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  1. If you pulled it at 135 it should have cooked up to at least 140-145 in residual cooking after you removed it. If it was bloody and rare either your thermometer is inaccurate or you weren't measuring the temp from the center of the roast.
  2. No.. i think you will be fine... you CAN do a burnout if you want to but be very careful going over 500 degrees with it. Flashbacks are real problems when you have that heavy white smoke from grease burning off. Maybe if the thing is that cruddy inside it might be best to go ahead and burn out what you can... just keep the temp from going too high... no more than 600 and I would not put the heat deflectors in for that... or maybe jsut one at a time and have it at TOP grate level on a cooking grate....
  3. Moving out of the recipes section to general discussion....
  4. I would get a wire brush and clean off as much of the showing crud from the surfaces as you can. I would completely disassemble the inside parts of the grill and just scrape out everything you can. Once you have everything removed that you can scrape out, then put it all back together and then do a 500-600 degree burn until there is no smoke coming from the grill. Get it clean before you start worrying about the top vent and the dome fit.
  5. I use the standard weber wire brushes. I have used them from the beginning of my grilling hobby. No issues. If you keep your grates clean there should be nothing on them that a wire bristle could stick to.
  6. @eolson It's absolutely worth it. You will also love how much easier it is to drive a ceramic kamado. They aren't as temperamental as an akorn. The Classic 3 is the closest thing to a perfect Kamado I have ever cooked on. That being said, I would still be a happy cook on the classic 2. And even with that being said, I still love the original classic MUCH MORE than I loved the Akorn when I had it. You can get the Original classic for about 750 at Lowes if memory serves me correctly. The original classic has the new style multi-piece firebox and the divide & c
  7. @baileybbq Bone in or boneless doesn't affect the cooking time with any significance.
  8. You can use brown sugar if you want but it won't likely make a flavor difference because of the small quantity involved. Sugar is normally used in pizza dough to help with the browning. It is only providing a very small flavor element most of the time. You can leave it out without changing anything else about the recipe.
  9. @Dr.G I am a huge fan of the lighter smoke profile generated by this grill. Even with it being light, it still produces a better and stronger smoker than my Traegers OR my Yoder. The thermal mass difference here IS part of what makes this grill unique. The smoke you get from pellet grills comes from smoldering pellets between the heating cycles. This grill gets to spend MORE time in that cycle than most other grills due to the smaller size of the cooking chamber and the less work it needs to do to keep it at temp. I see visible smoke coming from mine almost all the time, even
  10. Honestly I don't think you are gonna be happy with this grill. You haven't mentioned anything positive about it yet. I love the smoke profile you get from pellet grills. People who love heavy smoke profiles are never gonna love a pellet grill. I'm not gonna try to make you think it's something you are gonna like. I am asking myself why you bought this when you already have a classic charcoal kamado that you like. This grill only offers a small convenience advantage in some cases over a charcoal kamado. What were your expectations with it? I have no answers for
  11. 1. Yea. the app isn't the greatest. the pellet joe side of the app is NOT as functional as the ikamand. I don't know why but it just isnt'. The good thing is that apps and graphs do not affect the cooking. 2. Pellet grills do not, never have, and never will create the intensity of smoke that you get from a charcoal smoker. If that was your expectation, then I would consider trading it for another charcoal smoker . This pellet grill produces a better smoke flavor than any of the other three I have had. I'm quite happy with that aspect of it myself. 3. Your
  12. Post a picture of where you have your temp probe mounted. What is your dome temp reading when teh ikamand says 450?
  13. That diagram is for the classic.. not for the big joe. The big joe will NOT fit.
  14. And how LOW do you need to be able to cook to call it a low and slow?
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