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  1. Absolutely.. atlantagrillcompany.com
  2. So.... Now it's time for me to place an order with Porter Road... I really wanted one of their prime rib roasts but they have been out of stock for a while or I just haven't caught it available yet. The Tri Tip and the Texas Short Ribs I got originally were so amazing, I ordered those again. I ordered enough of the Texas Short ribs so I can feed my parents and the in-laws when they get here. Gonna do the osso buco in some unique way as well... i'll have to think about that one for a bit. I'll try to get the prime rib on my next order.... Don't forget you have a discount code good for 15% off your first order until July 1: MANCAVEMEALS #PorterRoad #PorterRoadButcher
  3. I allow people to advertise their products here ONLY in the sales/bargains/giveaways section and they must be offering a discount below their normal pricing.
  4. The grill dome section of this forum is getting ready to be integrated back with the 'other kamados' section due to lack of participation and content... Prior to THIS thread,there had been zero activity here since last October.
  5. I am curious why you feel the need to add smoking wood after you have started your cook...
  6. When I was buying my own lump charcoal, I was buying B&B from Academy Sports and Royal Oak from Walmart. Those worked great for me and I would go back to them immediately if I needed to.
  7. That's kind of impressive for a gas grill...
  8. It wouldn't be possible. You would not have enough clearance for the chicken with the SLoROLLER in place.
  9. This Napoleon Prestige Pro 500 is ready for action
  10. Occasionally but not very often.
  11. What I have right now: Kamado Joe Classic 2 Kamado Joe Classic 3 Kamado Joe Jr Alfa 4 PIZZE Wood Fired Oven Traeger Timberline 850 PK Grills PK360 Ugly Drum Smoker Pit Barrel Cooker (getting ready to sell this one or toss it out) Weber Go-Anywhere Camp Chef Expedition 3 Stove I will most likely have another pellet grill sometime this summer.
  12. I still suck at building things. This gas grill has been keeping me busy today. I think most of the hard part is done now. I need to adjust these doors just a little more maybe.
  13. @levic900rr Welcome... The Akorn just takes some practice, as does any kamado. They have a learning curve. The Akorn is a bit more tempermental because it's not as air tight as most other kamados. Don't let yourself get hung up on cooking at a specific temperature. I consider low and slow to be at 300F or lower. The results are gonna be great.
  14. There shouldn't be much of a fat cap on a prime rib roast. If there is, trim most of it off.
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