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  1. @adauria I think you will be fine with a Kick Ash Basket also... it's gonna last a long time. Have you seen the Kamado Joe charcoal basket? It comes with a divider and it's designed to connect to the Divide & Conquer rack. https://atlantagrillcompany.com/collections/kamado-joe-1/products/kamado-joe-charcoal-basket Looks like they are currently out of stock though...
  2. I had my classic 3 down to 175°F using the Fireboard 2 Drive the other day while I was playing around a bit.... Here's that data: https://share.fireboard.io/E5BC2B
  3. There is some physical difference in all three. Not a lot of difference between the 1 and the 2 but the 3 has a bit different size and depth than the first 2
  4. It's THE MOST COMMON problem ceramic kamados have.
  5. It will work on a Big Joe.. no problem... Try out Atlanta Grill Company for your order unless you have another favorite somewhere... http://www.atlantagrillcompany.com
  6. Good choice... I just got that one here last week and I love it....
  7. Greetings and welcome to Kamado Guru. There is a ton of information here as you will soon discover. There are also a lot of people here who are willing to answer your questions and give you advice. If you are a new kamado owner and looking for advice, you may want to take a look here: This is my free guide for ALL Kamado owners. This is the book that should have come with your Kamado! MOST of your new-owner questions are going to be answered here along with many questions you didn't even know to ask yet.... Enjoy!
  8. @Clooud I am gonna be trying it very soon. I haven't yet but they are gonna be sending me some.
  9. It doesn't fit on the d/c rack anywhere but the lowest ring on the classic rack.
  10. I am not sure what the raised lips are for unless it's to keep the grate from sliding around when you have it sitting on the lower ring of the Classic divide & conquer rack....
  11. Like this... then they will stay where you put them.....
  12. your grate is not oriented correctly. the flat edges of the half moons should line up with the posts that have the little vertical tabs on the d/c rack.
  13. Have you seen the new Kamado Joe Grill & Sear Plate? I ordered this one from Atlanta Grill Company and it arrived here at the Man Cave today. This is designed to be a reversible cast iron grilling surface for use on the Kamado Joe Jr. and the Kamado Joe Classic. THERE IS NO VERSION OF THIS THAT WILL FIT IN A BIG JOE. https://atlantagrillcompany.com/products/kamado-joe-sear-plate I intend to use this for searing projects on both grills but there is an unadvertised use for this as well that I want to tell you about.... This plate sits on the lowest ring of the Divide & Conquer rack very close to the coals in the firebox. This plate will serve very well as a high temperature searing surface in the Classic but it will also make a FANTASTIC alternative heat deflector for low and slow cooking. If you flip this grate so the wide side of the grill bars are facing up, it will serve as an adequate low and slow heat deflector that will allow some fat from your meat to drip into the fire and produce some of that amazing smoke from the fat that adds a great flavor to your meat. When I was cooking a lot of meat on my old Weber Smokey Mountain and my Ugly Drum Smoker, I was using homemade perforated heat deflectors for this very purpose. I can't wait to give this a try as a heat deflector... THAT is gonna happen either Monday or Tuesday here at the Man Cave..... Stay tuned for more on that! #KamadoJoe #SearPlate #AtlantaGrillCompany
  14. Get King Arthur bread flour if you want strong flour. Or even better, get their Sir Lancelot if you can find it.
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