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    Cowboy Ribeye Revisited

    The cowboy ribeye last weekend was such a hit that we had to do it again. This time with a little more effort on the sides. Again, Mr KK used his pellet grill to smoke the ribeye to around 120F. Meanwhile, I put together a Zucchini and Onion gratin.... heavy on the onion. Onto the grill. Potatoes had a 24 hour brine in them due to unforeseen circumstances. Moved the potatoes to the pellet grill. Finished off the gratin before setting up for the sear. First on go the shrimp. Followed by the Ribeyes. All plated up.... an outstanding meal.
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    Mix up at the Meat Market

    I asked for a 1.75" ribeye yesterday but the guy cut it at 2.25". It looked huge but at the same time it looked so good I thought I'd just buy it and see how it turned out. To make a long story short I couldn't be happier. I've been marinating my steaks in a sauce called Bentey's #5 and then coating them with a dry rub called Hard Core Carnivore Black. I seared each side for a minute and a half and rotated it half way through. I've said it before but I'll say it again, this was the best steak I've ever had. Let me know what you think.
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    Did a spatchcock chicken tonight . Cooked on the grill expander with a tray of red bliss potatoes , baby carrots , sweet onions , garlic , butternut squash , brussels sprouts , and Mexican green onions. Cooked at 350 degrees on Fogo Premium with a couple chunks of Cherry and Pecan wood. Went 1hour then added the sprouts to tray and Mexican onions on the rack next to the chicken. Let it go for another 30 minutes. Everything came out perfectly cooked.
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    Perfect Pork Belly Tacos

    Hey everyone! Made these gorgeous pork belly tacos tonight and would love to share how I did them. I was going for some Mexican and Asian flavors, and couldn't have been happier with the result. The only issue at all was a light spot on the pork due to liquid pooling there during the cook because the belly was a bit big for my standard Joe and I had to scrunch it a little. PORK BELLY 1. I brined it for about 14 hours in a mix of pineapple juice, teriyaki, and soy sauce after scoring the fat sight relatively deeply 2. Dried the belly and rubbed it with Killer Hogs BBQ Rub on all sides 3. Smoked on Kamado Joe at 240 with some cherry wood to add a light fruity smoke favor (no wrapping because I wanted some meaty bite in the taco) 4. When I had internals around 185, I glazed the belly and cooked for another 20ish minutes 5. Broiled the belly inside for 2 minutes to tighten up the glaze and crisp the fat even more 6. Rested the meat for about 40 minutes (should have gone longer but people were too hungry :D ) GLAZE 1. Mix together raw honey, soy sauce, salt, worcestershire sauce, peach preservers (wanted pineapple to go with the brine but couldn't find it), apple cider vinegar, kosher salt, black pepper, hot bone sucking bbq sauce, and some secret super hot scotch bonnet hot sauce I bought in Anguilla. All of this is unmeasured and I mixed to taste. 2. Simmer on the stove until the mixture reduces a bit and thickens up, allow to cool off the heat TOPPINGS 1. Home made guacamole (avocado, lots of lime, onion, kosher salt, pepper, cilantro) 2. Home made Chipotle Crema (sour cream, heavy cream, lime juice, canned chipotle peppers in adobo sauce, adobo sauce, kosher salt) 3. Grilled pineapple on the same grates I cooked the pork on 4. Cojita Cheese 5. Cilantro 6. Home made pickled onions (red onion, apple cider vinegar, kosher salt, sugar, water) Please enjoy the pictures, and as usual, ask any questions!
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    My First Customization

    I managed to accidentally drop some hot charcoal on the plastic shelves and burned/melted them a little. I decided to make replacements out of wood and stain them to match. I think they turned out well, of course if I did it again I would do it a little better lol. I’m now jonesing to build a table.
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    Smoked Bacon Pizza? - Yes!

    We made some dough on Thursday using the Forkish recipe. my kids like bacon so we smoked a pound on Saturday and made 6 pizzas Saturday evening. Came out pretty tasty!!
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    Nothing but WFO money!

    Thought I would get this thread back on topic. A sour dough, supreme, pan pizza. Custom formulated sour dough. Homemade sauce. Sweet Italian sausage, ham, pepperoni, green peppers and onions. Came out pretty decent for a custom formulated dough mixed in a bread machine. Cooking in a WFO is all about temperature management and timing of putting the food in compared to the temperature. Pizza is a bit trickier compared to a caserole since you are also timing the rise compared to the temperature. I missed my optimum window and the WFO was about 50* cooler than I wanted it to be. None the less I just had to cook it an extra 10 minutes. Both me and Mrs skreef were pleased with the results.
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    39 Day aged Prime Ribeye

    One of the best steaks of my life handsdown! Did the reverse sear On the Joe.....incredible!
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    First weekend on the Joe

    First weekend with the new toy, decided to make the most of it. I made a rosemary garlic cider-can chicken (one of our dinner guests is gluten-free), some venison link sausage, a 15 lb Texas-style brisket for an event, and a couple of pizzas. I forgot to take pictures of the brisket/wasn't pleased enough with the results to share much about it. The chicken came out great; it finished earlier than I anticipated and I dried it out a tiny bit reheating in the conventional oven, since I already had the brisket on for the next day. Sausage alwaysa winner, and the pizzas were really fun. It did spell the end of my "not designed for kamado use" pizza stone, though. Still experimenting with lump that I was given with the pit and some I had around; need something better for long cooks, for sure.
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    Smoked and Braised Oxtails

    Hello! Here are some Oxtails I smoked and then braised. I got the recipe here - http://howtobbqright.com/2017/10/13/smoked-oxtails/. The only thing I did differently is use Mississippi Grind as my rub, and I served them with the veggies instead of strain them out. They turned out delicious...truly spectacular tails. I highly recommend this recipe. Sticky and decadent in the best way possible. I actually prefer the flavor of oxtails to braised short rib, but I know that may be an unpopular opinion Please ask any questions! P.s. @Bgosnell151...I told you that I would tell you when I made these!
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    Impromptu EggRolls

    Made some Asian inspired meatballs last night and found them a bit salty because I didn’t follow the recipe as I should and I let the sauce reduce a bit too much.... in any case, I fixed that today with some eggrolls. A little cabbage tamed down the salt. And the store bought egg roll skins made it easy. First up - last nights meatballs. Then today’s shenanigans... Plated shot courtesy of Mr. KK.
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    Second cook on the GMG Davy Crockett. Turkey tenderloins, first time I've done those. And John's Cheesy Hasselback Potatoes Au Gratin, a family favorite. Firstly, a setup change for the grill, not working out with the legs and low to the ground, so took off the front leg and put it up on an old microwave cart. Probably not the final setup, a bit tippy and doesn't roll well. So a better cart TBD, but otherwise this works well and the Akorn Jr sits nicely on the bench beside it. I can roll the grill back under an overhang when done. Also the wifi and app issues resolved, and working great. I wanted to do a turkey breast with leftovers for lunchmeat the rest of the week, but only found frozen so went with the tenderloin. Brined the turkey in some Oakridge Game Changer and seasoned with Dizzy Pig Tsunami Spin. It was good, but a bit to salty, maybe less or no brine next time and lighter on the rub. Cooked at 225 for about 2 hours to an internal of 160. Was pretty much a set it and forget it cook. I didn't think the potatoes would do right at 225, so I did them in the oven at 400 as per the recipe, then popped into the grill for the last 30 minutes for some smoke. All in all, the family loved it, so that's a win! tenderloins on popped the potatoes in to finish up A very brown dinner shot, but the steamed broccoli was on the stove! Here is the link to the potatoes: Everything will be new on this grill for a while, looking forward to this!
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    Blueberry Pie Stuffed Peaches

    This recipe is for 3 large peaches (6 halves). Can be cooked indirect in a kamado or dare I say it? Indoor oven :( 3 LG Freestone peaches Pie filling: 1 1/2 cups fresh (or frozen) blueberries 4 Tbsp sugar 2 Tbsp + 1 tsp all purpose flour 1/2 tsp salt 1 tsp lemon juice Crumble topping: 3 Tbsp all purpose flour 3 Tbsp brown sugar 3 Tbsp very cold butter Preheat kamado to 400* with an indirect setup. Cut peaches in half from top to bottom and remove pit. Using a spoon (grapefruit spoon if you have one) scoop out a good bit of the meat forming a bowl for the blueberries. Set aside. Add the lemon juice to the blueberries and stir. In a small bowl mix the remaining pie filling ingredients. Add the pie filling mixture to the blueberries and gently stir trying not to crush the blueberries. Fill the peach halves with the blueberry mixture. In s small bowl mix the flour and brown sugar for the crumble topping. Using a pastry cutter or two knives cut the butter into the above mixture. Don't smush the butter into it. Cut the butter into it keeping the butter in small chunks. Add this to the top of the peaches. Cook indirect at 400* for 35-40 minutes until crumble is well browned. Let cool for 10 minutes before serving.
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    Minority? I'll tell you about being in the minority. This past year I totally forgot our anniversary. Wait that sounds like a bunch of other guys except I was saved by the fact that Mrs skreef also forgot our anniversary. We figured it out a few days late. The following weekend we went to a 5 star restaurant that cost us a small fortune. It was an awesome meal.
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    Wahoo Fish Tacos

    I saw this package of Wild Caught Ono filets for a good price at Costco and decided to put it in my cart. Ono is the Hawaiian name for what we call Wahoo in Mexican waters. Here’s a picture of one. It’s a delicious tasting white fleshed fish. I’ve never had the pleasure to catch one but it’s one of the most sought-after game fish. It’s something like a cross between a Tuna and a Barracuda but with the size of a tuna and is one of the fastest fish in the ocean. I thawed out a couple of filets and then coated them with some Tajin seasoning. I let them marinate for a couple of hours while I prepared others things for my tacos. Once Jr. was 400 degrees I put the filets on for approximately 2 minutes per side. (They were triangular so that was 3 sides) Here they are plated up on some corn tortillas with red & green cabbage, onion, cilantro, avocado salsa, avocado slices, some Mexican Creama and a Modelo. Muy Bueno! Thanks for looking.
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    Cornished Game Hens

    And 4 lunches for the week are completed. Here is what the carrots and potatoes look like. You can see some of the bird peaking through.
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    Thanks everyone. Was probably a little late posting for such a soon upcoming cook. But did pretty much what you all have said. Actually managed to start the wings around the ribs for the last hour of the rib cook, took them off and sauced, cranked the jr up to 400 for a quick grill. Ribs stayed warm foiled in the oven. Turned out great. Always learning. Appreciative of the support of this site.
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    It's hard to forget ours. Celebrated our 6th anniversary a few years ago, will be married 27 years as of February.
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    Lasagna on the Alfa

    @freddyjbbq and @bosco I've posted this picture before and it's a little old (I've bought another dish or two since) but here is my current collection of ceramic dishes. They have all gone into a kamado or the WFO at some point in its life. Some more than others. I buy ceramic dishes for their size and shape depending on what I'm using it for. Having a family of three a few versions I bought 3. In the dish in the bottom right you can see the crack I've talked about but the dish is still used on a regular basis. My two favorite are the two with beige on the inside. They are ceramic coated CI. I won those two as a prize in a Kamado Guru monthly challenge.
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    I actually went exactly the other way. I bought a BBQ Guru temp controller years ago when I bought my first kamado. At the time I was worried that I would not be able to manually control temps on long cooks using just the vents and "kamado zen", without computer assistance. However instead of hooking up the BBQ Guru I cooked with out it and said to myself when this is a flop I can always pull out the controller and get it done that way. Almost 8 years later and the BBQ Guru is still brand new, unused, and still in the box. I should probably put it up for a challenge prize in the future.
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    Cowboy Ribeye Revisited

    I have applied forensic analysis to the above photos and the problem I have with the plating is that there were two cowboy ribeye's cooked and I couldn't possibly be seeing more than a 1/2 of one on that plate. Where's the rest of the beef? Then again, upon further review– perhaps your husband let you have all of the shrimp so that he could have 1 1/2 portions of steak. Wise man!!! Just kidding! Fantastico
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    Smoked Bacon Pizza? - Yes!

    Ps, the bacon was cooked on our Traeger Ranger. It is an AWESOME little grill and produces a good smack of smoke flavor! we love and use it often!
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    Rick in Ontario

    My cheap pizza stone broke

    If it is a stone you are looking for, one word, cordierite. Get it at a kiln supply shop.
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    Baby back attack

    Back at it this evening for playoff football. Went honey honey hog and holy gospel mixed as it’s all I have currently. Rub variety not the easiest to come by in Ireland. Glazed the lot with my whiskey glaze mentioned above and stuck some wings in for good measure. Gonna crank the heat here after the wings are sauced and grill them to finish. Joe jr is my hero.
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    Is a pallet of lump out of the question? Because that’s the direction I’m leaning.... (Someone please feel free to pass that sentiment along to my husband two years from now....) But seriously, just the fact that you care enough to put so much thought and effort into it, whatever gift you give her is going to be the perfect one. I’m not a jewelry person, but the dragonfly is unique.... I like it. Which one might depend on what she might wear it with as far as weather or not the sapphire wings would pop or get lost in the background.
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