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  1. Stack them up and let them overlap a bit if you need to. It's not important that you have the ribs all laying flat and not touching each other. With a rib rack you can get 5 or 6 racks of pork spare ribs on an 18" grill with no problem.
  2. How old is yours? If you ever have to replace your firebox because of a crack you will end up with the new style firebox.
  3. One pound of the lye crystals to 5 gallons of water
  4. Its a perceived problem and not a real problem. The kj firebox is nit the easiest thing to assemble. When someone notices that the ring is warped it automatically makes them think its not gonna work at all or that it is somehow gonna be more difficult. I have my warped ring on and off with no issues. My advantage is just extra experience. I do it more frequently than most. Most people avoid doing it at all because it is difficult. Inwould love to see kj improve this process.
  5. Mine is warped worse than that and it will still hold the fire box together without any problem at all.
  6. It is seasoned. It's had 5 rounds of it.
  7. You can't even tell these are the same pan as the original photos....
  8. They are coming really soon. I have a set in my grubby little hands right now.
  9. If you want to play: http://mcm2019.football.cbssports.com/e/d397a0863ae8c1ea0617dc4467ea8b500375f81a803adcf7?ttag=FFBC19_cpy_invite_new_mt This year's prize package is awesome.... Kamado Joe Classic 3 Grill from Kamado Joe Classic Joetissery and 12 pack of seasonings from Atlanta Grill Company $100 gift card from Porter Road Butcher
  10. @kamadoplanet Your videos would probably get more traction if you post them in the Kamado Cooking section instead of tagging them onto this message thread...
  11. I think our accessories section would be a better location.....
  12. It will work but you risk warping the pan
  13. I got this Griswold #3 on Ebay and it just arrived today. It's really cruddy so it went into the lye bath which should remove all of it. I'll take smoe mpre pictures after get it restored...
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