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  1. I allow people to advertise their products here ONLY in the sales/bargains/giveaways section and they must be offering a discount below their normal pricing.
  2. The grill dome section of this forum is getting ready to be integrated back with the 'other kamados' section due to lack of participation and content... Prior to THIS thread,there had been zero activity here since last October.
  3. I am curious why you feel the need to add smoking wood after you have started your cook...
  4. When I was buying my own lump charcoal, I was buying B&B from Academy Sports and Royal Oak from Walmart. Those worked great for me and I would go back to them immediately if I needed to.
  5. That's kind of impressive for a gas grill...
  6. It wouldn't be possible. You would not have enough clearance for the chicken with the SLoROLLER in place.
  7. This Napoleon Prestige Pro 500 is ready for action
  8. What I have right now: Kamado Joe Classic 2 Kamado Joe Classic 3 Kamado Joe Jr Alfa 4 PIZZE Wood Fired Oven Traeger Timberline 850 PK Grills PK360 Ugly Drum Smoker Pit Barrel Cooker (getting ready to sell this one or toss it out) Weber Go-Anywhere Camp Chef Expedition 3 Stove I will most likely have another pellet grill sometime this summer.
  9. I still suck at building things. This gas grill has been keeping me busy today. I think most of the hard part is done now. I need to adjust these doors just a little more maybe.
  10. @levic900rr Welcome... The Akorn just takes some practice, as does any kamado. They have a learning curve. The Akorn is a bit more tempermental because it's not as air tight as most other kamados. Don't let yourself get hung up on cooking at a specific temperature. I consider low and slow to be at 300F or lower. The results are gonna be great.
  11. There shouldn't be much of a fat cap on a prime rib roast. If there is, trim most of it off.
  12. I have been through so many versions of my homemade mac & cheese recipes that I have tossed them all out and started over once again. I have gone back to basics about what Mac & Cheese is in order to rebuild my recipes and this is my start... I like some specific characteristics of Mac & Cheese and this approach gives me all of those so far. 1. I like a browned top. 2. I like it creamy underneath that brown top 3. I like the option of going with a quick mac & cheese that doesn't go in the oven or on the grill for a browned top... something like a quick and easy version of Kraft Mac & Cheese. What you see here is the beginning of my new recipe which is much simpler than any of my previous efforts. This recipe requires just one basic cooking skill. You need to be able to make a roux/bechamel. It's very easy to do. But it has to be done right. The bechamel is where you determine exactly how creamy your mac & cheese will be. It's not so much in the cheese choice. The basic elements of this recipe are as follows: Cook 8 oz of your choice of macaroni noodles... while those are cooking..... do this... Make a roux with 1/4 cup flour and 1/4 cup butter. Wisk that roux for a couple minutes until it just starts to change color and darken very slightly. Then you drizzle in 2 cups of COLD milk and wisk constantly. This is gonna tighten up severely as you start adding the milk but it will loosen up nicely as you go. You just need to wisk quicky to keep it from being lumpy. If it is lumpy just keep wisking until its smooth. Keep wisking until it starts to thicken. This entire process takes about 6 to 8 minutes if you have your pan preheated. I like to season my bechamel with some salt, pepper, and dry mustard. I am experimenting at this stage with additional flavors as well. Small amounts of cayenne pepper and/or hot sauce here are quite interesting. Just work with small amounts of things until you find your sweet spot. Drain the macaroni noodles and then combine the noodles and the bechamel. Add in 2 cups or so of shredded cheeses of your choice and mix until the cheese has melted. Add anything else you might want to add at this stage also. At THIS point, you have a finished homemade stovetop type macaroni and cheese that is delicious and it only took you about 12 minutes to prepare. If you wanna take it to the next level........... Put it in an 8" cast iron skillet or an 8x8 " baking dish and top it with some additional cheese. Toss it in the oven or on the grill at around 425°F until the top is as brown as you might like... I usually go about 30 minutes. Double the recipe if you want to do it in a 12" pan or a 9x13 baking dish. IF your mac & cheese is not as creamy as you would like, add more milk when making the bechamel. If you want it less creamy, just add a little less milk.
  13. I am not opposed to it but i need to be convinced that it won't become a dead section in a short time.
  14. Following to see if there is more interest...
  15. No I did not.. All I saw was what after you edited it. You can't expect me to have seen what you deleted.
  16. I think it was accurate since this is not what you actually posted here.. Your post didn't mention any of this.
  17. I didn't see your original story but I can only imagine what it was. People show up here fairly regularly as new users for the sole purpose of complaining about someone's customer service. Since this was your first post here I am assuming that was your intent also. No one is ever happy when they have to make use of customer service for warranty of some other issue. If the company fails you in some way that they should not have, then post about it on social media until your heart's content. Posting about it before you give the company a chance to resolve your issue is just poor form.
  18. After the currency conversion, that isnt too far off from what I pay for it here. That works out to $3.90 per lb... i get prime locally for 3.49
  19. Cons: You have to stand there with it or risk damaging the heat gun. Like any other forced air lighter, it creates a LOT of sparks. You have to plug it in or run an extension cord or both. Nothing, for me, beats the little lighter cubes you light and put in the charcoal and walk away from it.
  20. Here's a little money shot on those beef ribs I cooked yesterday...
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