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  1. I don't really recommend the pink salt solution but its a simple way to cheat the system and make sure you have a smoke ring. I think its unfortunate that bbq is qualified by the existence of that ring. It's one of those thigns that has zero impact on the quality of the finished product.
  2. The controller is not affecting your smoke ring. Its more likely something you are putting on the meat like mustard or a binder for your rub.. or maybe the rub itself. If a smoke ring is important to you, take about 1/8 tsp pink curing salt and dissolve it in 1 cup of water. Rub that water on the outside of the brisket before you put your rub on and you will always get a smoke ring. (It's not smoke that causes the ring.)
  3. I guess butchers consider bone-in to be a prime rib.. Not a major difference IMO. I prefer cooking them without the bone anyway
  4. It's hard to go wrong with a prime rib (same as a ribeye roast.) I like to season/salt mine in advance by at least 8 hours. I then make up a wet rub and simply smoke the roast at 225-250 until I get to 127-128F internal. Then i let it rest 30 minutes or so before slicing. My wet rub is 3T paprika, 2T chopped rosemary, 1T chopped thyme, and 6T extra virgin olive oil.
  5. The Kamado Guru Really Right Stuff Guide! The Kamado Guru / Man Cave meals REALLY RIGHT STUFF list is my personal list of stuff that I think is awesome to own. Most of the stuff on this list is stuff that I have bought myself. If it was provided to me, I have indicated that on each item. Regardless of where it came from and who paid for it, if it's on this list, it's something I love and recommend. I want to start this guide out with the place where I buy my high quality meat. When I want something that is amazing quality I go here: Porter Road - https://porterroad.com Porter Road approached me earlier and offered to provide me with some of their meat to try. I accepted that offer and they won me over as a customer in the process. I am buying meat from them now when I need something exceptional in quality. My full review of Porter Road is here: Thermometers: Thermoworks is at the top of the food chain when it comes to instant read digital thermometers. They also have some amazing quality remote monitors that I have also. I own each of the products listed here and I highly recommend them: Thermapop - LINK Thermapen MK4 - LINK Thermoworks SMOKE - LINK Thermoworks SIGNALS - LINK (Provided to me by Thermoworks) The Thermoworks Signals has an add-on enhancement that turns it into a grill controller: LINK The Billows product doesn't offer customized adapters to make it fit your specific grill with any amount of precision so you may need to fabricate one. I do NOT recommend the Billows product at this time. I feel like it needs some enhancement on the software side before it's ready for prime time. If this product evolves into something I like, I will add it to my temperature controller section below. Thermoworks IR GUN - LINK I use an infrared thermometer fairly frequently. When I am cooking on a soapstone or cast iron griddle, I use my IR thermometer to let me know when I have my temperature in the range I am looking for. I do a good bit of cooking on flat surfaces that are in the 350-375°F range and then some more in the 475-525°F range. The IR thermometer just helps me hit the target more quickly. There are other thermometers out there that work just fine also. The top of the food chain thermometer I own in the lower price category is: Lavatools PT18 - LINK If you search Google and Amazon for instant read thermometers, you will come up with tons of options that range in price from cheap to not so cheap. The reason I prefer the Thermoworks stuff is the durability aspect. If you want durability and don't want to break the bank, grab the Thermapop. In my extensive experience with those and the Thermapens, The speed is the only real difference in the two. The Thermapen reads in 2-3 seconds and the Thermapop reads in 5-7 seconds. My other favorite Thermoworks product is: Extra Big & Loud Timer - LINK Temperature Controllers that I Own: I am also a big advocate of using temperature control systems on your Kamado or other grill/smoker. These can take a good bit of work out of your setup process and they can also give you peace of mind when running a long cook where you aren't attending the grill for the entire time. BBQ Guru PartyQ - LINK This is the most basic system out there. This is an updated version of the one I have. The PartyQ does one job and does it very well. It simply controls the temperature of your pit. It doesn't give you any extra bells and whistles. It's battery operated. Flame Boss 400-Wifi - LINK The Flame Boss 400-Wifi is one of the cheapest wifi-controlled pit controllers on the market. This one will controll the temperature of your pit and monitor the temperature of one meat on the grill. This unit is controlled via a phone, tablet, or via a web browser on your PC. It requires a phone or table to get it set up. Kamado Joe iKamand - LINK (provided to me by Kamado Joe) The iKamand is very similar to the Flame Boss 400-Wifi in terms of use and control. This is the one I use on a daily basis. This unit only works on Kamado Joe grills so if you aren't using a Kamado Joe then don't buy this option. Flame Boss 500-Wifi - LINK The Flame Boss 500 is the updated and most recent version of an older model that I have (the Flame Boss 200 which was provided to me by Flame Boss.) This unit also offers wifi control via an app or pc but it also gives you hands-on control at the device itself. It doesn't require a wifi connection to operate or change the configuration. You can do all of that from the device itself. It's capable of controlling the pit temperature and monitoring 3 separate meats at once. It only comes with one pit probe and one meat probe. If you want the additional meat probes, they must be ordered separately. I recommend this unit if you feel like you need something more than the previous models listed here. I don't use my Flame Boss 200 anymore but if I was going to use it, I would upgrade it to this model. The only time I would want to use this is if I wanted to run a controller and monitor meats where I had no wifi connection. The Fireboard - LINK In terms of bells, whistles, and shiny things, the FireBoard system is at the top of the stack. It's a bit more difficult to understand what you need with the Fireboard, but the base configuration you need for pit control is the basic Fireboard system ($189) with the fan ($59) and the Drive Fan Cable ($79). In my personal experience, the Fireboard is control unit is so small, light, and fragile, I would never want to use it without the FireBoard Case ($55). So that base configuration adds up to about $380 making it the most expensive of the list here. Fully dressed out it costs $440 to take advantage of all six thermometers it's capable of managing. I own all of these and my go-to is the iKamand, simply because it is designed to live on my Kamado Joe all the time. If I was shopping for something else, I would personally prefer the Flame Boss 500-Wifi from this list. In my opinion, it's the Swiss Army Knife of the group. Charcoal Baskets: If your grill doesn't come with a Charcoal basket, I highly recommend buying one. Charcoal baskets offer you the ability to EASILY remove ash from your charcoal so that you can easily reuse any leftover coal from your previous cook. They help create a zero-waste situation with charcoal. They also promote more even airflow through your charcoal for more efficient burning. I consider these to be MUST HAVE. Kamado Joe Charcoal Basket - LINK (Provided to me by Kamado Joe) If you own a Kamado Joe grill, the Kamado Joe charcoal basket integrates with the Divide & Conquer cooking rack system included with those grills. These come with a divider that can position either direction in the basket. Kick Ash Basket - LINK Kick Ash Basket makes charcoal basket options for about every Kamado grill out there. I have Kick Ash Baskets for all of my Kamado Joe grills. I also bought several smaller sizes baskets that I use inside my Kamado Joe grills when I want to keep a smaller amount of charcoal bunched together in the larger grill. Miscellaneous Accessories: The Xapron - LINK (Provided to me by https://www.xapron.nl/en/) I started wearing an apron regularly several years ago. I looked at leather aprons and couldn't find one I was willing to pay for. The stuff I found that I liked was $300 and up. When I discovered the Xapron, I was extremely happy. My Xapron is the "Utah" model in the "Choco" color. The Xapron line has models priced between $79 and $149. Atlanta Grill Company (https://atlantagrillcomany.com) has some customization options available as well such as the towel ring and square patch you see on mine in this photo. People ask me about how hot it gets in the summer, but I am able to wear this leather apron more comfortably in the heat than my previous canvas material apron. Texas Canvas Wares Apron - LINK This is a $40 workshop style apron that I was wearing and quite happy with before I got the Xapron pictured above. I like the pockets on this apron quite a bit. Power Practical "Sparkr Wick" - LINK This is the coolest BBQ grill lighter I have ever seen. Windproof and never needs a refill. It just needs an occasional battery charge with the provided USB cable. Grease Monkey Gloves - LINK These are the red gloves you may see me wearing in videos for handling food. I like these gloves because they are reusable for quite a while. I wash them in the washing machine and let them air dry. I bought at 15-pair pack of these over a year ago (as of late 2019) and I'm still using them all. These gloves are great for food prep and for handling hot food. They are not durable enough for handling hot pans. I have big hands and these LARGE size fit me fine. I have only seen them available in large. Grill Beast Stainless Steel Injector - LINK I use my injector for injecting flavor blends into poultry and injecting curing brines into larger cuts of meat such as hams. THIS one is extremely good quality at a great price. I owned a SpitJack system also (https://amzn.to/2Nmteu1) that has some bells and whistles at a MUCH higher price point and I gave it away. I prefer the simplicity of the simple system. Its MUCH EASIER to load and clean than the SpitJack. Traeger BIG Spatula - LINK This is one of my favorite grill utensils. I use it frequently when I want to remove a butt or a brisket from the grill. Weber STYLE Stainless Steel BBQ Tool Set - LINK This is my favorite tong/spatula set for general purpose grill use. I bought my set about 7 years ago and they have been my go-to tools since then. I have had no issues with them. Kuhn Rikon Vase Grinder - LINK I use two of these... one for coarse salt and another for whole peppercorns. They work extremely well and are easy to use and clean. My Bookshelf: Rule #1 about buying cookbooks: If you are looking for recipes, use the internet. It's free. Any book you BUY should be a book that teaches you something about cooking and not just a collection of recipes. When you get enough of those you will understand cooking METHODS and become able to free yourself from recipes. I have a metric butt ton of cookbooks around here, but several of them rise to the top of the stack when I consider how much the have to offer beyond a collection of recipes. Meathead: The Science of Great Barbecue and Grilling - LINK I think everyone should own this book. This book does have a lot of great recipes in it. This book is also packed full of the fundamental knowledge you NEED to gain understanding of everything that is happening when you cook on your grill or smoker. This is a cover-to-cover read book. If everyone in the BBQ and grilling community bought this one, you would quickly lose interest in most of the others out there. Serious Barbecue - Adam Perry Lang - LINK This book is also full of outstanding recipes but I learned a lot more from this book in the form of cooking technique. The recipes and content in this book are a little more difficult. Michael Symon's Playing with Fire - LINK Michael Symon was one of my two favorite Iron Chefs. This book brings some great technique and flavor profiles to your table.
  6. It's also why i keep this post pinned to the top of this section of the forum:
  7. Welcome to the world of electronic temperature control. Each electronic device you add to your cook will confuse you even more.
  8. All of the electronic and control capabilities of the Traeger were superior. The trager also doesnt' care what kind of pellets you use for long low and slow cooks. The yoder firebox design doesnt' work well with certain types of pellets over long periods of time. Yoder's electronic and control issues may have been solved with the recent upgrade to Fireboard control. My yoder had rust issues, which don't hamper the cooking, but my audience seems to like their grills to look like prom queens. My yoder 640 also had up to 60-75 degrees in temp difference from one side of the grill to the other.
  9. "Solid" was the only thing my Yoder had going for it. Everything else about the Traeger was better.
  10. I have been cooking on pellet grills for the last 6 years or so. I have yet to have a failure of any kind. I know it can happen but Its not common. It's also not the end of the world. Worst case is you lose whatever food you had on it. I have lost MORE food to my inattentiveness or stupidity than I have to a grill failure. I see social media posts about pellet grill failures and I can write most of them off to the possibility that the owner didn't maintain the grill properly. They never admit to that, of course, but the possibility is there. Pellet grills require maintenance between cooks and if you don't do that maintenance you can have a lot of the failures you see posted about on social media.
  11. I just unwrapped and pulled this butt apart and it was probably the MOST tender boston butt I have ever cooked. It literally fell apart and that will be visible on the video when I get it edited and posted.
  12. Not really.. the charcoal set up and lighting technique is gonna be dependent on your controller. My iKamand needs to be lit in a fairly specific way to get it to run at 190f and i have described that process in my video. You will want to test with it and see what it might take to work in your grill.
  13. Matt Pittman from Meat Church BBQ posted a YouTube video recently on a technique for cooking a Brisket on a weekday schedule. It was a simple process where you put the meat on at 190f at around 5-6pm and let it smoke for 12 hours. At 5-6am you wrap it and let it continue until 4-5 pm and then give it a short rest. Done... no frills.. perfect meat... and you can have freshly cooked bbq on a weeknight in a simple 24 hour process. He used his Traeger Timberline. I thought this would be a fun project on the Kamado Joe with the iKamand so I decided to give it a whirl with a butt instead of a brisket.... Here's what the butt looked like at the 12 hour point just before I wrapped it.... Here's the iKamand chart of the pit temp. The iKamand average temp was probably closer to 195-198 because of the way the fan runs. I could have probably set my iKamand for 180 or 185 and been fine on this cook.... I just pulled this butt off after 23 hours on the grill and tossed it in the cooler to rest a bit. It was super probe tender. I had enough charcoal left to ramp the temp up and burn off the grease from the first 12 hours since I didn't use a drip pan... I made a video of this process I'll share later in the week...
  14. My personal unmarked stealth armored courier vehicle from Atlanta Grill Company arrived at the Man Cave on Monday with a shipment of The Farm Sauce. https://www.thefarmsauce.com/ https://atlantagrillcompany.com/products/the-farm-sauce I cracked open a bottle to have a taste. I love tasting new sauces and THIS ONE was no let down. This is one of the most unique barbecue sauces I have tasted in a LONG time. When I tasted it, my mind started spinning with a long list of things I could try with this. The flavor profile with this one will easily cross the borders of beef, pork, and poultry. I had a brief phone call with Mr. Gary Bixler, owner of The Farm Sauce, and he convinced me this 80-year-old recipe is one that I am also going to try on salmon, shrimp, and scallops at my first opportunity There is also absolutely NO WAY I am go very long without tossing some crispy smoked wings in this stuff. When I popped the top on the bottle, I was met with a familiar aroma. When I dunked my finger in to get my first taste, that aroma was confirmed! HORSERADISH! I couldn't believe it! The horseradish makes up the backbone of this sauce's flavor profile. I had to see what else was there so got out my old man eye helper (aka magnifying glass) to have a look at the ingredients list. The first four ingredients in the list: Liquid butter Horseradish root Lemon juice Ketchup Oh boy! The ingredients list goes on with lots of great seasonings including a bit of molasses. This sauce has a big bold flavor that stands out in the crowd. The consistency of this sauce is no less than perfect. It's thin enough that you can use it as a glaze and baste it on with a basting mop. That also gives you the consistency you want if you would like to use this sauce as a pan base for shrimp, seafood, or veggies. Made in Georgia! From the Bottle: Shake it Up * Heat it Up * Pour it On! #ManCaveReview #TheFarmSauce #BarbecueSauce #MCMReallyRightStuff
  15. It is normal. The inside powdercoating is completely gone off both of my Kontrol Towers. The good news about it is that once it's all completely gone you won't have to worry as much about the kontrol tower sticking. It will move more freely. This is a cosemtic issue that I sorta wish KJ could fix. Personally it doesn't bother me but it bothers most people.
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