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  1. Someone posted in the iKamand owner's group on facebook.
  2. @Mudbugs Kamado Joe posted today that the problem has been resolved.
  3. its not just you... i think everyone is having problems at the moment. KJ is aware of it and they are working on it. There is a group on Facebook for iKamand owners that might be a better place to get first hand information on it than here....
  4. What kind of little crock is that?
  5. It ain't gonna happen. You can't even hardly get a wired controller for that anymore.
  6. Yea I can understand that. The wireless for me just has no place here. It's too easy for me to stop the rotisserie and take a temp reading. I can't let myself justify the cost of the Meater to not have to do that. That's an expensive solution to a very minor problem.
  7. I agree with James to some degree but I think James may be limiting his view on this to long low and slow cooks. I have run tons of long low and slow overnight cooks without temperature controllers. In MOST of those cases, it ran fine without any issue. There were a couple occasions where my fire went out and I didn't know it. There were also a couple cases where my meat got done way sooner than I expected it to and I didn't know it. James isn't using a control system but he is using the Meater Block for monitoring his pit and meat temps. The two probe version of that is $229. For an additional $70-80 on top of that you can have a Fireboard that does all that plus controls the temp of the grill. MY primary love for the temperature control system is NOT it's ability to run a pit unattended for a long time. MY love for the system is how easy it makes it for me to light my grill and bring it to a target temperature (anywhere between 200-500°F in a very short time without any hands on work or multiple tweakings of the vents. For instance, If I wanna roast a chicken at 400°F, I put an appropriate amount of coal in my grill, add two or possibly three firestarters, put my racks and heat deflectors in place, close the grill, and open the top vent to an appropriate setting, and then engage my fireboard. I walk away from my grill and, in most cases, I'm ready to cook within 20 minutes wihtout ANY additional visits to or tweaking of the grill. It does take a minor amount of experience to know where the vents need to be set. But while you are learning that, you can simply leave the top vent fully open and then go close it down once your grill hits your target temp. There is just more to it for me than long term overnight temp stability, even though THAT is still a good case for it as well. And then there is the argument that you can't use a fireboard with a rotisserie. This is true. But you CAN mark my word on this. There WILL BE a temp control system out there at some point in the very near future that employs a wireless meat probe. You can bank on that.
  8. @Boater This might be the cheapest option out there these days: https://bbqube.us/BBQube-TempMaster-Portable-Wi-Fi--BBQ-Temperature-Controller-for-Charcoal-Smokers-and-Kamado-Grills_p_53.html I don't have any experience with it so I can't speak to it's pros and cons. But then there's this also that has been around for a long time: https://pitmasteriq.com/collections/automatic-temperature-control/products/iq110 BBQGuru made a mistake, in my opinion, when they discontinued their Party Q but I'm sure they weren't selling many of htem because they did not have wifi control and everyone believes they need that these days.
  9. When you close the vents on a hot grill, the heat in there is still creating pressure inside the kamado and it has to escape somewhere.
  10. I dunno dude... i eat a good amount of salmon raw when I hit my favorite sushi bars. But if you just don't believe what you are seeing here or don't wanna try it, please feel free to cook your salmon however you like
  11. I added my video demo to the original post...
  12. I had a live stream last night where I was discussing my new BARQ 2400 Pellet Smoker. At the very last minute before I started I found out that Myron was gonna come on with us for the chat!
  13. This sauce doesn't have much tang.. it's a pretty classic Kansas City style... I dunno what the actual salt content on that rub is... it states 390mg per teaspoon so if u wanna compare it on that....
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