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    Stromboli on the IronWood

    Friday night stromboli on the IronWood 650. Love how it reaches 500 really quick and hangs there without any issues. Ham, pepperoni and cheese.
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    John Setzler

    Introducing the BFM

    The big fluffy muffins.....
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    The random pictures thread...

    Having a nice lunch with my brother.
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    Monty approves!

    Family coming up for a long weekend, so fired up the Pit Boss at 6:30 this morning with FOGO Marabu. Got the temp locked at 275 by 7:30 with a couple chunks of cherry wood and on the butt went. Nearly 11 hours later, still holding firm at 275, the butt hit 200 and off it goes to be wrapped. Monty approves!
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    I purchased this stone almost two years ago, at that time it was marketed under the name Kit Chef. It is 15" in dia, 3/4" thick cordierite with a slight bevel at the edges on both sides of the stone that keeps it from chipping. I have used the heck out of this stone and it has held up perfectly. The cordierite ceramic gives a very nice finish to my pizza crusts, and in addition my experience with the stone is that it is plenty tough enough for general deflector duty. They now market the same stone on Amazon under the name of Culinary Couture for 39.90. If I remember right I paid more than that (50 something) when I purchased mine when it was called Kit Chef. Worth checking out if you are in the market for a good stone. That's a nice price for a high quality cordierite stone.
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    Golf Griller

    Cracked Firebox

    I got a text from my wife yesterday while I was on the golf course. My replacement firebox had arrived. Never received any shipping information from KJ, but not a problem. My wife left it on the porch, after trying to be nice and take it out to the deck, she found it was too heavy for her to move. When I got home, I moved it to the deck and decided to replace it right then. When I removed the old firebox it came out in five pieces. I do not have a picture of them removed, but here is a picture with the fire ring removed, but before I removed the firebox. I cleaned out the inside of the grill, and brushed all the buildup on the grill off before fully vacuuming the inside of the grill. I then installed the new firebox. It was easier to install than I thought based on posts from others that have installed the new style firebox. I had my wife ready to help me, but I did not need her help. It took all of maybe 10 minutes to get the new fire box in and ready to cook. The diameter of the bottom of the new firebox is a little larger than the bottom of the old firebox, so my ash tray is a little looser than it was in the old firebox.
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    Interesting Meater + Application

    It's no secret, I don't really like my Meater +. My opinion is definitely tainted after being jerked around for 3 years with their kickstarter campaign. I originally ordered it for rotisserie cooks and for that application it's the only device on the market and that's where it excels. But I have a few better options for my kamados and wood fired oven so it doesn't get much use. Well last night I got a brilliant idea to use it in my NuKe Delta grill. I fired up the Nuke Delta grill with my grill grates and got it screaming hot. I did a quick 4 sided sear on a chunk of pork loin. I then inserted the Meater + and moved the pork loin off to the side to finish cooking with the lid down. It calculated 36 minutes to finish. Here is the Meater app monitoring the cook from my porch. When it got down to 15 minutes remaining I put a small CI skillet on the hot side and started cooking some sizzle corn. When it was time to dredge in the homemade rosemary Peach glaze I switched positions to get the pork loin back over the hot side, careful to keep the Meater out towards the edge so I didn't break it. This application worked really well for the Meater + unit especially with rolling the pork loin around in the glaze. It now gets a little redemption. Dinner was fantastic. I'm really falling in love with the Nuke Delta grill. The cover makes indirect cooking a breeze by trapping the heat above the cook while you still get heat coming up from the fire bricks below.
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    Konro Night

    I am posting this early in case July gets away from me for the challenge. We hosted two other couples for a konro cook this evening. Kiddos had a popcorn-powered movie night in the house while we had a wonderful meal on the deck. Prep began in the garden, pulling the year's first shi####os. I no longer have to worry about supply here. I have five healthy plants that are clearly going to make summer and fall a wonderful time. The into the kitchen, for seemingly endless prep. I feel like I have finally figured out how to properly butterfly wing flats, and now it is both easier and faster. I am still learning how to skewer them. No griddle this evening, but the gear is perfect for soaking skewers. Then time to make tare, which I am starting to understand is the backbone of the chicken parts of this meal. Makes the entire house smell delicious. Moving onto the deck, I laid out firebricks (which you can see have other roles in grilling here) to keep from melting the table. I have dreams of custom building a farm style table with a hidden cutout for the konro, but in the mean time, for these dinners, the deck table is replaced with a rectangular Lifetime folder. First course, grilled avocado. This is delicious, but I treat it more or less like a tare delivery system. One of our guests intelligently pointed out tonight that if I skewered it in the future in a way where the skewers are never visible in the pit hole, the hole will not leak liquid. For next time! Then onto asparagus wrapped in prosciutto. This is a fantastically delicious combination and very easy. The smell as the ham gives up fat to the hot charcoal is unreal. Next was scallops. If I was smart, I would cook these on the grate, but I risked it tonight, and nothing fell in. Not having the delicate item stick on the grate was a wonderful change. These are so tasty and so easy. Now time for the KamadoGuru linked cook. We did John Setzler's modified Orange-Honey Glazed shrimp, true to his recipe. This is so fantastically good I think it created a small black hole in my back yard. We took the extra skewers in for the kids and after that they all started cruising the deck for other items: We then moved on to chicken. First round was thigh meat and garden shi####os. So rewarding! Next was tsukune. We use all dark meat ground chicken, the recipe from the book "Robata", parboil the meatballs, and then smash them on skewers before grilling. These are so wonderfully good, and as a bonus the children DEVOUR them. Easy recipe and cook, absurdly good result. The only improvement is when I am willing to drive down to Suzuki farm to get the real Japanese green onions. Yum Yum Yum. Finally, butterflied wing flats. This is my personal favorite. After watching David Chang et al. cut these and trying fairly often for a couple of years, I think I finally have the cuts down. However, I still have some learning to do about skewering after the cut. I wish there was a class! The cook is relatively easy, and the taste is out of this world. At this point, I cut down whole wings, and save the drumettes for kamado wing cooks. One of our guests joked about cooking s'mores on the marabu charcoal since it all seemed too easy. Joke no more. S'mores were had with good laughs and good friends. Finally, the kamado did play a role! The marabu charcoal can be used for a second cook with no sweat, however I found dousing in water led to mold. So, I use a plancha and a kamado to move and snuff the charcoal. The dome temp with all vents closed usually hits about 350F before backing down.
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    Teres Major from Porter Road

    I like their tag line..” Delivering Life Changing Meat”. Well it certainly changed the cow’s life. :-)
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    Paella setup direct or indirect?

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    I got a new job and it’s harder for me to fire up the KJ on weekdays. Soooo, I went out and got be a new toy. 2 burner cast iron griddle.
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    Ben S

    Just dinner...

    Salmon with garlic, rosemary, dill and lemon zest. The family demolished it! My real surprise was chicken rubbed with John Setzler’s AP mojo, then marinated in Italian dressing.
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    Kamado Tom

    Whatcha’ Got Cooking

    Reverse seared Ribeye and baked potato, nothing special but delish
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    Charcoal Addict

    Nothing but the money!

    Aaron Franklin Prime Brisket, (the Canadian Edition). I barley remember the good old days when cooking a perfect brisket used to be a challenge. 7 years of using the KJ’s; I have no trouble firing out perfect briskets without fail.
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    Chris G

    Intro - Hi from Houston

    Just purchased a KJ Classic III that won't be delivered for a couple of weeks. Started lurking here and finding lots of good information as this will be my first ceramic cooker. Been primarily using pellet cookers for the last several years, but wanted to try something different and the kamado-style cookers have intrigued me for a while now. Current equipment Cookshack Fast Eddy PG500 Traeger Timberline 1300 Kamado Joe Classic III (en route ) Chris
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    Welcome, Bob, glad to have you and your new kamado with us. I wasn't familiar with a Life Smart Kamado so I looked it up https://www.homedepot.com/p/Lifesmart-Lonestar-24-in-Kamado-Charcoal-Ceramic-Grill-and-Smoker-with-Bundled-Electric-Starter-Cover-Deflector-Stone-in-Blue-SCS-K24B/308611187 The Life Smart uses Auplex components and looks much like the other companies that also use Auplex components; like Vision, Pit Boss, Louisiana, Blue Goose, etc. Auplex Makes good durable stuff, and the companies that use them put out very good quality, capable kamados, that can really cook. Great 60th birthday present and once your up and cooking it will keep giving you wife dividends in the form of tasty meals. Smart Gift if you ask me.
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    8 months in and down 88 lbs. Still planning the work and working the plan. I am going to keep on chooglin'.
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    Hello from Upstate NY

    Hi everyone, I'm pizzamon - just joined the forum. I currently own a Vision Signature Gourmet that I purchased last month. Prior to that I had an Akorn which I used for 4 years mostly to make pizza.
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    Trolling for ideas for this

    The slocacek is new and they are originally from Snook and there were prob more people in the store than visit Snook in a year try the Czech stop across the street for the proper kolaches and klobanesk should have stopped at the twin peaks for the biker shootout tour stop
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    S. Madrid

    Hobbies OTHER than Cooking?

    Hobbies other than cooking.....well, I have a few but the main ones would be- My 2008 Shelby GT; my son and I have modded it quite a bit, the entire front suspension has be replaced with BMR parts, as well as most of the rear suspension. In the engine bay, we replaced the induction system and added long tube headers and also some dressup items. I had the cams replaced with some Ford Performance parts for the old school 'lope' to the engine. We also changed some interior and exterior parts as well. Next up is woodworking, my wife has been after me for a 'farm table' for years and when we built the house I finally had space for tools and projects. I build tables and other minor stuff, and continue to work on different joinery techniques. Bowhunting/3D Archery is next, I can shoot up to 40yds in my backyard and most days, before work, I go out and shoot about 100 arrows from various distances. My son wanted a bow for his high school graduation gift so he gets out and shoots with me when we are both home. It's nice just to be able to go out in the back yard when its quiet out and practice. Other than that, pretty much anything outdoors or fitness related, before I leave North Carolina, I will do some section hikes of the Appalachian Trail with one of my daughters.
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    S. Madrid


    Hi all, My name is Steve, I am a retired Army Officer, now working as a Military Contractor. I have been becoming more serious about smoking and grilling the past few years and enjoy making great food as well as learning from the failures we have to eat sometimes as well. I hope to learn for everyone here and maybe share some things as well. I currently own a Weber 22 inch Kettle, and a Pit Barrel Cooker. In a few weeks I will be adding a Kamado Joe Big Joe III I just ordered and am looking forward to learning that as well. Steve
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    All, Yesterday-7/26/19, I purchased a KJ Big Joe III package on the Atlanta Grill Company website. They are currently offering a promo code for 400.00 off the package. After shipping it is about 300.00 off the total cost. Just wanted to give folks a heads up if interested. I did not see an end date for the promotion, but I would guess a call to AGC could answer that. Hope it helps. https://atlantagrillcompany.com/collections/kamado-joe/products/kamado-joe-big-joe™-iii-package Steve
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    Brisket temp

    That brisket looks pretty amazing for a first time! I did my first as well recently. I kind of botched it a bit, but it still turned out really well I think. Forgive me because I still havent mastered all the names for the parts so I will use "my" terms. LOL The skinny part got over desired, in retrospect I probably should have cut that separate perhaps and pulled when at 203, but it got to 210 when the rest was fabulously smooth probing and around 203. I am satisfied with it, my family absolutely loved it so needless to say I am completely addicted to Kamado Cooking now. Previously ONLY gas grill. Gas grill hasnt been lit since I bought my Kamado in April. I have work to do yet to get really good at brisket, but for my first attempt I am happy.
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    Red River Smoke

    Cheesy Mac

    @bel4_20 If you scroll midway down in the comments in the link I'm including you'll see John Setzler's recipe. That is basically what I did and it turned out great.
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    Reef's Lump Comparison

    Fogo is free shipping to your doorstep. BBQ Guys is free shipping of Jealous Devil.
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    Thanks @lnarngr, I’ll give this a shot and see how it goes!
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    Kamado Tom

    Griswold #3

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    Kamado Tom

    Reef's Lump Comparison

    @fafrd Usually the white smoke clears up as the temp. gauge on both of my kamado cookers is around 200F, not sure what happened in your particular situation. RO was a real smoker for me with a very chemically odor as it was lighting but again the smoke turned lighter, then clear as the lid temp passed 200 degrees. Others have complained of acrid smoke and taste from food with KJBB until it has fully lit and the fire has matured which has taken a long time for them, so far this hasn't been an issue for me but I've come across a few posts about it.
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    Don't drool, I did

    I thought I was looking at pork belly at first. Great cook.5
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    Kamado Tom

    cheater pastrami on the kamado

    yep, stay under 236F
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    Nice to hear when manufacturers want to and still do the right thing.
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    Grilled Peach Reef Syrup/Topping

    genius idea and gosh that looks so delicious! LOL... I love the "woops, I forgot to take the picture" ha haaaa!
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    Strawberry and Rhubarb Pie

    That looks outstanding, nice looking pie with a perfect crust. Someday I'll have to give Strawberry Rhubarb a try.
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    Pan sear a steak in a wok?!

    Kewl video. Gorgeous primal dry aged ribeye.
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    Need Advice on old Kamado K7

    Thanks for the great info everyone! No pizza in the kamado. I will go read the above mentioned thread. I assumed that since the company was sold and changed name and owners that it was no longer around. But thanks to the link provided by 58limited I was able to email them and got a reply from Richard Johnson today. He said I purchased a K5 in Oct 2003, which is good to know when looking for parts in the future. He also said that the wheels will unscrew, so new ones can be installed. Thanks again for sharing you knowledge and pointing me in the right direction!
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    Really good looking food. Great pictures, the last picture on your first post looks like it could be a stock image for advertising. Nicely done.
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    Mr Cue

    U5 Shrimp

    Happy belated birthday my friend! Those shrimp and steak look amazing and I don’t even like crab! Was going to score 100 pounds of shrimp off the dock when we went down to Florida last month but you can’t buy seafood in bulk without a wholesale license anymore, too many irresponsible people ruined it for everyone. Oh well.
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    Setzler - 2017

    I have been using a free app called Endomondo. So far it's really helped motivate me.
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    U5 Shrimp

    I don't know where these come from originally but they are awesome.
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    Monty approves!

    Nice looking butt. I think Monty's saying I know I'm gonna get some of that. I've been watching it and protecting it for you all day.
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    Paella setup direct or indirect?

    Well, I got my grill up to 900°. Oops!
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    Picked up the grill this morning and I am excited to try it out tomorrow! The guy I bought it from only used it twice
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    3 pound ribeye

    That steak looks absolutely perfect @philpom!! Great job!
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    Jack 101

    Akorn Smoking - ASSISTANCE NEEDED!

    Welcome Fudpucker.
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    What Are the Best Drill Bits?

    Most important is to CENTER PUNCH or the drill wander around
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    Western Lump at Walmart

    Some funny posts about not being able to do business in California and how expensive things are. We only have a 3 trillion dollar economy, the 6th largest GDP in the world. Funny stuff:)
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    Chris Topher

    Poor Man's Sous Vide

    For $70 you can get an anova circulator. At that price, I’m not sure it’s worth mucking around with a kettle and cooler, other than for your own proof of concept.
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    This was unexpected, on Saturday a grocery store had Tomahawks in for $16/lbs vs 28 at my local butcher so I thought I would give them a try. I used the Jess Pryles dry brine method (link) and left them uncovered in the fridge for three days flipping and drying once a day before cooking last night when I seasoned them with hardcore carnivores black rub set the egg up for a reverse sear and eventually sliced into pure magic. Easily top 3 ever which was unexpected given their grocery store pedigree
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    Latest BGE Vent / Rain Cap

    I taught my rain cap a new trick this morning.
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