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    Corner Cut

    In the UK we can buy a topside 'corner cut'. This is full of flavour and very tender but they normally sell out fast so you've got to be quick! Set it in soy sauce, worcestershire sauce, brown sugar, garlic and onion granules, salt and pepper and smoked paprika. Left it overnight and then set up the KJ with the SLoROLLER and some hickory chunks at 90°c. Put it on at 7am and pulled it off at about 1pm when the internal was 57°c. For the last 30 mins I removed the top of the SLoROLLER and opened the vents to brown the joint and add extra flavor. Extremely tasty, very soft and very moist! Joint going on... After browning... Ready to serve!
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    John Setzler

    Griswold #3

    You can't even tell these are the same pan as the original photos....
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    We decided to make crab cakes and cheddar bay biscuits for dinner tonight and I didn't feel like using the gassers so I tried something I've never done before which is skillet cooking over a charcoal fire. I started by cleaning out the KJ Classic charcoal basket and filling it with the BB already in the egg, then placing the basket in the middle of the grate and lighting in 3 spots. After letting the fire get up and running I preheated the skillet then added some olive oil and the crab cakes a minute later. The cook went well although i did sendup raising the cooking grid as things were getting a little too hot. I served them up with the biscuits that I baked in the KJ.
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    Edward Cook

    Smoked Beef Short Ribs

    I've never smoked beef short ribs before but decided to give it a try last weekend. Got a couple of beef short rib "plates" from our great local meat shop (https://www.hirschsmeats.com/). Sprayed on some duck fat (I really like this stuff)... And seasoned with some Meat Church Holy Cow BBQ rub! Then onto the Kamado Joe! After 2 hours over mesquite and charcoal, I had to have a peek... After 3 hours, I wrapped and left on for a couple of more hours. Super tender and juicy! Supper time! Peas & cornbread, fried eggplant, salad and vino!
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    Double smoked ham

    My parents were visiting us for the weekend, for Sunday dinner we thought it would be nice to try for ham and scalloped potatoes without heating the house up on one of the hottest days of the year so far. I had the LG kamado and my gasser going full tilt for most of the afternoon, it was a little chaotic I can now see where an extra charcoal burner could come in handy, maybe convince the wife on a KJ?? But back to the cook, I trimmed up an 11.75 lb ham of all skin and fat, it shed a couple pounds there. I then put it on the LG at 250 for an hour for a nice light kiss of oak smoke, and then wrapped it all up in a couple layers of foil with a half cup of apple juice. It cooked away for another 2 hours while we made up a Dutch oven of scalloped potatoes and threw them on the Napoleon to cook away. Meanwhile I had ciabatta bread proofing inside which I needed to get into the kamado somehow? (I was also preheating my pizza stone in the gasser for insertion into the LG when I was ready for bread.). Just about the time the potatoes were finishing I turned them down and brought the ham over to continue on the gas grill while I transferred the pizza stone to the LG and turned up the temp to 475. By the time it was up to temp my rolls had finished proofing and in they went for 20 minutes. As soon as they were done I pulled the pizza stone and heat deflector for direct grilling to finish the ham. I forgot to mention that while the bread was baking I had unwrapped the ham and I had previously made up a honey, brown sugar and apple juice glaze, with just a bit of cinnamon and cider vinegar, and I was painting that on the ham to glaze up. I also put a couple foil packets of fresh beans I picked that morning on to cook. I moved the ham over for a quick hit of high heat rolling it all around getting nice and sticky and putting on the final glazing. It was so hectic the only photo I took was the ham on the grill, but let me tell you the final meal was fantastic! Christmas in August!
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    Tandoori shrimp

    These tandoori shrimp came out great, but they do pack some heat. Use less cayenne if you're spice adverse.
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    Cherry Tomato and Cheese Galette

    Chef John / foodwishes.com had posted this recipe on his YouTube channel a few days back. Between that video and the recipe that John Setzler had recently posted along with a good supply of cherry tomatoes from Mrs lunchman's garden, I just knew I had to make this. It almost wound up as my August Challenge entry, but there's the age old question: is a tomato a fruit or a vegetable? Technically, it's both but I still think of tomatoes as vegetables, so my challenge entry stands. The Goldens' was in use today grilling chicken breasts for a dish my wife was making so the Bubba Keg was put into action. The dough, rolled out and waiting to be placed on the Lodge CI pizza pan. It then was put back into the fridge to keep cold while I prepped the other ingredients - The cheese base. Chef John had used Goat Cheese, I used Farmer's Cheese, mixed with our garden Basil, Pepper and an Egg Yoik - The cherry tomatoes, mixed with EVOO and Dijon Mustard - The Galette with the cheese mixture, tomatoes layered over it, sprinkled with Parmesan cheese and brushed with egg wash. All ready for the Keg - Bubba, running along at a nice temp - Checking in after about 15 minutes, it's looking good - At around 30-35 minutes it's just about ready to come off - A couple of pretty pictures - As Chef John warns in his video, it really does need to cool to room temp before slicing into it, but we were both eager and hungry to dig in - Bottom crust turned out quite nice - It more than met my expectations and was quite delicious! Along with looking pretty spectacular. If you have an abundance of cherry tomatoes, give this a try. The recipe is on the foodwishes.com website. Thanks for reading through this post! Regards, -lunchman
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    Chris G

    Traeger 1300 Timberline Question

    My first cook on my new 1300 last month was also very agressive - 2 briskets, 3 racks of ribs, 6 links of sausage. Put the briskets on around 9pm the evening before at 200, programmed 4 hours of super smoke and then 200 until I woke up around 4:30am to check on them. Upped then temp to 250 at that time. Ribs went on around 1pm. Sausage went on a couple of hours before dinner. The Timberline performed flawlessly and everything was done for dinner at 6pm, although I wish I had started at a bit higher temp. One of the briskets didn't finish until just before time to eat and I prefer to have them in a cooler for 2-3 hours. This was basically a 20 hour cook and I used less than 20 lbs of pellets, which I was happy with. Not exactly sure how much less as I topped off the hopper 4 or 5 hours before the end of the cook. Here's a picture when I started the rib cook - I added the 3rd shelf for the sausage later but didn't get a picture of the full load.
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    VG Jer

    Smoked Beef Short Ribs

    Wondering what grill temp did you use? I've done them 3 times. Twice at 225 and once at 275, found the 275 much better overall. I need to do once more to confirm!
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    Agh; I get tired of seeing people with ZERO participation/posts coming here to peddle their kamados. List it on FB Market Place, Craig’s List, or somewhere other than here, it’s in poor form IMO.
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    smoking whole chickens

    Thanks everyone for the great tips. Spatchcock it is. I plan on Smoking two chickens ( on an Akorn Kamado Kooker) this weekend so the tips will are appreciated. I have Apple and cherry wood to smoke with (the wife will let me know which she wants. lol) I have not done any brines yet. but I can appreciate the benefits. Hopefully I will remember to take pics before we dig in to them. this has Been a great forum to get some great tips and advise and education. Thanks again.
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    John Setzler

    Griswold #3

    It is seasoned. It's had 5 rounds of it.
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    Scott Roberts

    Reef's Lump Comparison

    Just saw this on Homedepot.com! Price=$ 25.04/Quebracho 20 lbs. Bag Hardwood Lump Charcoal Scott
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    If you want to play: http://mcm2019.football.cbssports.com/e/d397a0863ae8c1ea0617dc4467ea8b500375f81a803adcf7?ttag=FFBC19_cpy_invite_new_mt This year's prize package is awesome.... Kamado Joe Classic 3 Grill from Kamado Joe Classic Joetissery and 12 pack of seasonings from Atlanta Grill Company $100 gift card from Porter Road Butcher
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    Low country boil

    Hate is not a strong enough word loath is better just kidding looks great
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    we weighed the joe 3s as they would sit on your deck or patio. With everything - grill, cart and accessories: big joe 3 - 408 lbs. classic 3 - 262 lbs. tom
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    Reef's Lump Comparison

    @ckreefa nice addition may be some Wicked Good Weekend Warrior Lump. I haven’t tried it in the KK yet but loved it for long cooks in the BGE. Available at Ace online.
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    Don't drool, I did

    Love short ribs, a great piece of beef. These cooked at about 250°f for about 2 hours with mesquite wood. Basted with a blend of honey, Bragg's and lemon juice - equal parts. I present beef short ribs Tasty as can be, served with a chopped Asian salad.
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    Reef's Lump Comparison

    Fogo is free shipping to your doorstep. BBQ Guys is free shipping of Jealous Devil.
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    Ohhhh Crab Cakes are definitely a treat to eat. Those look mighty good and they'd fit the bill.
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    Kamado Tom

    Reef's Lump Comparison

    Anyone looking for B&B or Rockwood can order it online from Ace Hardware and have it delivered to a local store for free, the store doesn't need to stock it.
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    Reef's Lump Comparison

    My local Academy carries a good selection of B&B.
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    Keto Diet

    I have been on a keto diet for almost 2 years (Oct 2017). I started experimenting with keto in Aug / Sept after watching Dr Sarah Holmberg's Tedx talk on reversing diabetes. A little background, In July 2017 I was diagnosed with pre-diabetes. My A1C was 5.7 in 2017. In 2016, I had an NMR lipoprofile cholesterol test which also measures insulin resistance with the LP-IR test. I measured a 58 that year where anything above 45 is insulin resistant and indicative of diabetes. In 2016, I don't recall my doctor mentioning anything and I did not get my A1C tested that year. I am 5' - 5" and weigh 128 pounds. I have run either a half marathon, full marathon or both most years since 2011. So weight and exercise was not an issue. I still weigh about the same but based on both calipers and the navy tape method, I have reduced body fat % especially around my waist since starting the keto diet. For the first 6 or so months I was very strict. Now I would estimate that 95+ % of my meals are keto. My clinical results are in 2016 my cholesterol was 267 total, ldl - 179, hdl - 69, tri - 96, tasted blood sugar (fbs) - not tested, A1c - not tested, LP-IR 58 2017 - Total - 218, ldl - 124, hdl - 67, tri - 135, fbs - 109, A1C - 5.7, LP - IR - not tested 2018 - Total - 237, ldl - 143, hdl - 83, tri - 54, fbs - 103, A1C - 5.1, LP - IR not tested 2019 - Total - 246, ldl - 141, hdl - 92, tri - 64, fibs - 110, A1C - 5.5, LP - IR 25 So my total cholesterol and ldl still run a little high, my triglycerides are down 50%, and my HDL is up 50%. My doctor is very happy with my cholesterol numbers. My fbs runs a little high. I have found that if I eat a breakfast with zero carbs my blood sugar drops below 100 within one hour. If I have carbs with breakfast my blood sugar will increase 20 to 40 points within 1 hour depending on the curbs. Based on this, I only skip breakfast after "cheat" meals to return to Ketosis quicker. When I skip breakfast, my blood sugar remains above 100 until I eat. My A1C and LP-IR are both considered normal and I am no longer clinically considered pre-diabetic. On a non-clinical level, I definitely feel more energetic when I am in Ketosis. I don't really notice a difference with one cheat meal but if I have a cheat week (vacation) I can really feel a difference by the end of the week. As far as alcohol goes, I have confirmed with testing that dry red and white wines do not affect my blood sugar nor do they kick me out of Ketosis, so my wife and I will split a bottle several times a week which is a couple of glasses each. Sorry for the long post but for those of you with diabetes or pre-diabetes, I wanted to share my story especially since my positive results do not include weight loss or increased exercise so are strictly based on keto diet. Weight loss and exercise have also been shown to be beneficial.
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    Determined kamado cook! Good Show!
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    Hello to all

    Hello everyone my name is Mark Rubin and i live in Simi Valley CA. just bought a Akron as a starter to see if i like it before i move up. here to learn and ask thank you
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    Tatonka Dust seasoning is available!

    Thank the Lord. I'm ordering before you sell out again. I may order a three or four cases before the hoarders get it all.
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    Low country boil

    Tasty looking meal.
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    It’s been awhile since I’ve made some fresh bread for a meal. I decided to make an Italian inspired open face steak sandwich with mesquite smoked flank steak. I made a flakey moist fresh baked potato bread for the toast. I used a Food Processor to make a standard Pesto with almonds instead of pine nuts. I mixed a creamy Philly Cheese sauce blended with chives, fresh oregano and sesame steak sauce to add a dimension of savoury flavour to the meal. It was all topped off with fresh diced tomatoes, parsley and Shallots. I plan to make a Sour Dough bread soon. I’m Day two of breeding a sour dough starter culture.
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    So far I've done 6 racks two different times on my K22 Pit Boss. It's tight but works very well. I used the main rack, the extra rack, and then built one from a Weber replacement rack and some carriage bolts/nuts/washers I picked up at Lowe's. Both times I heard no complaints on the ribs and these people were all family.
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    Thanks @lnarngr, I’ll give this a shot and see how it goes!
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    Mr Cue

    Advice on dual fuel portable generators?

    Forklift propane tanks are specially designed for the application, they use valves that flow the proper amount of fuel without freezing. A gas grill tank or other similarly sized tank will not.
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    Scott Roberts

    Griswold #3

    @John Setzler is it possible to open an Cast Iron/Carbon Steel section since so many of use have and use both? You finding that Griswold #3 is also another reason to open one for new finds like yours! Scott
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    The random pictures thread...

    Having a nice lunch with my brother.
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    smoking whole chickens

    Welcome to the Guru! I'm firmly in the spatch camp, usually roasted at 350F with a wood chunk, just to let the neighbors know I'm up to something.
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    smoking whole chickens

    Spatchcock! Good Luck! My spatchcock "roasted" turkey is very nearly as good as my fried turkey. This year I will brine both, versus Meathead's excellent recommendations. We will see! Mr Cue, thanks for the differentiation between roasting and smoking! Yah, I am typically roasting birds over smoke instead of smoking them.
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    Mr Cue

    smoking whole chickens

    Most confuse smoking a chicken with roasting a chicken over smoke. If you want it “smoked”, you should brine it and cook it around 250°F until it reaches 180°F in the thigh. I prefer to roast a spatchcocked bird at 350-400°F, indirect, over some light smoke from Pecan wood; Pecan is very mild and makes beautiful color on poultry. I also like to season my meat (under the skin) with something like Montreal Chicken and do a simple mix of equal parts kosher salt, cracked black pepper, and smoked paprika on the skin for that picture perfect skin. No flipping or fussing necessary, just get the heat settled and let it ride 45-60 minutes.
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    smoking whole chickens

    I think spatchcock it the way to go. Be careful with your smoking wood; don't use too much and use something mild like cherry. Pecan, hickory or mesquite to too much for chicken which absorbs smoke like crazy. Heat deflector in my opinion is optional as long as you control the temp. Maybe 275-300. No water pan needed as Kamado's do a good job of retaining moisture.
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    True, but helps to give you some hooks to make sure you don't have to open the grill constantly and that way you can do something else while cooking. I always aim for 1-2-1, works like a charm. But sometimes I take some time from the last stint.
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