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    Young Baconstein

    The Guru Moderators Challenged me to create a “Weave Your Way Through May”. I thought long and hard at what I could create. Create something delicious by weaving ingredients together? At first, I thought I kept thinking and then came to the “point” where an idea “stuck” with me. If I had the correct ingredients then I studied up on my past cooks and if you will I’ll provide you with a little educational reading and show you I assembled most of my ingredients Greased up my CI pie pan with some Crisco. Did my crust weave in it but it looked a bit (Not my best work. I should’ve done this on the glass pie dish like last time but since the crust won’t show this was no biggy) Now I placed the glass dish in the CI dish to try to control shrinkage and keep its shape. Now place it upside down on the kamado to let the bacon grease drain. I let it cook this way for 30 minutes. While that was cooking I whipped up the egg, milk, sour cream and Bisquick Once the bacon crust was cooled I placed in a layer of thinly sliced potato. Now some slivered onion and then the Hatch Chiles. Now I added half the egg mixture and 1 cup of cheese. I repeated this process and placed it on the kamado for 50 minutes at 300 degrees. Here it is after 50 minutes. I thought we could clink our glasses in a toast but alas it still wasn’t alive like I wanted so I threw a little temper tantrum. It needed one last ingredient So I added a bacon weave on top of mostly already cooked bacon and cooked it an extra 10 minutes. (Didn’t want to deal with the shrinkage or the extra grease) and in a last desperate attempt, I yelled out Here it is after the additional 10 minutes. IT’S ALIIIIIIIVE!!!!!!!!! Close-up with flash. Without flash. Today I cut a slice and heated it up for breakfast. It was so delicious it had me dancing! THE END!
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    Bacon crust pizza

    I decided to stick to a theme of meat crusted pizzas with my second entry. This time it was a bacon weave for the crust in a cast iron pan I then baked it in the KJ with a Dutch oven on top of it to keep it flat at 400 degrees for about 25 mins or until the fat rendered. I also roasted a pepper and some onions for the toppings I drained the fat and started the assembly. Final baking at 450 for 10 mins And of of course the final product
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    Family Traditions....

    When I was a kid, in my family it was a tradition that the first fire of the year was on Mother’s Day. My dad would grill on the Weber kettle for the first time of the season for my mom. Well, my dad only lived to see one week of my teenage years.... Guess seeing me a teenager was really that bad. Lol. Anyway, even though I am a year round griller these days, I still feel compelled to light a fire on Mother’s Day in his honor. We are doing inventory at work and I have put in a ridiculous amount of hours the past 3 days. Well more than a weeks worth... I’ll pay for it early tomorrow morning, but I left early enough to light my fire today. Fire lit. Been dying to use this chunk of a broken soapstone for the Big Joe for ages and today was the day. My husband thawed some scallops. I wanted to see what the soapstone could do with them. I don’t like seafood... so had no desire to try it. He did most of them on his gasser. I cooked two others after the trial. Put on my filet and the other two scallops. He got a whole tenderloin for a great deal and cut into steaks himself after I asked him to have some cut extra thick via text from work yesterday. Good choice on his part.... Put on some compound butter after flipping. Thanks again @Panchango for getting me to dive into that little endeavor. Meanwhile my husband had prepped mushrooms, green beans and potatoes... His other two scallops finished. Great color on these and good seafood cook practice for me. Plated and ready to go. And money shot... This was perfect for me. Everything else was done on the gasser by my husband... but I just had to light that fire and play today...
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    Margherita-heim Pizza

    What started as an innocent thread in The Cooler about how much I like to clean my grill spiraled into being taunted about my sourdough starter by none other than @ckreef... I know, it's hard to imagine one of my posts running off the tracks, but it happened (shocker)... So, I wasn't planning on a pizza cook today, but once the bear has been poked there is no going back... Ironically enough, the taunting happened just as I was planning to clean Big Joe from last nights cook. So I went ahead and took care of that and made sure to sweep the rim of the firebox so as to not face taunting over that as well from @CentralTexBBQ. I'm thinking this was a solid "B" effort - except I didn't take the tray guide out this time (I just dumped the tray) - so might actually be down to a "C-"... So here we go with my Sourdough Starter Mama Mia Pizza Challenge Kickoff Cook. I started my starter awhile back. I exercised extreme patience the whole time and didn't get frustrated at all. It really was a shining moment for me. I parked the starters in the fridge (I had experimented and done one that was primarily a bread flour feed and one that was more of a mixed bag with bread flour, whole wheat and rye flours.) When I fed them this week, I reserved some of the whole wheat /one to leave out. I had fed it last night. And after the taunting this morning I figured it was finally time to put it to use. Googled sourdough starter pizza dough and landed on a King Arthur page within minutes. About a cup of starter: Added 2 cups of bread flour and 1/2 cup of whole wheat and 1/2 cup of hot water and 1/2 tsp of instant yeast. I kicked myself realizing there was a selection for measurement by weight that I didn't notice until later. Kneaded it and parked it for a few hours while I took a morning nap (everyone else was still asleep anyway). Woke up to more taunting in the Mama Mia Pizza Challenge Discussion thread since I had made my announcement there that I was doing a cook. Apparently @daninpd doesn't have the gift of patience like I do as I think he was unimpressed with my nap delay... Setup Big Joe for pizza. Hadn't ever done pizza in the Big Joe before. I was really confident and comfortable and cozy and happy with my Vision pizza setup... but since my husband has sold it (still not picked up - killing me having to keep looking at it knowing it's not mine), I figured I better get confident and comfortable and cozy and happy with a pizza setup for Big Joe. A couple of huge chunks of lump in there from a bag of Fogo Super Premium... Wanted to let the Joe come up to temp and heat soak really well. Went in and did some more prep. Decided I better make my sauce for a challenge cook - had not ever done this before, but there have been a number of posts about it recently. Added just a touch of sugar and red wine vinegar as well that is not pictured. Then cut up my tomatoes and... what's that you say???? Why yes... an Anaheim pepper. Not exactly traditional, but here's why.... So I don't love basil.... actually, I don't really even like basil. I don't dislike it, but truth be told, I would rather not have it on my Margherita pizza. So, I decided in order to maintain that classic Margherita look, I would sub in some sliced Anaheim peppers. Perfect for me. By now Joe was cruising right along and it was time to make my pizza. Assembled with my sauce, tomato, anaheim pepper and fresh mozzarella and just a sprinkle of an Italian blend shredded cheese. Launched onto the Big Joe pizza stone setup. Trucking right along.... Nice crust.... About ready to pull.... And done.... Now here's where I miss my Vision setup. I just didn't get the browning on the cheese on top that I like and I think that's because I wasn't riding as high in the dome as I do on my (sad face - it's not mine anymore) Vision. Definitely a very nice thin, crisp and sturdy crust. And a plated shot... And that's what happens when you poke the bear...
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    Alright Gurus.... the end is near. I’m as discombobulated as all of you about the demise of the Guru. The best way I can figure to deal with this is by doing tribute cooks. Even before my time, there was a Guru legend by the name of @Remoh. From what I understand, he was one heck of Kamado Guru and unfortunately passed away awhile back. I wanted to include him and one of his legendary posts in my first tribute cook. And, what tribute post would be complete without a nod to ckreef and skreef. So here I go... my first tribute cook and challenge entry combo... might have been some crying involved. And not the honorable kind where I burn or cut myself... just the hurt feelers over the Guru shutting down kind of crying going on here. And for the record... if I burn or cut myself, I just swear up a storm and it’s all good. Remoh’s Artisan Bucket Bread This guy was a legend. I wish I could have interacted with him. Got the ingredients together. Mixed it up into a shaggy dough. Set aside ingredients for the zucchini gratin posted recently by @ckreef. Not pictured are some seasoning and gruyere cheese. And then I got my flat iron soaking in a marinade that @skreef used in a challenge cook awhile back. Grill setup for indirect with my stone raised to do the bread around 450. Ready to go on... did a half batch so pulled off half of it. Coming along.... Meanwhile, back at the ranch (ie Weber gasser) was roasting some chiles.... Gratin prepped and assembled. On to the grill. Indirect 450 to 500. Moved to one side to get the flat iron on. Marinated steak ready to go on... And on with the zucchini gratin Gratin looking good! And all plated up. This was a great meal thanks to the gurus here - present and passed. Going to miss you guys a ton! I plan on doing tribute cooks from here on out and encourage you to do the same. I’m always inspired by all the amazing Kamado gurus here and want to pay homage to that in the time we have left. Thank you all so much!
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    Made it home yessaday from a visit with my parents and sister's family in ENC. While there I'd loaded my cooler down with some local made hot country sausage from a spot that has it nailed down tight on all things pork (Nahunta Pork Center). Looking forward to breaking some out on future cooks. Dad had taken us to his favorite breakfast spot where they serve the same sausage from this place....the normal version. Looking forward to the hotter version. As I was packing up to leave, Mom remembered some other local sausage that she never got around to cooking during my visit and insisted I take it along with me. It was a blast from the past seeing the 1 lb package. Great childhood memories came forth. Time spent at grandparents with this stuff being made for breakfasts....Mom cooking the stuff on weekend breakfasts....etc. Neese's has some cool little delivery trucks that I remember seeing quite often, too. Made it back home and my boy came out to give me a hand unloading the truck and stated how he could use some food....and by the way, what's in the cooler ?? We put the 10lbs of Nahunta country sausage in the freezer and left a 1.25 lb sack in the fridge for tomorrow morning. He saw the Neece's sausage and asked when that would be cooked.....sorta implying that right that moment would be fine with by him. Told him I'd planned on burgers later when his mom made it home from work, but I'd conjure up a monsta biscuit for him right away. B-S-E-C Monsta He looked at it and gave me a thumbs up.....took a couple ginormous bites.....and nodded in approval. In his best "booming arcane wizard voice" he said, "One biscuit to rule them all".....quoting from The Hobbit / Lord of the Rings. Knowing burgers were coming in three hours or so.....he proceeded to assemble a second Hobbit biscuit, lol. I decided to skip the biscuits and have a post road-trip cold one instead and broke out the burger makings. Pattied out some 70/30 that had onion soup mix & ranch dressing mix blended into the ground meat. Stuck 'em in the fridge and fired up Ole Red while deciding that another cold 'un was needed. Son had made the request to make these burgers with blue cheese....a recent inclusion into his list of likes. Wife loves the stuff.....I can tolerate it under certain conditions. Evidently on 90+ degree afternoons+following long interstate drives + a couple cold brews going down the hatch + firing up a grill = an acceptable condition. Toppings made ready while wife got home and relaxed a while. That particular blue cheese was mighty potent. I had a couple chunks of mesquite mixed into the coals. I'd let it burn down a good bit prior to putting the burgers on and it provided that flavor I love on burgers & steaks. Browned the buns real fast in the skillet. That crust makes the perfect surface to hold up to Duke's mayo and mustard on the top & bottom buns....and the juice from the burgers. Every burger had the blue cheese on them....covered with American cheese (wife demands American). Added to that was a slice of Gouda on my own burger. All I can say is that this was a perfect way to wind down after a day of driving through too many road construction areas on I-95 & I-20.
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    So good

    I fired up the wood oven tonight and broke out the new lodge skillets. This cook took about an hour and it was a lot of fun. lemon pepper roasted spatchcock chicken and hassleback potatoes
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    Porch Package

    A mysterious package appeared on my porch late Saturday afternoon My thoughts at first glance were: call Homeland Security! It appeared to be some type of explosive device sent from Montana, Wyoming or some such place. Hmmm, have I ticked off ms. kismet lately? The contents however proved very harmless and quite attractive and appealing, if I might say so myself. Apparently, some type of stainless steel vanity plate cooking device of sorts. Certainly a brisket cooking grate of some kind. Better see how she fits on the spanking new year old Big Joe. Ten, perhaps a fire to season it. Adding successive coats of both avocado and vegetable oils Lights getting away from me; will throw something good on it either Sunday or Monday. Granted, I am biased because I designed it, but: this is the sexiest grill grate I've ever seen! I only wish The Burn Shop was able to have pulled off my other designed which was defintely 'mo betta' as they say.
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    Homemade BBQ challenge!

    This will be seriously pic heavy. So this was a three day process and culminated in a very successful get together last evening. It was my last big cook before school starts again. So after shopping at 4 different stores I got to starting on my rubs for pork butt and brisket. Pork butt rub ingredients Brisket rub ingredients You may notice that I included Tasmanian pepper berries (in ample quantities) for both rubs...this was new for me. After preparing the rubs, I got to trimming and then seasoning the pork butt and brisket and then these babies went into the fridge for 24 hours Meanwhile after cleaning up I started boiling potatoes for my recently invented potato salad recipe. I assembled the ingredients... It is a highly herbaceous and garlic tasting potato salad, the perfect counterpart to a variety of grilled meats. I also sub a part of the mayo for extra virgin olive oil to make it that much lighter After all the chopping and the potatoes are done, I cooled the potatoes with ice then sliced them and mixed them together. it looks like regular potato salad, but trust me the taste is dramatically different. This was the thing that I got the most accolades for (well.... Other than the cake. But I invented the potatoes and Stella parks invented the cake) Then I set to making a simple coleslaw dressing. Then I fed my sourdough started the night before.... And lit my KK so it would be ready to go first thing in the morning. In the morning I got my smoke pot going with two large chunks of pecan and then added my meat to the main grate. I was thrilled that they both fit without having to use multiple grates... And shocked. Then I got to working on my sauces(and feeding the starter more) I started with brisket sauce which is from Aaron Franklin's book and in my opinion is the only sauce that is acceptable on brisket. All others are just gross. The only change is that I used liquid amino in place of worchestershire which I had done before and knew turned out great. After all ingredients were measured out you basically stir together and simmer just to meld the flavors. Then I got to making the hot vinegar sauce which is my preferred style of sauce for pulled pork. This sauce is just mixed, not cooked. Then I got to the cake. OK small fact you will all thank me for. I got Bravetart by Stella parks for mothers day and have been cooking through it this summer A LOT. I have made cherry pie, blueberry pie, key lime pie, lemon meringue pie, dark chocolate cream pie, yellow cake with fudge frosting cake, this chocolate cake (and the English muffins) and they have all be fabulous, I mean really really good. I'm not so into the gimmicky things like homemade oreos and I made her scones and chocolate chops cookies that were pretty good, but not like her cakes and pies. Her cakes and pies are so flippen good. If you like to bake sweets you NEED this book. I have made this chocolate cake 3 times this summer. Anyway, you start with the frosting which is the easiest thing here are the ingredients Yes, heavy cream and milk Chocolate. Heat up the heavy cream while chopping the chocolate. I used the food processer and saved my fingers this time. Then pour the super hot cream over the chocolate in the mixing bowl of a stand mixer and stir until smooth. Then cover and stick in the fridge... You will whip it after about 6 hrs in the fridge Then I assembled the rest of the ingredients for the cake itself. I had to go flip the meats at 2 hrs. Cooking time (oh yeah and spraying every 30 minutes) so I neglected to take the would be riveting pictures of the cake batter.... But I have proof I flipped my meats! And then of course, here are the cakes cooling Then I got to slicing and grating for the coleslaw Of course I didn't toss with the dressing until about an hour before party time. Meanwhile I was working on my sourdough bread. Assembled all the ingredients. and set for the first rise. Then I went about checking the meat and got ready to wrap This was actually the first time I tried this method with pork butt to see if I could get more consistency in cooking time. (Spoiler alert... It worked) Then put the bread into the loaf pans and waited for their second rise. After about an hour we were ready to bake. I don't think I can over state hoe much my family loves this bread. Then I got to whipping the frosting for the chocolate cake. And decorating.... Yes I know my cake decorating skills aren't the best but I'm practicing and it tastes amazing. Very shortly before guests arrived I planned to do something different. Well different for me... I'm ALMOST a non drinker, but I decided to batch make a cocktail that made use of all of the beautiful limes on my tree and found a great recipe. Into the blender.. After this was blended more water and a cup and a half of vodka was added. This was a super good summer drink, and I'd definitely make it for gatherings again. After guests arrived, had a drink and a few snacks. Then I unveiled the pulled pork. Shredded the pork, sliced the brisket and set everything out. This was my plate with each meat with the appropriate sauce. This was a huge success. I didn't take pics of the cake sliced (I was busy and sticky!) but everyone was raving. One of my friends texted me as soon as she got home that it was the best food of her life LOL. I wouldn't go that far but it was a dang good dinner. I probably wouldnt have done another big BBQ right before going back to work if it weren't for this challenge, so it was good to have friends and family over again.
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    Pulled Pork

    I put a butt on last night and did it really low and slow. Turned out great.
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    My four year old daughter and I cooked dinner tonight. A specialty crust set of pizzas that are sure to please! Ingredients include: English Muffins, pizza sauce, baby spinach, two kinds of cheese, previously kamadoed chicken breast, and salami slices. Here's a photo of little hands hard at work on the build! She had a blast.Here is what they looked like when finished. I built the ones on the left...Here they are on the Vision! Placed the stone on the top rack and heated the grill to 500°fAnd finally here is the end result!We had a ton of fun and I got a big two thumbs way up and a huge smile from my assistant chef. She did awesome! The "crust" was crispy and the cheese and toppings really went well together. It came out great and I can't wait to cook with her again soon!
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    Ordered a WFO from a company in AR. Delivery was going along as expected until it got to a local delivery terminal/company. There it sat for 3 days. They wouldn't answer their phone or respond to emails. Not a peep from them. Yesterday about 1:30pm they called. We're about to deliver your pizza oven in an hour. I laughed at them since I was 2 hours from the house. Ohh - they decided to deliver it today instead (so much for delivery appointments). I would be the last on the truck making it the first to deliver. I stayed home from work today patiently waiting. Around 9:30am got a call. The guys screwed up and put it first on the truck making me the last delivery stop. Fine! As long as it delivers today. I went to work for a couple of hours then once again came home and patiently waited. At 3:30pm got another phone call. We have a problem, the delivery truck broke down on the exit ramp to your house. I have the part needed to repair it. Any mechanics near by? Otherwise we're going to have to tow the truck out of their. WOW, not so fast! I know I can solve my problem and I'll try and solve yours. Bring the part to the truck and I'll bring tools. So basically using my tools, me and the driver fixed the truck and my WFO finally arrived at the house. The bright side of the story is the owner of the delivery company gave me $80 for helping fix his truck and the WFO was sitting in the yard just were I needed it - LOL Here is the broke down truck. That's my orange tool box. Also notice the trailer behind my car. That oven was coming home one way or another. So here it is finally arriving about 6pm. Look at the determination. I didn't know Mrs skreef was snapping pictures. I was a little preoccupied. The red thing is a 4' level for size reference. The inside. The door, thermometer and free ceramic baking dish. This thing is huge. Can't wait to build a stand and get it fired up. I also ordered a SS chimney extender and rain cap. More to come over the next month or so.
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    So my posting has slowed down. BBQ is taking a backseat for a little while. Although I have a big 4th of July cook coming up. I just had a life changing event. I had a ear infection that destroyed the nerves in my right ear in 2009. Destroyed my life, balance and vertigo problems. Lost my business, wife and house. She left me with the reduced income of my new career. Also, my ability to ride bicycles and motorcycles. After many years of accepting I will never ride again, in a act of defiance, I bought a $90 Wal Mart beach cruiser bicycle. Getting some exercise and riding it to work a couple times a week. Working great, a little awkward, but good. Good enough I just bought a motorcycle on a smokin deal from a coworker. Haven't ridden it yet, insurance next payday. It is a 99 Magna 750, and feels like home. Fixing it up and making it my style is my priority now. Improving my cooking skills and equipment is now #2. I am the happiest I have been in years. I like this site and will be more active again, but am distracted for now. I am going to do something new for the 4th, I am going to smoke a whole top Sirloin, but my methods and seasonings for a clod heart will be the same. I know it will be good. Thanks for listening guys. It is a great group here.
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    Stuffed Pizza

    Pizza Challenge cooks #2 – my attempt at a “specialty” stuffed pizza. I used my “normal” pizza dough for this one. I used a 9” pan of one stuffed pizza, and a small ~6” pan for the other. The larger was a simply mozzarella cheese and basil on the inside with pizza sauce and parmesan cheese on the outside. The smaller stuffed pizza had mozzarella, basil and 18 month aged prosciutto, with pizza sauce and parmesan cheese on the outside. Very tasty pizza, as we all had 2nd helpings last night. Two pizza challenge cooks down, two more to go… "normal" dough on the far left.. rolling the base layer the larger stuffed pizza the smaller stuffed pizza, before being topped. ready to cook.
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    Sausage crust pizza

    I decided to do something different last night for a pizza by using sausage for the crust. I started off by carmalizing onions and peppers in a cast iron skillet. I then put the sausage on the cast iron skillet with a glass dish on top of it to keep it from warping while cooking. I baked the crust for 10 minutes in the Kamado. Afterwards, I put the onions and peppers, pepperoni, black olives, pizza sauce, and cheese in the crust. Went back into the Kamado for 30 minutes until it was golden brown on top. Despite the pouring rain that started during the final baking period, it turned out pretty good and certainly a little different than the usual pizza. Here are some pics of the cook:
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    I struggled a bit this month to figure out my entry. Bacon seemed like the obvious choice (to me anyway…) I wanted something a little different this month. I decided to make a bread bowl and w/the left over dough also made a woven presentation mat for the ribs and brisket. With the Memorial Day weekend, it’s one of few times of the year, I would consider pork ribs which I did. So, it was time to put Ojiisan (Japanese for grandfather/Oldman) to work and cook the ribs. Ojiisan is my ’60 restored Noritake kamado. And I wanted to give brisket another try. Brisket is always my bane… I picked up a nearly 11 pound whole brisket, and fired up the Big Joe for a low and very slow overnight cook. I was also testing out a new bag of lump, based on Walmart’s Western lump sale. The brisket was nearly perfect, except for the overnight fire settle a little higher the excepted and by 6:30AM the brisket was done. No worries, well wrapped the brisket went in the oven turned warming drawer. The brisket was one of my moistest and tender briskets to date. I expect it would have been even better had it not rested for nearly12 hours in the oven. All in all, it was still great. As for the bread dough, I used my pizza dough recipe, and used milk in place of water and added an egg to push the dough to have a tighter crumb. I was going more for presentation, and warned the family of the pending experiment. I really didn’t expect to eat the mat and/or bowl, and both were very tasty as confirmed by the whole family. Here are the pics, enjoy…
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    Butcher Block Project

    It has been really cold and my business has been seasonally slow. I needed a project to keep me occupied and decided to make some butcher blocks. We have two family weddings in the spring so I thought they would be nice wedding presents. I ended up with four blocks from the wood I purchased. Butcher blocks are not hard to make but do require some shop machines...primarily a substantial table saw, a planer (unless you are using pre-dressed wood stock), several sanders (or a drum sander if you are lucky enough to have one), and clamps. If you are making a fairly modest single unit you can probably get by with basic shop tools. I used the "Wood Whisperer" as my guide on how to build. Here is the link to his butcher block project : https://www.thewoodwhisperer.com/videos/how-to-make-a-butcher-block-cutting-board/ . I have built several of his projects from the plans and videos he provides on his web site for FREE. If you have the tools, source raw planks from the suppliers cabinet shops use...you will pay a fortune for ready to go wood from woodworker supply shops. I was able to get a piece of 8/4" X 10" X 10' Rock Maple and Red Cherry. I think I spent around $140 for the lumber. Anyway, the video link shows the steps...
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    My latest delivery...

    Ok, any week you get a package in the mail from @Ben S is a good week.... I know what you are all thinking.... And you’re wrong! Hmmm.... not sharp.... not pointy.... doesn’t have a handle.... I wonder.... Anyway, in unrelated news, you’re all probably wondering (or probably not, but you’re going to find out anyway) what the rest of my faucet looks like since you’re always seeing part of it in my cutting board shots. I’m pretty fond of the faucet - I swapped it and the stainless sink out in my house shortly after buying it and just love this setup. I have one very big deep side and one smaller side and a fitted cutting board that bridges it. So I set another board on that and it’s where I always find myself doing my prep work. Just too convenient right there at the sink. Oh, and then I put up the individual magnetic knife blocks @Ben S made for me on the side of the cabinet. I always wanted a knife bar, but didn’t have a good spot for it. The cabinet is too narrow in my opinion for a regular one and it would have looked goofy. Since I’m a little OCD about holes in things, he was kind enough to work with me and experiment a little with command strips. Works like a charm. No holes and I can change it up however I want and whenever I want. This turned out way better than I expected. I am totally in love with it. It’s going to be awesome to have my go to knives handy right there for me. I couldn’t be happier. So see, I didn’t buy another knife! Yet....
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    For the 2nd round Pizza challenge, I decided to go with another Neapolitan, a traditional pizza. My desire here is to continue to improve and refine my Neapolitan style of pizza. I’m trying at stay as close as possible to a true Neapolitan style pizza. Other than the starter culture which is using King Arthur AP flour, the flour is Caputo OO flour. I’ve also managed to acquire some real buffalo mozzarella cheese. The basil is fresh from the garden. For the pizza sauce I’m using San Marzano Italian tomatoes, slightly pureed with added salt, and uncooked. Here’s my dough recipe for this cook, approx. 62% hydration 200 grams of sour dough starter (100 grams KAAP, and 100 G water) 625G Caputo 00 flour 353 g water 25 g salt 0.5g yeast Started 3Pm two days ago. Bulk fermented in the frig. Divided the dough into 4 equal portions ~295g each this morning around 8:30am. Pulled from the frig around 1PM and left at room temp. Final shaping around 7PM/7:30PM or so, topped, and cooked. The Kamado Joe was a little challenged temp wise. I did a full clean out, and used some BIG lump, thinking the greater air flow would create high temps quickly. Not so… About 90 minutes in I’m at 750F, it was one of my slowest rises in temp every. Funny how when want high temps it takes forever, and for low temps you seem to overshot, but I digress.. I cooked (4) different pizzas, all in the 700-750F range. The Margarita Pizza was the preferred cook for tonight. The other pizzas had 24month aged prosciutto, 24 month Parmesan cheese, Italian sausage and/or Benton's bacon. Overall a great cook, the family loved it, as did I. Personally I see room for improvement next time, less big lump for a higher temp more quickly, and I’m hoping to lower the dough’s hydration to just under 60%, as I recently read that Neapolitan’s are typically in the 55-59% hydration range.
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    Head fake (pizza)

    What is better than pure comfort food? I also cooked a wild one tonight here There isn't much else to say about this one so here are the pics. A pretty good looking herb crust. Sauced! Dang! There is a full layer of pepperoni under there, apparently I didn't get a pic :( More on top to make it look proper! It's just starting t It's just starting to turn golden, what a sight! Ha! Look at that crust. I think I want some, you? Nom Nom Nom! I was very happy with how the crust turned out. Money maybe? Or maybe this? Regardless I want to eat this! Love classic pepperoni. Give me food coma please
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    Alright, I’ve been collaborating with @Ben S for quite awhile on this little project. Actually, as long ago as when I started my sourdough starter if I remember right. Not sure how we derailed that thread to the topic of knives, but we did.... So after a ton of back and forth on all of the various details (I can be a little finicky - shocker, I know), it was go time and I sent off my Makoto to get a new custom hand made handle. Was suprised to see the old handle intact in the box with the knife. Definitely a world of difference between old and new. I didn’t like the original handle at all. And the rest of the photos speak for themselves. Absolutely stunning!
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    Twisted Mediterranean

    This is a fantastic pie - IMHO - So good! A great looking vessel for this feast! Scratch, hand formed. Sauced, herbs are great with some tomato sauce! Here is where the magic begins. Left to right, top to bottom. Artichoke heart, chopped ham, jalapeno, chopped sun dried tomato and muffuletta. Twisted 2 and 1/2 ways on the top row! Delish... Look at that, begging to be eaten, soon I promise! Ah ha! We are very close now, just about ready! And.... Bottom looks pretty good. Crispy and firm but with a bit of chew. Nom Nom Nom..... Money! More money! Delish, we really liked this one. I also tossed some pepper flakes on there, a little light on the cheese so the good stuff would poke through, it adds character I think. Doing something like this again soon!
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    I made it to Sunday night with my 4th and final pizza cook. My basic Neapolitan recipe I used was: · 700G OO Caputo flour · 150G sour dough starter ( it was a weak starter at the time I used it, 1:1 water/flour) · 438G water · 0.26g yeast. Mixed and allowed to ferment for 2 days in the frig, and then set out on the kitchen counter about 3 hours before cooking on the kamado. I gave the kamado about 45minutes to heat soak. I had the temp up to 850-900F which my hottest cook ever. I made 4 pizzas, (Margarita, prosciutto, and two onion sausage varieties) each just over 300 grams, give or take. They all cooked in about 2 minutes. Talk about great tasting pizza. Of my 4 pizza cooks this weekend, this was the favorite of the family.
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    Beef Wellington

    Beef Wellington. Chuck roast seasoned with salt and cooked 131°F / 48 hours. Pulled, chilled, and seared. Diced mushroom, shallot, and garlic and cooked until all moisture was gone. Spread spicy mustard over the beef and then wrapped beef in prosciutto and duxelles, then tossed in freezer for 30 minutes. Removed, wrapped in puff pastry, added a puff pastry lattice, then baked at 475°F for 15 minutes until golden. Album here https://imgur.com/gallery/wx7RXhh
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    Easter Lamb Rib Chops

    After sunrise service this morning, I started prepping to cook for the Sis and BIL. Planned a rustic lamb dinner. Lamb Rib Chops with lots of roasted garlic and herb paste. Cut two racks into individual chops like Ausie Joe taught me. Makes sense as every single chop is an end cut. I put the garlic herb paste on this morning and let it set until I cooked them about 1:30 this afternoon. As a veggie I did proscuitto wrapped asparagus, and my wife made Q beans and a nice chopped salad. Just for fun I roasted some onion and shallot along with a handful of garlic cloves. Came out looking like this. Thanks for check it out. Tasted great and the fam gave rave reviews. Wife made a berry cobbler for desert. Wonderful day.
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