of fresh Steelhead from Costco. -A large portion rubbed with lemon-infused EVOO and sprinkled with smoked paprika. -Pulled from the Joe Jr. when the IT hit 115*. -Plated and sauced with a commercially prepared thick teriyaki laced with fresh garlic run through a garlic press. -Garnished with scallion greens, a little cilantro, sesame seeds, cucumber spears marinated in rice vinegar and radish. Thanks for Looking and Happy Cooking.
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  3. Yeah, that does make a difference. But a zip-lock freezer bag can be used more effectively than most folk do. You don't want the fish dry, so a (very little) bit of water added to the bag. Then submerge all of the bag but the zipper in a container of cold water (like a Dutch oven loaf pan, etc). That will get nearly all the air out of the bag, the meat stays fresher longer. Vacuum sealers are better, but not always available.
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  4. Thank you @jark87. Unless I'm cooking for several people and thus cooking the the whole filet, I'll cut it into portions, put them into Foodsaver vacuum bags and freeze. I prefer the taste and consistency of fresh, never frozen fish, although that luxury is not always available here in the Sonoran Desert. It also depends on the type of fish. So, maybe I've grown accustomed to what, to me, is the slight difference in flavor and consistency of frozen/thawed or maybe it's the Foodsaver, or maybe my sauces mask it, but the difference is not so pronounced as to put me off.
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  5. Great cook and excellent presentation! Out of curiosity, did you cook the entire filet? I ask because every time I buy a large piece of fish like that, I’ll freeze what I don’t cook and it never tastes as good after thawing. I don’t have a vacuum sealer, so that could be part of the problem.
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