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    Was going to cook steak tonight, probably with asparagus etc. However, at the market they had some really nice tomatoes, fresh green onions and great smelling cilantro, along with some fresh tortillas made locally. They also had some nice looking ears of corn. So a plan was born.I picked up what I needed and went home to make steak tacos, pico with sliced avocados, sour cream, and pickled jalapeños. Turned out pretty darn good, and what's most important my wife was happy. By the way it was a lovely Fall evening and this little cook fit perfectly between FB games I wanted to watch. A good time was had by all...........
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    Brunswick Pot Pie

    Brunswick Pot Pie Brunswick Stew with a Cornbread top cooked pot pie fashion. This was a three part cook. Part 1 happened about 6 weeks ago which resulted in chunks of kamado pulled port leftover in the freezer. Part 2 happened on Sunday. Brunswick Stew made with the leftover pulled pork and slow cooked in a open top Dutch oven for about 8 hours in my 19" Komodo Kamado with a few Hickory chunks. Part 3 the final cook happened on Tuesday. I started by making homemade cream corn. I used my favorite Kamado Guru recipe from @philpom I then started to put together the Brunswick Pot Pie. I made a very simple corn bread using Jiffy, the cream corn, and an egg. Put the Brunswick Stew in a ceramic pie dish and added a layer of the Cornbread mixture on top. Cooked in my 19" Komodo Kamado until golden brown and bubbly. A double leftover meal is served.
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    Reef's Lump Comparison

    All tests have been completed and the appropriate posts have been updated. Will post my personal conclusion within the next day or two.
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    Pancho Villa's favorite pazole

    Thawed the frozen leftover pork, acquired necessary ingredients. rehydrated the guajillo peppers, then: all Kamado, all the way! Onion, pepper, garlic, oregano simmering into a paste. Drained the hominy, added the water from the pepper rehydration, a bay leaf and let that simmer for a while. Added the pork and guajillo paste and let that simmer. Pozole !
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    Outdoor Pizza Oven

    We do like the many choices of cooking option and have always wanted to build an outdoor pizza oven. So, started from scratch and ended up like this. With the correct heat refractory bricks, insulation and mortar the heat retention is amazing. We have cooked a few meals such as fish, roasts - but great for family pizza a nights.
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    Pain Rustique on kamado

    My test run on PAIN RUSTIQUE loaf was very successful. With how this tastes, it would make awesome baguettes. I slightly burned bottom; so I should have removed it a couple minutes sooner and cooled the bread about 15 minutes more. Very happy with results. This is a keeper for my family recipe book I am working on.
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    I had my horseshoer over to do our horses and, as usual, while he's working I'm in the kitchen making a blowout lunch. In honor of this month's challenge I did an overnight 8 lb pork butt using Adam Perry Lang's "Get a Book" recipe. The only pictures I took of the meal was the pork butt after injection and rub before it went on the Joe overnight. Made 4 sauces: 2 pepper vinegar sauces with peppers from my garden, one called "Best Odds for Pulled Pork", and Lang's "APL BBQ Sauce". Served with coleslaw made with apples and raisins, black eyed peas made with some Tasso I smoked and corn bread The pork smoked for 12 hours at 225 with apple and pecan and then got wrapped for 3 hours until it hit 203 and was, we all agreed, the best pulled pork any of us ever had. So now what to do with the leftovers? I sent a good sized Go bag with my shoer and Monday harvested some "Giant Sweet Devil Horn" peppers from the garden and stuffed them with some pulled pork. Made a chorizo queso sauce with a hefty dose of APL BBQ sauce. Put the peppers on the Joe 20 minutes at 400, smothered them with queso sauce and dug in. Mighty fine leftovers. My shoer, Tom, sent pictures of the Nachos and Tacos he made with his leftovers.
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    Fully Loaded

    Welcome to the mass cookers club! The more meat the merrier!
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    First charcoal BBQ.

    I had been thinking of getting a charcoal BBQ for quite some time but was put off by the wait time for the coals to be ready and the waste of charcoal in a kettle style BBQ. I came across a clearance at Walmart for an Akorn Kamado for $339.00 so I picked one up. Easy to light and when shut down saves the charcoal. My daughter and I put it together on Friday. All was going well until we unpacked one of the shelves. It was bashed in and the ash pan had a ding in it. All the packaging was intact and it almost appears as it it was packed from the factory this way. I contacted Char- Griller customer service via email and new parts were shipped the next day. Thanks for all the invaluable information that this site has provided. First cook was just some hamburgers and corn and they turned out great.
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    Reef's Lump Comparison

    Thanks for all your work on this!
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    Overnight Cooks are Fun

    I get a kick out of cooking some barbecue overnight, there's just something fun about setting up the cook, going to sleep, and waking up and the food just magically cooked itself overnight Last night I cooked a pork shoulder to contribute to a work picnic. Also played with the Night Sight mode on my Pixel 2 phone. Logged the temps with my Thermoworks Smoke, the Akorn held the temps wonderfully between 250-260, climbing at the end as the meat got up to temp.
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    Hey! Easy on the truth there!
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    South Dakota new guy, kinda

    Been lurking here a few months and bought my first Kamado used this summer. It’s a Kamado Joe Classic. I did join the Facebook group a few weeks ago. I am a seasoned user of a Louisiana Grill pellet cooker. On the last count, I had 21 different Weber grills from table tops, full size, smokers, gassers, and charcoal, with even their gas run fire pit. Usually finding them cheap, and refurbish them for friends. I am now down to just Weber gasser, the pellet grill, and two portables in gas and charcoal. Always wanted a Kamado and hoping it will let me do some long smoke cooks during winter here in the Black Hills of South Dakota.
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    Brick Pig

    The random pictures thread...

    Possibly only interesting to me, but I recently discovered that the first and last photos of all four Beatles together were both taken (7 years apart) on August 22, which is also my wedding anniversary.
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    Fully Loaded

    Was of course too busy to remember to take pics of the finished product but everything turned out excellent. Had one of the best smoke rings ever produced on my Akorn. I believe the smoke rings was a result of much more airflow through the cooker, which happened because the amount of food in the cooker made me keep the top vent open more than usual. Also impressed everyone that the cooker started at 6:30am and didn't need any additional charcoal even though I cooked all day, and cranked the heat up at 4pm to grill chicken with plenty of charcoal left for that task
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    Chris Topher

    DoJoe Door v. 1.0

    I dig my DoJoe and feel it definitely amped up my pizza game significantly. On pizza night, I usually make just one pizza for me and my wife. Also, I am a cheap &*$#. So, loading up the KJ with lump with no meaningful way of snuffing out the fire has lead to a lot of wasted fuel. I tried closing up the DoJoe's gaping maw with aluminum foil with no real success. I also tried removing the DoJoe after the cook with success but at the serious risk of burns and other injuries. So, I fabricated this little door from aluminum flashing that I bought at the BORG. Unfortunately, I had to buy a 50' roll. In the end, it's about $1.00 in material, and 10 minutes of time to cut it to size. Tomorrow is pizza night, so I just mixed up my dough for a 24-hour RT ferment. I will post an update after the cook to see how my little experiment goes.
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    Masterbuilt Gravity Series

    I may like this unit a lot. I hope to find an unbiased review.
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    Cook #5 - Pork Spareribs

    Next time try going 2 hours and then foil for an hour. Once you foil close the vents a little and slowly bring the temp down to between 225 and 250. Hopefully within the hour the ribs are foiled. Take out of foil and brush with sauce. Then run nekid for 30 minutes and check to see how close they are to being done. Brush again and it may only need another 10 or 15 minutes or it may need another 30 minutes. Cook by feel not by time. When they are at the texture you like, pull em. I don't like a dark rib so that's why I like to bump the temp down for the last 45 minutes to an hour of the cook. I favor a sweet and spicy sauce and sugars will burn easily. BTW everything looks great and I'll take a fall off the bone rib any day of the week.
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    Another successful Brisket Cook!!!

    Nothing wrong with this slab 'o Beef! You're keeping us hungry.
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    First charcoal BBQ.

    Thanks for the kind welcome messages. New parts have already arrived. I used Visions 100% Mesquite Lump Charcoal to grill a few meals on the weekend. It lights fast and gets hot really quick but the smoke is intense and makes the food too smokey tasting for our liking. Picked up some Maple Leaf Lump Charcoal. It takes longer than the Visions to get as hot but because of this it is easier to control the temperature. Grilled some 2" bone in pork chops yesterday. They came out perfect with a natural BBQ flavor. I am going to save the Visions for low and slow ribs , etc.
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    DoJoe Door v. 1.0

    So you got all the extra material, when you going to start making some money.
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    Looks terrific, I bake a couple ciabatta loaves almost weekly, once you start its not very diet friendly but nothing else quite compares to fresh bread off the kamado!
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    Great looking loaves! I’d be thrilled with results like that.
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    Pain Rustique on kamado

    I see a nice Italian sandwich made with that bread.
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    Masterbuilt Gravity Series

    Go to their website and click through until you see the cut-away version illustration. There is live fire depicted under the cook grates (perhaps representing just heat, not flames) and across from there to the right it shows flames at that same level in the side-pod, which also depicts a full load of charcoal and with the lower 1/4 alight with the flames which are then rising up and into a full load of reserve charcoal briquettes. The fan placement, if it's blowing as opposed to sucking, would force flames up and into the charcoal storage area if that is indeed how it runs. I also really like the looks of this cooker and if the product specialist replies to my email, and has a good description of how it feeds briquettes and where the fire resides and also how quickly it shuts down and cools off, then I am a customer for sure.
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    Salmon and chicken meatballs.

    When I saw the headline I was sorta "What the..." worried, but you sorted it out quite nicely. Looks like a good cook.
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    First Pizza Cook

    I have no idea, but it seems to work fine without any additional equipment.
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    Question on reverse sear w/ soapstone

    It sounds like you've got a process that works; what problem are you trying to solve? Yes, you can burn meat if the stone is too hot. I do short contact time (~1 min.) to control how much sear I get. More a flip-and-turn than a turn-flip-turn. I have found heat that browns well in 1 minute can burn in 2. But then, I put the stone in the lower position of a 2-level rack, normally over a half-bowl fire so I have a hot-side/cool-side. Have fun, Frank
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    My first cake

    Never done a cake on the kamado either. I've done a couple of apple pies but never a cake. Looks tasty.
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    First Pizza Cook

    Like they say about airplane landings;" anyone you can walk away from was a good one" I am thinking any pizza you can eat, is a good one as well. Your pies look pretty darn good to me I have been messing with and perfecting my pizza technique ever since I baked my first one years ago. Actually, I think trying to improve each cook is a major part of the joy of pizza or kamado cooking in general. I like John's set up as well, and use it myself. The only difference is that when I set it up, I do not place the bottom stone at the lowest level. I set my bottom stone higher and above the fire ring which creates a larger gap around the edges and allows excess heat to freely escape the fire box and then reflect back down from the dome. My top stone is above the felt. I think your idea to move to the top notch on your D & C is a good one. My thinking is that during a high heat cook, a deflector set low may retain enough trapped heat below it to risk over heating my firebox and possibly cause it to crack. Heres a pic showing the size of the gap between my bottom stone and my fire ring. When I do a moderate heat cook, I set my deflector low but never so during high heat cook. Maybe just me being over cautious, but it seems logical to me. Another thing. I think the larger gap promotes a larger comfort zone in terms of over toasting the bottom crust with the bigger gap allowing for more grace. The pie in the pic is a mushroom, bacon, and caramelized onion. I use concentrated mushroom soup for the base sauce.
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    Can you identify this Kamado?!

    It looks like a Japanese import from the earlier days. Seems to be in good shape though, don't do high temps in the clay kamado's though. My father brought one back from Japan in the 60's and he cooked on it for over 30 years before he passed and I cooked on it for several years after that, until it was broken during a move.
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    Yum! This Louisiana (born and raised) Texan's mouth is watering! We're just getting our first cold snaps of the season and some red beans and rice and corn bread should just hit the spot!
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    Brunswick Pot Pie

    Definitely next level Brunswick stew right there. I needn't ask, I know it was good!
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    300°F - The New Low and Slow

    Since I joined this forum several months ago my temps have risen. 15 years ago all my long cooks were at 200 deg. Now I am doing long cooks at 275+ and rising. Keep an open mind and learn new tricks from smart folks challenging the accepted S.O.P..
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    Fresh redfish, wine and Motown

    Sometimes just pan fried with SPOG, sometimes deep fried, sometimes in a pan or foil boat on the grill with thin sliced onions and thin sliced tomatoes on it and sometimes like I’ve had in Belize where it is wrapped tightly in tin foil, with a dB of Blue Plate, sliced onions, flavorall or similar seasoning and leave it alone until the foil pouch puffs up. Then it’s done. Of course broiled in the oven drizzled with a little EVOO, butter and chopped garlic is really good too.
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    First time member, long time lurker.

    Welcome to the family. It's always nice to have somebody lucky around in hopes that some of it will rub off on the rest of us.
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    Simple halibut shish kabobs

    Very nice cook and fine presentation. You meal both sounds and looks delicious. Fine Job, Sir.
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    Filet mignon-dinner tonight

    Don't do anything rash, next month marks 24 years of blissful marriage to Mrs philpom. It was however a delicious dinner!
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    Looks great. And I like those striped bell peppers. Never seen those before.
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    Filet mignon-dinner tonight

    Wow Philpom, you're going to make someone a fine husband someday! That said, I think I'd leave my wife for those nuggets... let me know if you are interested.
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    Perfect Pan Pizza

    Saw this on Instagram and grabbed it from Amazon Prime for less than $20. I've read the important parts and it's a good read if your goal is to make the Perfect Pan Pizza. He has some interesting dough ideas and techniques. He not only explains the how but also the why. Will be giving some of this a try next weekend.
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    Tonight's Paella

    So good. The pics don't look so great, but this was such a great meal. It always is.
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    On The Porch Hooping and Hollering.

    It hasn't rained at Reef's Bistro in literally 9 or 10 weeks. So dry lately I've been a little scared to fire up the Nuke Delta grill. But the rain was coming. Had a KK coming up to temp and me and Mrs skreef were in the house playing a little pool. Then the rain came We were so excited about the rain we ran out onto the front porch yelling and screaming in joy!!! If I have to explain further you wouldn't understand - but GA farmers understand.
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    On The Porch Hooping and Hollering.

    Sitting on the porch while a thunderstorm blows in is better than TV. We had zero measurable rain in September and then last week it hit pretty good. We also plummeted in to the 30's, 40's and 50's for a few days. Back in the 70's and 80's now.
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    Filet mignon-dinner tonight

    Giddy up! Just the way I like them. We don’t have a lot of options here, but Sams usually has some decent cuts reasonably priced.
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    I'd hit it weird but probably awesome. We all eat cat and dog at Chinese buffet.
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    Well...had to do it....placed my Primo XL on her pedestal ahead of schedule. Replaced her gaskets and cleaned her up...nice hight for my 6'4" frame.
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