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    Very happy with this test run on Sourdough Seed Bread that I made last weekend.
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    Pasta Carbonara

    A mix of Giada’s recipe and my own style and scaled down for 3 of us. Added a side of panko crusted zucchini as well.
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    Baby Back Ribs & Cornbread

    I haven't had my kamado for very long, but I decided to give this month's challenge a go as I figured it was manageable even for a newbie. So, without further excuses, here's my 5 ingredient cook (haha, which ended up being only a 4 ingredient cook as I understand the rules, but it was too late to make any additions at that point): Baby Back Ribs & Cornbread. I filled up my KJC II with charcoal, lit it up, and got set up for indirect with both heat deflectors in at the lowest level and my grill grates on top. I let the grill come up to 375°. First up was the cornbread. In order to stay within the ingredient limit I used a boxed cornbread mix which called for butter, milk, and eggs. I mixed the ingredients together and poured into 3 small cast iron skillets that I had let come to temperature on the grill. I was also pretty generous with the butter that I used to grease the pans as I prefer a very buttery cornbread. These then went into the grill and cooked for about 25 minutes, until the edges looked crisp and the tops were turning golden brown. Then I set them aside to cool, closed down the vents on the grill, and started prepping the ribs. As you know, it takes a while for the grill to drop temps, but I wasn't planning to go super low for these ribs and was just shooting for 300° - 325°. At this point I also added some apple chunks for smoking the ribs. I prepped my ribs, rubbed them down with some Urban Accents Kansas City Classic Rub that I had received as a gift (I love this stuff, great blend of sweet and heat), and let them sit for about 20 minutes as the grill cooled down some. When it got down to 325°, I threw the ribs on and left them to cook for the next 2.5 hours (1.5 hours uncovered, 1 hour wrapped in foil with some water added). After 2.5 hours the grill had finally cooled down to about 290°, and the ribs had a great bark and were perfectly tender when probing with the thermometer. This is where I had planned on using my fifth ingredient, Sweet Baby Ray's Sweet 'n Spicy Barbecue Sauce, but my wife agreed that they looked too good to pass up already. I was perfectly happy with that as I much prefer dry rub ribs and don't really care for barbecue sauce. With the ribs looking done (they bent nearly in half when picked up), I unwrapped the ribs and put them back on the grill to crisp up just slightly while I warmed the cornbread. I covered the cast iron skillets with foil so the bread didn't take on the smoke and put them back on the grill with the ribs for 10 minutes. I sliced up the ribs and served with a skillet of cornbread (the bread actually would just flip right out of the pan but it looks much cooler for each person to get their own skillet ). Everything turned out wonderfully. This was my first attempt at making either ribs or cornbread on the kamado, and things couldn't have gone better. The cornbread was amazing, moist and buttery but still crisp on the outside, and the ribs were just as good. Perfect amount of smoke flavor, solid bark, and still juicy and tender on the inside. They were done just like I had planned, pull off the bone tender but still solid enough for some good bite-through. I cooked the ribs a little hotter than normal since I didn't want to wait forever for the grill to come back down to temp, but things still went pretty smoothly. My wife loved the results too, maybe I'll be able to convince her that things would have gone even better with two kamados, one running low for the ribs and one high for the cornbread... I'm not too good at pictures so calling it a "money" shot would be a pretty big stretch, but I did actually remember to take some pics this time. To be honest though, I almost completely forgot to take a picture of the end result, so it was a little rushed. No worries on my part, it was fun just to participate! My final list of ingredients: Baby Back Ribs, Krusteaz Honey Cornbread & Muffin Mix, Milk, Egg, Sweet Baby Ray's Sweet 'n Spicy Barbecue Sauce. I also used butter and barbecue rub that didn't count toward the total.
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    Sourdough Seed Bread

    That looks really good. I was just about to ask how you did that in a Kamado, when I realised you didn't!
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    Howdy from Mansfield, TX

    "Outstanding In It's Field".
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    The random pictures thread...

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    As the title suggests, this was not meant to be a challenge entry. I just happened to pull up the forum after putting the chicken on the grill to see the July Challenge up and realize my dinner on the kamado fit perfectly. Five ingredients: Chicken breasts, split in half Peach halves (freestone!) Lemon Goat Cheese Balsamic vinegar According to the challenge guidelines, the olive oil and lemon thyme do not count toward the total. For the chicken: Split the breasts if they're too thick. Slice the lemon four or five times, then juice the remainder. Marinate chicken in a bag with oil, vinegar, lemon, juice, and lemon thyme while preparing the grill. Peaches: Cut in half, then remove the pit. Use a small spoon to deepen any shallow hollows. While things are cooking, prepare the filling. Smash the goat cheese (~5 oz.) and add picked lemon thyme, along with a splash of balsamic. Mix thoroughly, then chill. Cook everything over indirect heat. The peaches go on a bit late and get pulled off early. As you flip the chicken, make sure to keep the lemon slices on top. When everything is done, scoop the goat cheese mixture into the peaches, plate everything, then sprinkle with additional balsamic. I can also confirm from lunch today that the peaches are just as wonderful served cooled, especially when eaten on a covered deck on an extremely hot day.
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    Costco Prime Brisket

    This just plain works. You can just roll small bits of aluminum foil into balls instead of the copper fittings, but the fittings were cheap enough, I got those. Couple cups of water in the pan helps too, replenished as needed.
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    Reverse Searing NY Strip

    Hi Guys, Took my first crack at reverse Searing on my KDC2. Turned out good and to everyone's approval. Did them at 225*C and had a meat thermometer in. Timing should be about and hour but they got to 110* really quick (20-25 min) and a couple were even higher when I took them off to rest. Only one was cut properly at 2.5" think but that one was still ready to rest only about 10 min after the others. They turned out and but should I have gone with 3"? I still felt the 2.5" steak could have been better and all we're closer to medium than med-rare. Any suggestions are welcomed, trying to get better! Thanks guys, cheers!
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    nightmarish start... deflectors which should have been cleaned after my last 550° cook started smoking like crazy as soon as the ribs started to sweat fat... Got everything under control now... waiting in the wings...
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