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  1. I haven't. I will do a batch of wings on it at some point. I am not going to dwell on SLoROLLER cooking since the vast majority of my audience doens't have it. My next video cooks for a while will be without it.
  2. I plan to set mine either right on top of the sloroller or on the middle rack in the d/c.... whichever is more convenient.
  3. Locking this thread due to it going off track and against the main ideas of this site.
  4. Those are pretty but they won't stay where you set them when you open the lid. Just like the plain original models.
  5. I think it would give you a multi purpose cooking surface. I love using soapstone for searing meats as well. The round shape would work great for pizza but not so great for creating a 2-zone setup .
  6. I am not the world's biggest fan of the Joetisserie. It IS a fan favorite in the Kamado Joe community and I see a lot of folks going out of their way to cook things with it. I'm just not a big fan of rotisserie style cooking. I will say that it does work well for a lot of things. My favorite results with it was when I did Picanha. The SLoROLLER is something else I am just getting the feel for at this point. I have done three cooks with it. First was a boston butt that came out extremely well. I could not really tell if I had gained anything from the SLoROLLER. The butt did cook faster than I anticipated it would at 250f, but we all know butts can do that sometimes. The two chickens I have cooked with it have had visible and noticeable improvements in the evenness of the cooking and the skin texture form my previous cooks with it. The science behind the SLoROLLER is solid. I will just have to see what visible improvements I see with it in future cooking through hands on experience. That being said... YOU are going to be stoked with this grill compared to the Akorn. With or without the sloroller or joetisserie... The Classic 3 is better than the classic 2 or classic 1 just because of the added depth that has been provided in the base section of the grill. You can get further away from the direct fire if you want to...
  7. it's about 12x12x16". It comes with extra teflon tape for the sealer bar and i believe one of the things that came with it was a replacement sealing strip.. not sure.... lol
  8. This one is performing up to my expectations so far. I am still happy with it.. have probably sealed 75 bags or so to this point. The only issue i have run into so far is that the teflon tape across the sealer bar wrinkled up and I felt that it might not be making the best seal after that happened. I dinked around with it and couldn't get it straightened out adequately so I pulled it off and replaced it with some of the extra tape that came with the unit. I am gonna buy a new roll of that tape (it's really cheap) to see if I can get one that might be a little better quality than the one that came with it....
  9. I always recommend a 6 to 8 lb boston butt at 300°F as a first smoke.
  10. Well there ya go.. no need for this thing...
  11. Grease doesnt burn up in low and slow cooks. I use drip pans to avoid that mess.
  12. John Setzler

    Joe 2 or 3

    Kamado Joe supplies me with the grills to make the videos.
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