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    My interests include making cooking videos for the Kamado Joe Cooking Channel on YouTube, photography, guitar, work, and sleep :)
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  1. John Setzler

    Good for your heart

    Yup.. Finex... a Christmas gift from my wife I bough several of their other pieces so this one was just some icing on the cake.
  2. John Setzler

    Smoke Ring Doesn’t Matter!!

    It's like mag wheels and racing stripes
  3. John Setzler

    A chicken wing milestone... Traeger edition!!

    Those look as awesome as most everything you cook Do you season the flour with anything?
  4. Adrenaline Barbecue Company has built a kamado around their Slow 'N Sear product line.
  5. John Setzler

    Why do Recipes Call For Kosher Salt?

    Awesome There is a 4 part series based on the book on Netflix also...
  6. John Setzler

    Why do Recipes Call For Kosher Salt?

    I don't know the answer to your question but I had built this little table a while back for my own use..... These are gram weights of stuff I frequently need to convert back to other measures for the folks who don't speak metric. You can see from this chart that salts are not created equal at all... even 'kosher' salts. Your 25% number doesn't even jive with these measures. It's frustrating to say the least. Cooking experience will eventually get you to a 'salt to taste' measure UNLESS its in baking where you can't just add salt. This is the main reason the metric system weights are so much more reliable than volume measures of any kind for cooking. In some cooking precision doesn't matter much. In others, it does. The thing about salt is... that... well.... salt is salt. Sodium chloride. Kosher salt... sea salt.. table salt... it's all the same stuff. The boutique salts have other trace minerals in them that give them color or other characteristics but they don't translate to anything else when cooking with it. It's still NaCl. 1 Tablespoon of table salt is a LOT MORE salt than 1 tablespoon of Diamond Crystal kosher salt. By my measurements, it's 70% more. That's enough to screw up a recipe. When you are reading a recipe, if it just says 'salt' then you should use table salt.... or your own calculated version of a kosher/sea salt equivalent. For more AWESOME information about cooking with salt, check out the book called "Salt Fat Acid Heat" by Samin Nosrat.
  7. John Setzler

    iKamand v2

    I suppose it could if there is enough ash there.. i have never noticed it happening.
  8. John Setzler

    The Burn Shop - Custom Grill Grates

    I'm stoked! Now to clean and season it....
  9. John Setzler

    Looking for Feedback: Adjustable Rig for KJ Classic

    It doens't get quite as high as the KJ extender.. maybe an inch or so lower. That would work if you are working with a rack on the very top, one on the middle position of the 3 adjustable racks, and one rack on the very bottom.
  10. John Setzler

    iKamand v2

  11. John Setzler

    Pit Controller or DoJo?

    I'd probably suggest the iKamand since you can use it on a lot of cooks (don't use it for pizza!)
  12. John Setzler

    Looking for Feedback: Adjustable Rig for KJ Classic

    There is a way to do that. You need two of the grates shown in this video and the oval grate shown in this photo: https://ceramicgrillstore.com/collections/kamado-joe-classic-accessories-by-ceramic-grill-store/products/classic-adjustable-rig-r-and-b-oval-combo-kamado-joe With 3 racks, there isn't gonna be much clearance between them.