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    My interests include making cooking videos for the Kamado Joe Cooking Channel on YouTube, photography, guitar, work, and sleep :)
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  1. John Setzler

    Flame Boss 400

    Exactly. I'd rather cook wtihout the electronics altogether. That's what I do most of the time. The only necessary electronics I use is an instant read thermometer.
  2. John Setzler

    Flame Boss 400

    I'm not gonna get into that difference at this point since the iKamand is not performing well overall. I'll discuss the iKamand more when they get its problems worked out.
  3. John Setzler

    Flame Boss 400

    It works as well as the previous flame boss units. It doesn't work as well as the iKamand, but it works consistently, which the ikamand does not. lol
  4. John Setzler

    Flame Boss 400

    I believe they have a new model coming out to replace the 200/300.
  5. John Setzler

    Flame Boss 400

    Not a chance. They would never abandon the other platform.
  6. If you have to adhere to the low and slow mantra, you are not likely gonna make it. Do some research on hot and fast. I cooked an 8lb butt recently at 400f in 4 hours. It was excellent.
  7. John Setzler

    Trying to UP my Mac & Cheese

    This one was good but it's still got some room for improvement... the next round of testing on it will be next week probably.
  8. John Setzler

    KJ Classic II Paint

    And invision does not do the file conversion. Not sure where you got that information.
  9. John Setzler

    KJ Classic II Paint

    Well i am not switching software so please do not bring that up again. People are gonna have to learn how to dealwith huge image files on their own before uploading them. If you want to send me a 20 megapixel file for me to convert so it can display nicely no barking is allowed if it doesnt work.
  10. John Setzler

    Cast Iron Seasoning

    The best way to season cast iron isto cook a lot with it. It just happens naturally. The lodge pans smooth out as they build their patina.
  11. John Setzler

    Cast Iron Seasoning

    And for what it's worth, i can see NO reason to ever remove the factory seasoning from any pan. I dont know who Ken Rollins is or what his ideas are based on but I just don't see any use in that process.
  12. John Setzler

    Cast Iron Seasoning

    I use grapeseed oil for seasoning all my cast iron also. In my opinion, 350 is not hot enough for that task. I smear on a coat of oil as THINLY as humanly possible. I wipe the pan down with a clean paper towel as best I can AFTER i have applied the oil. I normally put my pan in the oven, close the door, heat it to 450-500°F and let it go for a hour. I do this 3 times on NEW pans and I do one round of it on existing pans after every 3 or 4 cooks. Put your pan back in the oven and take it to 450 for an hour and you should see a huge difference... @keeperovdeflame
  13. John Setzler

    Flame Boss 400 WiFi Anyone?

    It supports one temp probe and one pit probe. It required a phone, tablet or other smart device to control it. It also requires a wifi connection to run. I bought one and have been experimenting with it for the last few weeks....
  14. John Setzler

    KJ Classic II Paint

    No.. it should work fine...
  15. John Setzler

    KJ Classic II Paint

    If you are using a new model iPhone, you will need to disable it's proprietary image file format and have it save your images as JPG files in order to upload them here. I will never understand why Apple went with a proprietary file format. I'm sure there is some good reason for it.