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    Raneir Cherries - Limited Time Only

    It's Raneir Cherry season again. They are a hybrid cherry with very limited harvest. You will only be able to get them another 2 weeks or so. Get em while you can. If you've never had a Raneir cherry they are super sweet and taste more like a peach than a cherry. Mother Nature's finest candy. Do yourself a favor and get some while you can. Warning: Raneir Cherries are extremely addictive - you've been warned 6 lbs Just shy of 5 lbs. Pitted, cut in half, and ready for the first freezer stage.
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    Meatball Stuffed Tomatoes

    I've wanted to try this for awhile now. Italian Meatballs stuffed in tomatoes. The meatball ingredients. Mix up the Italian meatball filling. I used Roma tomatoes because Kroger didn't have the tomatoes I was looking for. Cut the tops off the tomatoes and using a grapefruit spoon corred them. Stuff with the meatball mixture and poked three small holes in the bottom so the fat could drain out. Used a popper holder to hold the tomatoes. Meanwhile made homemade Spaghetti sauce. Indirect on the 19" KK at around 375* for about 40 minutes. Served with some noodles and fresh grated parmesan cheese. This was a really easy cook. Will definitely do this one again.
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