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    Brisket -dry run

    I have some friends coming round in a few weeks and they have requested brisket. It's been awhile since Ive cooked a brisket so I thought I would do a dry run. I picked up a brisket around 2kgs. Salted it last night. I had some left over rub (one of jess pryles i think) which went on while the bbq came up to temp. 7 and a half hours later it went into the cooler till we were ready to eat. Served it with some coleslaw on tortillas. Tender, juicy and delish! I really should do brisket more often. Lucky I have guest coming in a few weeks!!
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    My KJ Saga............

    I've never wanted the big box stores to assemble anything of mine. They assemble everything as fast as they can so they can move on to the next item. Bolts get stripped or not tightened, parts not lined up right, things left off, etc..... I know assembling things can be a pain and you shouldn't have to after spending a bunch of money but when you do it yourself at least you know it was done right.
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    I've got the beef!

    Time for an update. Took a diversion to do a little "work". Kiddos are first in the water every year. Too cold for me or mrs philpom. Brisket is looking good, cruising at around 240. Will check back later!
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    Asian style pork belly burnt ends.

    Been playing around with this for a little while. Not a huge fan of BBQ sauce and I find pork belly gets lost is it. This is still a work in progress. Belly spun on the Kamado, crackle removed and made into a crumb. Belly back on the Kamado, in a pan with a bunch of Asian spices, gin and water. Not bad but I still have some tweaking to do.
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    My KJ Saga............

    Right. The assembly guys in the big box stores only work there because they flunked the drug test at McDonalds.
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    Rain caps

    Well, the cap I bought doesn’t fit without some trimming and unfortunately I don’t have the time to do it right now. But......the mrs had a great idea. .........
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    Brisket dilemma

    I really appreciate everyone’s input. I’m going to fire the Kamado up early and shoot for 300. Thinking I’ll put the bigger one at grate level and the smaller brisket on the expander rack I just bought. Will take pictures and let everyone know how it goes!
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    Money shot: Plated with my wife risotto and an heirloom tomato salad I am thinking a kamado does a pretty fine job with steak. Everything was delicious. The steak was pretty close to perfect.
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    I've got the beef!

    So far it's a great Saturday morning. Got up a little early, started a fire with rockwood and apple. Then dressed this 15 pound brisket with my coffee rub blend. Later today I have a hunk of loin to cook, it's been curing for about 14 days. I'll update with photos in a few hours.
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    First time doing ribs!

    Alright guys, I got my wish today and got to smoke me some ribs. I came home home last night and pulled the membrane off and added kosher salt, and then I wrapped it all up in plastic wrap for the day. Then I made the run.... this is morning I opened up the ribs and added the rub. it it started raining so the mrs had this idea. I noticed quite a difference in my grill temp and my thermometer so so after a hour i began spritzing my ribs every 15 mins for two hours. At the three hour hour mark I pulled them off, added them to a aluminum pan and added 1 cup of apple juice. another hour on the smoker covered; taken out and added the homemade bbq sauce..... and back into the smoker for 30; brought it in to rest for 10 minutes. just look ..... mmmmmmmm, nothing happened here officer :-). What evidence??? Thank you for lookin.
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    Hi all, Tonight I fired up the KJ and threw on some baby back ribs and corn on the cob in the husk. I've used this method to cook ribs before (it is a variation of the Texas crutch method) but this was my first time with my new KJ and I gotta say, they were amazing! See pictures. So thought I would share my instructions and recipe for anyone that is interested. If not, no biggie. I'm no grill boss or expert, just a man who enjoys fine grilled meat. Homemade dry rub recipe: Brown sugar and crushed red pepper concoction... At the time of writing this I am not able to access my written recipe (I already had some premade dry rub ready to go) but I will get it tomorrow and update this post. Step 1. Soak wood chips in water for about 1 hour (I used pecan wood chips this time). If your using big chunks, then really only need a few. If using small chunks, a few handfuls. Step 2. Fire up the KJ with 3/4 - full firebox. Close lid after it's been going 10-15 minutes with bottom and top vents fully open. At about 180 degrees I shut bottom vent about 3/4. At about 200 degrees I begin to dial in the temperature with the top vent (I have the older style Daisy wheel vent so I shut the vent completely but left the daisy wheel holes open). Temp should level out at about 225. Give the grill plenty of time but keep an eye and make small adjustments as necessary. Don't get the grill too hot as it's much harder to bring temp down than to bring temp up slowly. Temp control and mastery is part of the art of grilling (I'm not against temp controllers if you're wondering), be patient. Of the few cooks I've already done on my KJ, I've been able to successfully bring it up to temp and maintain it for as long as necessary by being patient and realizing that less is more when it comes to adjustments. Step 3. (You can do this while bringing grill up to temp) Prepare your ribs. I like to do a quick pat to remove excess blood and liquid but don't pat dry; just enough to keep it from dripping. Use a healthy dose of dry rub on both sides of the ribs and all over. Step 4. With your coals white hot, add wet wood chips evenly to firebox and then set your Divide and Conquer grilling system onto the firebox with heat deflectors in place (full moon) and stainless steel grates on top. Place ribs on grill bone side down (irrelevant if using rib rack) and shut the lid. Let these smoke for only about 25-30 minutes at 225 degrees just enough for the meat to get it's smoke ring and absorb the flavor of the smoke. Wood chips will help tremendously with flavor and producing a lot of smoke. Internal temp of ribs should reach about 130 but no higher than 140. Step 5. Time to get your Texas crutch ready (aluminum foil). Wrap ribs in Aluminum foil completely and place back on grill. Adjust vents to bring grill up to about 300-315 degrees. These will cook on here about 30-40 minutes but it's important to flip the ribs every 8-10 minutes. If you don't then that aluminum foil is gonna overcook one side. Internal temp of ribs should reach about 175 degrees. Step 6. Remove ribs in Aluminum foil from grill and set to the side (probably on a pan or something so you don't ruin your side tables). Use grate gripper to remove grates and then use a combination of your ash tool and the grate gripper (with a mit on) to safely remove the heat deflectors and then replace your grates. Unwrap your ribs and baste with BBQ sauce (I use sweet baby Ray's) on bone side first, then set ribs back onto grate bone side down and baste the top side of the ribs with sauce. Shut the lid but don't go far. You'll need to turn the ribs and rebaste every 4-5 minutes. Do this twice for each side (4 times total) to create a nice glaze using the direct heat. Step 7. You're ready to cut, serve, enjoy. Grab some extra napkins. Total cook time should only be about 70-90 minutes (the Texas Crutch method really reduces time it takes to cook amazing ribs), rely on a combination of both time and internal temp readings and remember to account for variables. This is based on cooking baby back ribs and not spare ribs (which are generally larger and would require longer cooking times). Hope someone finds this beneficial. Sorry if I was writing everything with baby steps. I wanted someone who may be a new KJ owner like me to be able to have full instructions with details on how to cook ribs and operate their new grill. Thanks
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    I've got the beef!

    That looks pretty tasty already.
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    Primo All Around How to achieve low temps?

    Most folks want brisket cooked to about 205. Probe tender is the goal, but generally speaking that happens north of 200 degrees. At 175 you will never have probe tender meat. Listen to Phil and CK. I think your temp range should be more like 225 to 275. 175 just won’t do.
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    Depending on the lump you use you should get 15-20 hours easily with a full load of lump.
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    Ribs done 3 ways

    I got some baby back ribs at Costco and put 3 different rubs on them. I smothered in yellow mustard and applied the rubs. I am letting sit in the fridge until tomorrow. I will post the cook.
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    Prime Tri-tip

    One of the local grocery stores had these Prime Tri tips for $4.99 a pound the other day. Tri tips are not to popular in my area. I picked up two of them. We were having a couple of friends over and I knew my wife and my friend's wife like their meat a little on the well-done side. Both steaks were seasoned with Montreal steak seasoning. I set up the grill for two Zone cooking and I cooked the meat first over the fire Once I got that nice light charred looking crust I removed the steaks. Then brought the temperature on the kamado Big Joe up to 700°f and placed the steaks over the deflector side and cooked one of the tri tips to 130°f and the other one to 140°f. Rested them for about 10 minutes . The steaks came out really tender and juicy.
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    First cook on the Slow n Sear Kamado

    Nice looking ribs.
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    I haven't. I will do a batch of wings on it at some point. I am not going to dwell on SLoROLLER cooking since the vast majority of my audience doens't have it. My next video cooks for a while will be without it.
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    Brisket -dry run

    Nice job! I’m getting hungry now
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    I've got the beef!

    Looking forward to your brisket results.
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    Chris Topher

    My KJ Saga............

    Totally agree with ^^^^. I don't trust some minimum wage, half-baked, stoner, assembly dude, when I know I -- and only I -- can do it right
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    Kamado made from a keg

    Dusted off both of my kamado's ready for the summer had chicken last night on the Pitt Boss. Small kamado is having a cleaning burn as it has been in the shed over winter and got a little mould in it. Will be using both tomorrow as its a beautiful 20c here in the UK on the Bank Holiday weekend.
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    Brisket -dry run

    Brisket looks good! I do them as often as I can, in fact I started one this morning. Bet your friends will enjoy a great meal, that's very nice of you to cook for them.
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    Brisket -dry run

    Looks good. I’m sure it will be a hit when you do it for your guests.
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    Asian style pork belly burnt ends.

    Those look super good. Very interesting technique.
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    Florida's MOST Expensive Fish!

    I do like to eat Pompano and usually catch a lot of them but this is my favorite for eating. If you have not had grilled Cobia (Ling) you have no idea what you are missing. I caught this one Wednesday.
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    Cooked St. Louis style rubs again, only this time I set up with the Slow n Sear. I got an even better smoke ring, better bark and more Smokey flavor as well.
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    Brisket dilemma

    I did one about 2kgs today. Put it on at 6.30 and took it off around 1.30pm. Temps 250 to 270f ish and it came out tender and juicy. The wife said best brisket Ive done. Will put photos up in another post
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    Three Courses in Four Acts

    Thank you for the many kind replies, as well as tolerating my sense of humor. I'm not from the photograph-your-food generation. so my favorite shot is the spuds in the microwave... a hazy microwave from all the steam they made before I remembered to take a pic. The asparagus wasn't as lucky. The best part? It's the third time I've done steaks this way, and the third time they came out with this same dark brown-not-black sear and a predictable center temperature. I'm liking the soapstone, too. Dome thermometer is only reading ~325 F. HAve fun, Frank
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    Ha! except the one channel that had the sport I wanted to watch so I signed up for the free trial and forgot to cancel so I got charged the $44.00. This illustrates my point, I'm not wiling to pay $199 for cable so I can watch 4 channels/shows I can't get otherwise. Don't want the other 150 channels of junk. Linear TV is going to die if they don't start offering a serious al-le-carte option. Now I feel guilty, Keeper - Netflix is worth it brother, do it!
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    My KJ Saga............

    Update....My new KJ Classic II has arrived at the BBS. Delivery is scheduled for Monday the 22nd. So good so far....fingers crossed...wish me luck...lol
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    Pork butt cook time

    Well, my time was significantly off. I'm currently on hour 7 at 155* internal temp. I'm patiently waiting it out but I guess I'm filling up on beer tonight.
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    She Wanted Me To Throw It On The Grill

    FAT wood is best for them, a good solid smack with a fat piece of wood.
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    Ordered one !

    I do like rotisserie cooking, particularly for whole chickens and chicken thighs (I got a basket. Oh and turkey. I know some people rave about rib roasts on one and I tried it once, but I prefer reverse sear for large roasts.
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    Cotto salami

    I had just finished doing a coarse grind on a chuckie for burgers when I started thinking about sausage. I decided right then to do a test run of a single 1 pound cotto salami round. I used what I had on hand. @Smokehowze was one of my sources of information. Smoked salt Tender quick Sugar Cracked black pepper Powdered milk Ground coriander Cardamon garlic powder Water I also inoculated it with a 7 strain germ. This is something I want to play more with. I didn't have any casings so I used a Mason jar. Once mixed and packed it sat in the fridge for a few days to mature and cure. I cooked it in the sous vide at 165 for about 3 hours to an internal temp of 155. Let it rest for a few hours, dried it off and vacuum sealed it, back in the fridge for almost a week to mellow. Fresh out of the water after the rest After 5 days to mellow A few pics, my first taste. I think I'll do a large batch for Christmas gifts. It's tasty!
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    Ahhhhh Grasshopper, very deep and philosophical questions, I see it is learning you seek. A steak can be seared on a kamado but only by one who knows the way of the fire, and has a true heart. It is a secret of the Shaolin temple monks, and you should taste what they can do with a hunk of Kobe.
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    Nice. I'm making a couple racks of spare ribs on my SNS Kamado right now (my first cook on it too) using the SNS indirect method. Looking and smelling good so far.
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    Did my first Chicken.

    Delicious Juicy
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    With some of the recent posts about the Kamado Joe charcoal basket vs. the Kick Ash basket, it got me to thinking that a device like that would be a nice accessory for the Goldens'. The firebox, as you know is one piece cast iron. There's not a removable plate in the bottom and sometimes ash cleanup gets to be a bit of a chore. I usually use a small shovel to scoop out the ash and what's left of the lump, and thought a charcoal basket would make this more manageable. I liked the heft of the Kamado Joe basket bottom grid, wasn't keen on it's "handles", but do realize the reason for their design since it's made for the KJ. Instead I went with a well reviewed knock off on amazon of the Kick Ash basket by Onlyfire. It arrived today and the fit is just fine. It's a bit smaller than the firebox diameter which should help with airflow. I haven't fired up the grill today, we'll see how it does over the next few cooks but I suspect it will be perfect. Oh yeah, thanks to the forum on keeping my amazon purchases going. Some pics. Partial load in the firebox - Better view of the basket - Loaded and ready for the next grilling session - -Dom
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    I grilled a pork roast “raised direct” over a small hot fire at 375 degrees. I love this technique because it imparts a great grilled flavor, vs the smoked flavor of an indirect cook. Both are great, but different flavor profiles. I dry brined the pork loin for 24 hours and rubbed it with Dizzy Pig Mediterraneanish. Grilled 15 minutes per side for a total cook time of 30 minutes. I pulled it at 125 degrees internal and it rested up to 147! 22 degrees of carryover?!? It still turned out very juicy and was super flavorful. Get you some Dizzy Pig rubs.
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    Left over Steak And eggs With cherry tomatoes and green onions, coarse kosher salt, cracked pepper, and a bit of oregano.
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    First cook on the Slow n Sear Kamado

    I’ve only done one cook it it so far. But the inaugural run was fantastic. It’s a great value, it’s 22 inches and comes with ALOT of accessories. I will post more cooks in the coming days and continue to comment on its performance
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    Big Biscuit

    Marinated Chicken

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