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  1. You could try it. These were cooked over indirect heat. If the soapstone gets too hot over direct heat you will over scorch the cabbage.
  2. @ckreef - those pizzas look fantastic! Sorry for the delayed response on your question... I have had a difficult time with work and other things over the last four days...
  3. Easy... modify the dough hydration to 58% and cook it as hot as you like. These thin pizzas would cook in 60 seconds or so at 800-900 degrees.
  4. This is a concept i have been struggling with. I don't think it's the grind of the flour that makes a big difference in the browning. When I first started making pizzas in the Blackstone oven at really super high temps, I wasn't getting the browning I liked either. I was getting it in the Kamado but not on the Blackstone. I think I have sorted out the 'why' on this after completely reading the Ken Forkish book... It's the combination of hydration and temperature that allows the browning to happen. My problem with the the browning at 900+ degrees was that my dough hydration was too high. I was using 70% hydration. That much water in the dough at that high of a temp was keeping it from browning the way I like. That exact same dough (basically) with the same flour and other ratios browned nicely with the leopard spotting at 900 degrees with a 58-60% hydration dough. That same 70% hydration pizza dough cooked at 550 degrees browns nicely because the extended time allows enough of the water vapor to dissipate that the browning can occur. That browning is a maillard reaction just like the browning of a steak crust. @Mewantkj - do you agree with this?
  5. @Bogiedr i have a traeger that i use a good bit bit it does sit for periods of time between uses sometimes. My tips: dont fill the pellet hopper too full. That way you dont let them get too humid during periods of non use. keep your unused pellets in the plastic bag in a sealed bucket to keep,them dry.
  6. This is the best thin crust pizza I have ever made.
  7. I am in the process of building an ugly drum smoker and i plan to make my Flame Boss a permanent part of that system.
  8. It won't be too smokey. The smoke from fat drippings doesn't affect the flavor the same way wood smoke does.
  9. I take my firebox out about once every 6 to 8 months and sweep/vacuum out the ash that has gotten behind it. I never worry about the dome. I do enough hotter cooks that it's never a problem. It stays black/gray all the time. If you do more low and slow cooks and not enough hotter cooks you will get buildup on the inside of the dome that might need to be brushed out.
  10. That's what a steak should look like. Grill marks are for menu photos
  11. I didn't put much in the sauce.. just enough to get a hint of it... I used 4 cloves of roasted garlic to a 28oz can of tomatoes...
  12. Yup.. smoke from the drippings on the fire is not going to oversmoke your chicken. Too much smoke wood WILL oversmoke it quickly though.
  13. I was making some homemade tomato sauce this afternoon and decided to use roasted garlic instead of raw. I got out one of my little cast iron cocottes that I recently purchased and put a nice fat bulb of garlic in it with the top sliced off. I drizzled it with EVOO and roasted this covered in my toaster oven at 400°F for 35 to 40 minutes. This stuff is great for so many things....
  14. I have never tried pork steaks. Let me know how the cook goes... maybe I'll add it to my to do list.
  15. I have learned another lesson recently. I have been putting way too much cheese on my pizzas. I backed way off on these and they are perfect.