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  1. @Freddyj I took the lid off the 55g drum and had a quick go at it with the weed burner and the red liner burned off easily. I will hit the rest of the drum later.. probably monday.. then wipe it down and get a good coat of high temp primer on the outside and some cooking oil on the inside to keep it from rusting while I get the rest of it together.
  2. @rwalters It is the same size and shape barrel as the PBC. I am just going to convert this one into a single rack smoker or possibly a two rack smoker if I can find a dome lid that will fit it adequately.
  3. @Freddyj - my sources say that the material is food safe. If you are concerned about that aspect of it you can attempt to burn it out with a weed burner. It will never get that hot again from normal use. The charcoal would not get it that hot. I have no fear of this liner.
  4. Its a different shape than the pbc. I will have to compare them. I dont intend to build a pbc design with it.
  5. I got both drums for $30. They have a liner but removing it is optional. I think i will not spend much time worrying about the liner since these smokers will never go hot enough to present a problem. I removed the liner from the last uds i built and it wasnt worth the effort.
  6. I have a pbc.
  7. Who is lawrence page and have you made this recipe? Also moving to the pasta section...
  8. I picked up two more drums on craigslist today... I am gonna build two more smokers. I haven't cooked on a UDS in a long time and I gave my original one away when I ran out of room but I miss having it so I'm building another. The smaller one may be something I give away after it's together.., or not... lol
  9. I usually feed my starter about 25% whole wheat and 75% white flour. Some people like to feed with a portion of rye flour as well.
  10. Keep cycling it every day for two weeks... it will settle down.
  11. I don't believe this grill will be able to seal up adequately even with a new ash pan with the level of rust at the bottom. I'd call this one junk and get something else.
  12. Not safe to cook on that as is, especially on the wooden deck.
  13. Following this conversation as well...
  14. I had some issues like that when I got started also and I discovered it was coming from the flour I was using. I don't know if the smell is a problem or not but I switched to the King Arthur flour and it went away when I did that.