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  1. File a warranty claim and they will send you new gaskets. Cook on these until you just can't any more because I doubt they will ever present a problem.
  2. It’s that time of year when the questions start flowing asking for advice on making that perfect prime rib for a Christmas feast. I would like to take a few minutes to share my ideas and experiences with you on this amazing hunk of beef and how to cook it. My FIRST and MOST IMPORTANT piece of advice on a cook like this is to AVOID doing experimental or first-time modifications to your process if you are cooking for an important meal. My second piece of advice is that the prime rib cook is an EASY one, so do not sweat it! Buying your Prime Rib Roast:
  3. I made that video but I don't remember what the sizes are. What you need can be as simple as a single adjustable wrench for holding the nuts in place. Go to Harbor Freight and buy one of their inexpensive sets of hex wrenches in the metric sizes and you will be good to go.
  4. @gwbaker Just lit my grill... https://share.fireboard.io/56A964
  5. Wind is not gonna have a major impact but it can affect it. As for percentages, 20, 25, 30 somewhere in there would be fine. The LOWER you set the fan the smoother the control is gonna be in a kamaod as long as the percentage is high enough to maintain your temp, which should also never be a problem in a kamado. One other setting you will want to check is the lid open condition timer. I have mine set at 6 or 7 minutes. That's a great point to set it, especially after the grill has stabilized.
  6. @gwbaker I had a look at your graph. To me, that doesn't look problematic to me at all but it can be smoother than it is. The first thing you are gonna want to do is back your fan speed max down a little more. I run mine at 25% for low and slow cooking. I see where you noted that change in your data. Here's how I start up MY Classic... 1. Load my charcoal to whatever level I need for the cook. 2. I use ONE (or even 1/2) firestarter to get the fire going. I light that starter and let it go for 5 minutes or so OR I use my propan
  7. I'm with @Gebo... B&B Briquettes work really well but I do just just Kingsford. And I use a chimney.
  8. I bought a new toy to play with in the hopes that this will be the 'right' answer for cooking bread at home..... and it may have some additional benefits as well... https://anovaculinary.com/anova-precision-oven/ This thing has some intriguing setup options that may make as versatile as my Breville Smart Oven with some additional benefits provided by steam options...
  9. It should. If you have not connected a probe and used the add foo option to set it up, I can't imagine why it would be asking you that...
  10. @gwbaker Something is wrong with your method somewhere. Try backing down to 30 percent on the fan. Tell me your detailed startup procedure including how you light your coal and when you start your fireboard and we can figure out where the problem is. This thing works flawlessly on my kj.. ps... keep the vent on the fireboaard fan fully open all the time
  11. I do really try to persuade people to get the classic in most cases. Its very easy to fall into the go big or go home camp. Most dont' realize exactly how much food you can cook on an 18" grill. I had big joes and classics here until the 3 line came out. When I gave my Big Joe 2 away to make room for the 3, I thought about it and decided not to get the Big Joe 3 until I found a need to have it. My big joe 2 had been sitting idle for a very long time. My cooking is for as few as 1 or as many as 10 and i have never found myself wanting more space on my Classic Joe. When you t
  12. I saw someone else setting one on a sheet pan so that might be good advice when not on a fire safe surface. I also concur with the use of briquettes in a grill like this. I normally use briquettes in my 360 also simplyh because its the best way to get an even heating surface.
  13. I'd rather push an 18" grill when I need to than have to cook everything on a 24" grill.
  14. A classic is plenty for that. You can get two briskets on a classic 2 if you cook on both levels of the divide & conquer rack. It works even eaiser on a 3 because the 3 is a little deeper.
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