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  1. I go live on Friday Nights for about an hour or so of conversation and talk about all things grilling. I usually start out with a drink of whiskey and then follow with conversation. As of THIS week I have my video quality issues solved. This week will also be the first week I stream live to Facebook and YouTube at the same time. Drop in if you can! 730pm ET.
  2. It's most likely your choice of dough or your dough recipe. You really need to make dough from scratch to use this effectively because most store bought doughs are designed to cook at 450 as indicated on their packaging. What dough are you using or what is your dough recipe?
  3. I dunno.. it doesn't look like its gonna cause any problems.
  4. That E6 might be a great system to have at that price point. I'm at the same crossroads with that as the Big Joe. I just don't have any use for a grill that big. Also has Weber provided a port where you can run a temperature probe into that grill?
  5. My personal opinion on this is that it's insignificant difference no matter where you put it. I have tried it a lot of different ways I just can't tell a difference. When it's a low and slow cook at 250-ish degrees, it doesn't matter where the wood is located. It' gonna smolder. The BEST way to produce smoke is to not let it smolder. The BEST result comes form having a wood chunk ignited and burning with a visible flame. That smoke is far cleaner than anything you will ever get from anything that is smoldering, no matter where your smoldering is happening in your firebox. T
  6. If we have a few people here who own these and want a sub section I will put it together.
  7. An offset smoker is nothing like a kamado. Wood isn't smoldering in an offset smoker. Its ignited and burning with a visible flame. It's a small hot fire. In a kamado it's smoldering. Smoldering wood produce a very acrid smoke that will ruin your food if used too heavily. This is why a cook on a kamado will only need a few ounces of wood while a cook on an offset requires adding full splits to the fire every 30 to 45 minutes.
  8. Take some time to understand how heat is applied to food and you very quickly LOSE THE NEED to take a grill over 700°F for much of anything. People do it because it draws attention on social media. It doesn't draw any attention to their cooking skills.
  9. The Kamado Joe Kettle Joe will be hitting the ground here in March. There are some additional photos of this grill here: https://atlantagrillcompany.com/collections/kamado-joe-1/products/kamado-joe-kettle-joe I will be making video content on this grill as soon as I get one. I am quite excited about the possibilities this grill will offer...
  10. @Natosha Jacobs I don't think you would be disappointed with any of those other than the Grill Dome. I would personally go with the Primo or the Big Green Egg out of that list myself if the Kamado Joe isn't a possibility.
  11. Yes. the Alfa is being passed on to a new home soon.
  12. When Invision updated to the current generation of this software, it broke my custom designed color theme for this website. I have been unable to get it fixed back to a state I like. Invision has introduced themes that they would like for me to rent on six-month periods and I'm just not going to do it. If you have issues with the colors and background colors on the dark theme here, please switch back to the default theme with the THEME link at the very bottom of the page and all will be fixed... If you really prefer a dark theme you might try the one listed there ca
  13. Its Bridgeford brand from the grocery store.. i buy it on the sticks and slice it up myself.
  14. I don't deal directly with anyone from KJ anymore except for one guy in product development and another guy in a different company who does KJ's engineering. This set of instructions was written by someone else. I have never done this myself but I have tried to save this because it comes up frequently...
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