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  1. The problem was that the pizza was cooked at a LOT HOTTER temperature than was recommended for the dough that was in use.
  2. Independence Day Weekend! What better time is there to make pulled pork? Try this sandwich on for size with these amazing and super simple pickled onions! Pickled Onions: Stuff a mason jar as full as possible with sliced red onions as shown in the video. I used a 2 pint jar. To the jar, add: 1 tsp salt 1 clove sliced garlic 10 black peppercorns 10 whole allspice berries 1/4 tsp dried thyme 1/4 tsp red pepper flakes 1 tsp sugar Let sit at room temp for several hours or in the fridge overnight and they are ready to serve! #PulledPork #PickledOnions #AtlantaGrillCompany
  3. I dont' think there will be a significant or noticeable difference in the cook. The DoJOE accessory would provide the best possible even and continuous heat for pizza cooking since the dome lid doesn't have to be opened to cook the pizza.
  4. Wow.. this write up is almost eight years old now. I just re-read it to see where my current methods have evolved from this. Honestly, this is still a good reference. There is only one part of this that I would change, and that is the use of the drip pan. I DEFINITELY like the results better when the fat from the meat is dripping onto hot coals or grill surfaces where it can create smoke. THAT smoke is good smoke and, IMHO, it improves the flavor of the finished product. I have evolved MY personal method for cooking a butt (and brisket as well) so maybe I should write up "How to Cook a Boston Butt - Advanced Edition" and get it online sometime soon....
  5. I always put my rub on early. The rub contains salt, which will dissolve in the liquid it extracts from the meat and re-enter the meat through osmosis. the rest of the rub ingredients will not absorb into the meat. @jark87 Salt IS what makes dry brining possible so why would that make it impossible? You can easily 'dry brine' with a typical rub that contains salt.
  6. We are moving the Man Cave LIVE stream from Fridays to Thursdays at 830pm ET..... Join us if you can!
  7. so help me out... i am trying to understand your thought process... I am trying to determine if a rock in a bag of charcoal is a game changer in your opinion of that brand of coal. I am not trying to change your mind one way or the other. I am just trying to confirm my belief that finding a rock in a bag of lump charcoal would cause someone to abandon that brand of coal and switch to something else. I use Kamaod Joe Big Block but I use even more Royal Oak. I find rocks in both. the rocks I find, in my opinion, are insignificant when it comes to weight, value, or any other opinion of the coal. But that's just me.
  8. Here's a challenge for you. The next bag of lump you buy... WEIGH THE CONTENTS. I'd be willing to bet that every bag's contents will weight slightly more than the published amount on the bag. IF this is true then you aren't paying for rocks. Most bags of lump dont' have rocks in the but some of them will. Do you really feel that these rocks are devaluing your opinion of the coal?
  9. either way,, doesnt matter for somethign like this.
  10. and for what its' worth, you can do that recipe at 200 degrees or even 220.....
  11. I would set the fan percentage down to 5% if you wanna run a temp that low
  12. I am gonna write this off as a drive-by whining and delete the post and the member who posted it. I happen to know that the original poster has been taken care of now and it doesn't appear that he's interested in telling us about that at this point....
  13. Yea... that notion sells a lot of xl sized grills
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