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  1. Smoked & Onion Braised Beef Brisket

    I like the way you think
  2. Joe JR efficient for my goals?

    Have you ever considered one of these? https://www.weber.com/US/en/grills/jumbo-joe-charcoal-grill This is highly portable, 18" cooking grid (same as Kamado Joe Classic / Large Big Green Egg), can do low and slow smoking and high temperature grilling, and it sells for $70 US.
  3. Whole Milk Mozz

    I have never seen it offered shredded... it's always in a block. I always buy block cheese though to avoid the additives they put on them to keep them from clumping.. it also keeps them from melting as nicely.
  4. WTB: Cast iron KJ chimney

    Send me a PM with your address....
  5. Some Sous Vide Accessories

    I do need to come up with a cooler setup that I like because I have a few projects coming up where the 12 quart tub won't be large enough. I need to look into that soon..
  6. Some Sous Vide Accessories

    I picked up a few sous vide accessories recently that should make the experience even nicer... The Rubbermaid 12 quart food container is just about perfect as an all-purpose sous vide bath container. It's big enough for mos sous vide projects. http://amzn.to/2B5LwFf I decided it might be nice to have some thermal underwear for that container so this SO VIDA insulated neoprene thermal underwear for the Rubbermaid container found its way into my cart... Not a necessity by any means but nice to have http://amzn.to/2DmPY7S This hinged lid is a perfect companion to the Rubbermaid container. If any of you have ever done a long sous vide bath you know the water can evaporate quickly and require refills regularly. This hinged lid minimizes evaporation escape and it also has a hole cut where the Anova circulator fits perfectly... http://amzn.to/2B7znzT
  7. Hinge upgrade

    Assuming this is a kamado joe post so moving it to the kamado joe forum. Your best bet would be to contact Kamado Joe with questions rather than getting your information second hand
  8. Joe JR efficient for my goals?

    @RRL The Joe Jr and other similar sized kamado grills are pretty versatile if you take the time to get to know them. They are rather limited in space. They have the same amount of cooking space as the Weber Smokey Joe. They are 14" grills. Cooking for two is quite easy usually on a Jr. You can get two burgers, two steaks, or two chops or other cuts of meat on for a direct grill with no problems. You have to get really creative if you want to have the option for direct and indirect cooking on such a small grill. You will have to fabricate your own solution most likely. Cutting the 14" grill in half for a two zone setup really minimizes the amount of space you have to cook two steaks. If you want to cook entire meals for two on a grill, I would recommend something larger.
  9. WTB: Cast iron KJ chimney

    I might have an old less-than-perfect one around here somewhere if you haven't found one yet.
  10. Sourdough 101

    I leave it on the counter. It is kind of like a pet... one of the things I have learned from @Ben S is that the starter needs to be fed daily for it to be vigorous and ready to go at all times. The only time I would go back to the fridge with the starter is if I knew I wasn't going to be using it for a few weeks. I would want to get it back out and feed it every day or maybe even twice a day for a week before I would use it again. Doing this process has shown me visible improvements in my ability to leaven a loaf of bread.
  11. Jaccard - Mrs skreef Made Me Do It

    Absolutely. I know it will reduce the time. How much, I don't know. I am not doing it for the purpose of reducing the time. I am just using it to ensure I get a complete cure. Last time I did a pastrami, I left it in the brine for 7 days but there was a small segment in the center of the meat that didn't get cured. This will resolve that. If I had to take a guess at how much time you could knock off THIS cure, I would take a guess at going 5 days instead of 7 but there is no way to really know without slicing into the brisket and having a look at various stages in the cure.
  12. Jaccard - Mrs skreef Made Me Do It

    I just used mine today. I put a section of brisket flat in a pastrami brine/cure. Hitting it with the jaccard before going into the cure will ensure that I get a complete cure, an I would probably actually be able to cut the curing time in half by doing this. I will still let it ride in the cure for 7 days
  13. Which pizza stone do you use?

    I like the pizza stones and I like the baking steel. They are different and each produces great results. Get one or the other and start cooking MOST of the pizza I cook is on a Kamado Joe pizza stone. I added this to my arsenal this weekend: It's a pizzacraft 13.5x20 baking stone. Whether a pizza crust is 'crisp' or 'crisper' or the 'perfect level of crisp' is subjective for sure. I can't sit here and tell you that a stone or a steel produces better results. The steel has one significant advantage in my opinion if you are cooking multiple pizzas.. It recovers heat loss and delivers consistent heat over multiple pizzas better than a stone. On single one-off pizza cooks (which is mostly what I do) you can't tell a difference under standard conditions. Measure less. Cook more.
  14. Manual Can Opener

    I'd buy one of those if I could find one with a crank handle like the one I have. I also rarely ever open a can of something that I don't use completely.