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  1. A couple three weeks ago, JackJumper did a cook he called "layered chicken breasts". I took his idea and did a follow up cook using his method but with chicken thighs, for dinner this evening. I used a blend of shiitake and baby bella mushrooms with prosciutto, along with sun dried tomatoes and sautéed mashed garlic and onions. For cheese I used a blend of aged gouda, herbed goat cheese and a little grated parmesan. For seasoning I used a liberal amount of McCormicks roasted garlic and herb blend. For a side I made a tomato salad with chocolate tomatoes and good mozzarella. It came out great, and presented quite well. My wife loved it, and said we needed to add it to the dishes we do for company. Here's some pics.
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  2. Evacuation is no fun. Staying can be even less fun.
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