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  1. There is a very short list of things that can be wrong when you can't get the grill hot enough. 1. Not enough fuel in the grill 2. Not enough airflow 3. Both. There is always the possibility that the charcoal is bad or wet. That's not usually a culprit though.
  2. Here is a post I made about this topic recently:
  3. I bought one of the cheap baskets just to see if it was worth the money about a year ago. it works find but it doens't fit the grill properly. It's smaller than it needs to be for the KJ classic.
  4. Maybe provide a photo of how much charcoal you are using and what the grill setup looks like including where you have the top and bottom vents set...
  5. Maybe the dome thermometer is bad. 3 starter cubes would almost bring the jr up to 350 without any charcoal inside it.. lol
  6. This is the biggest problem new kamado owners have. You will never be convinced by my answer to pay attention to the dome thermometer and forget what the probe on the grate says so I won't say it
  7. If you are obsessed with your stuff not rusting, don't expose stainless steel to temps over 700f. If you realize that rust on your charcoal basket just doesn't matter, then it isn't a problem
  8. Those look awesome... I think i might make a video of this kind of recipe pretty soon. This would be a good way to prepare some leftover chili or even pulled pork bbq..... my wheels are turning now....
  9. I don't have cpanel access so I did it with a .htaccess file to deny access to the offending block of ip addresses.
  10. It will but it doesnt really matter with the ash basket. If you want to sear steaks at extreme temps, buy a cast iron grate.
  11. I think I may be able to do that with the htaccess file...
  12. What issues do you have with the KJ basket? It's divider will go in either direction.
  13. So this must be some sort of denial of service attack. I am going to have to get the hosting company involved but I don't have time to do it right now...
  14. This is interesting. All of these 159.138.x.x IP addresses resolve to Hong Kong. This is where the extremely high number of guests are coming from.....
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