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  1. I figure i have a 50/50 chance of gettig this smoker here with no damage. i am reading lots of complaints about damaged goods with these. some of it looks like it was damaged when it got packaged and some of it is definitely shipping damage due to inadequate packaging. if you decide to buy this smoker i would buy it from a big box store and inspect it before you leave with it.
  2. what store did you purchase it from? most places require that you purchase from an authorized reseller to honor a warranty.
  3. its all about clean smoke. not sure if this grill is gonna make that. i will have to play with it when mine arrives. i dont know when its coming yet.
  4. I have already done a test burn on it. It's gonna need a small split about every 30 minutes.
  5. I have been eyeballing these items recently after a couple of my online associates started promoting them. The folks I know who have them (and I do NOT know if they were given the product by the company, but I suspect they were) have been speaking quite highly of the performance. Jackery is having a 30% off sale TODAY on Amazon. I had a few extra bucks leftover so I decided to buy the Explorer 240 and the Solar Saga 60w solar panel to charge it. I am curious to see if I can convert my Man Cave Party Deck to Solar Power. This Explorer 240 will be nice to have a travel/emergency power anyway.
  6. Here's my assembly and walkaround of the Karubecue C-60 Pit... #Karubecue #KBQ
  7. I saw someone else feeding it pure wood chunks on a facebook group so it might work. All I can tell you is that you should test it first especially if you are doing a lower temperature cook.
  8. 2 chickens is really crowded on a classic rotisserie.
  9. @pmillen I think I am just gonna use an old-school analog oven thermometer inside mine and see how things go. If that doesn't work out well for me I will come up with a different solution. If I am gonna use a digital monitor I want to be able to mount it on the smoker as well. So I might have to fashion a mounting plate and drill some holes to mount it, including a hole large enough to handle the probes.
  10. Mmmmm... good luck with that. Don't think that will pan out well for you.
  11. Masterbuilt is sending me one of these to play with. I was informed yesterday that one had been shipped my way earlier this week so I am not sure when it's arriving. I got some hands on time with a couple of these at an event last weekend. I like the idea and I hope the build quality is adequate. I would LOVE to see a $1500 version of this grill.
  12. I started out on the Akorn completely by accident. I had saved up the money to buy a Big Green Egg and was planning to buy one over the weekend when I stumbled across the Akorn at Lowes for $299 a few days before I was going to buy the Egg. I was intrigued by its possibilities. So I bought it and put it through its paces. I pushed it to the limits and found its strengths and weaknesses and learned to cook around them. The pros of the Akorn: 1. It's cheap 2. It's light weight compared to ceramics 3. It's fuel efficient because of its low thermal mass The cons of the Akorn: 1. It's more difficult to control temps because is not air tight 2. I experienced finish burning when the grill gets to temps in excess of 650°F 3. Rust 4. Limited warranty compared to most others I would expect a well-kept and well-used akorn to last about 5 years as long as its kept completely dry and out of the weather. I'm sure there are exceptions to that idea though. 6 to 8 months after I had run my Akorn through the wringer, I still wanted a ceramic grill. My first one was the Kamado Joe Classic: https://www.lowes.com/pd/Kamado-Joe-Classic-Joe-18-in-Red-Kamado-Charcoal-Grill/1000707764 I think THIS grill or a Large Big Green Egg or a Primo Kamado is the RIGHT starting point whether it's in the price range you like or not. In bang for the buck terms, I think you will have a hard time beating the Kamado Joe. What you get with that grill in the original wrapper is significant compared to what you get with the rest of the premium brand kamados. This $750 package is perfectly capable of cooking anything their more expensive trim option models will cook. I would seriously consider starting out at this price point rather than the $300 point.
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