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  1. You will never look back if you make the jump to the Big Green Egg.
  2. Here's a video I just put together for Atlanta Grill Company on caring for your Kamado Joe Grill...
  3. Perfectly cooked but bone-in chops were not the right first test for this.. I need to do a boneless steak to really see what it can do...
  4. I am going to be doing some testing on a new product called the Cinder..... This is a Smart George Foreman style grill that seems to have some rather amazing capabilities.... https://www.cindergrill.com/ I am cooking some thick pork chops.. i'll post some photos when it's done....
  5. My honda was an expensive mower... about $599 when I bought it. The problem i am having, i have been told, is not a complicate problem. It started two seasons ago.. the mower is just hard to start. All of a sudden it went from always starting on the first pull to me having to fight with it to get to start when it was cold. At the beginning of last season, I took it to a local Honda shop to get it fixed. They sat on it for 4 weeks and hadn't even looked at it yet and I had to get it back to cut the grass. I just never took it back.. Thought i woudl just take it back during the off season, which I forgot to do. This season rolls around and I went back to that shop and they are covered up again so I didn't even leave it. I came home and started looking around for another place to get it fixed. I found a guy who said he could do it.. told me to bring it in the next morning.. I did.. no one was at the shop.. sign on the door said 'test driving.' I went on about my business and went back an hour later.. still no one at the shop. I got frustrated and came home, made some photos and put it up on facebook marketplace for sale. I described the problem it was having and sold it as is. I asked too little money for it though.. at $100 I had 15 people lined up to get it. The first guy that asked came and picked it up that afternoon... It's gone now. The electric mower starts by pushing a button and squeezing the handle at the same time. Hopefully it won't let me down.
  6. https://egopowerplus.com/21-inch-self-propelled-mower/ My Honda lawn mower has been giving me a lot of trouble lately after only 5 seasons of using it. I decided to get rid of it and replace it. On a recent visit to my parents, my dad showed me one of these that he had bought. It's battery powered. I asked him if I could borrow it to try in my yard. I tried it... cut the entire yard (about 40 minutes worth of mowing) on a single battery charge with time left to spare. It seems to have plenty of power.. i have some thick grass and this mower worked great on it. The mower is extremely quiet compared to a gas engine mower. I put my headphones on to listen to music while I mow and I can't hear the mower at all over the music. I also decided to get the string trimmer as well. I want to get the blower but I need to find one that doesnt' include another battery and charger. These tools all use the same battery type. Any battery from any device will work with all the other devices and chargers. This lawn mower came with the largest battery (56v / 7.5A). Other battery options they have are all 56v but you can get 5A and 2.5A batteries. The trimmer came with a 2.5A battery. The mower I got also comes with a fast charger that will recharge that 7.5A battery in an hour. The string trimmer came with a standard charger.. not sure how long it takes but i'll be using the slow charger most of the time just to extend battery. The mower came with a 5 year warranty and a 3 year warranty on the battery.. So.. hopefully I'm gonna enjoy some no-gas no-oil yard maintenance for a while...
  7. There is no purpose in that other than to have enough charcoal in the firebox to get a hot fire going quickly. This technique is just a basic technique. There are other ways to do it if you want to get on the extreme side of things. @BEER-N-BBQ by Larry mentions using a leaf blower. The more airflow you can get going through your grill the faster it will get hot. I personally prefer to not use forced air because it causes lump charcoal to spark and crackle more than it would on its own. I get concerned about blowing sparks out of the top side of the grill. In MY case, I typically don't need a fire that big for my cooking. I like to use the charcoal divider in the kamado joe and just get a hot fire going on one side of the grill. I will most often use my charcoal chimney to start up the coals for that. That takes about 15 to 20 minutes also but it's getting a raging fire going on a lot smaller quantity of coals.
  8. This is in reference to where you located the ambient temperature probe INSIDE the grill
  9. In my experience, I have had the absolute best results by clipping or attaching it to the probe on the dome thermometer. I don't know anything bout the Meater or how it works. I expect that the meater would give you the same sort of problems related to placement if it's also reading the ambient temperature inside the grill. If probes are too close to the meat, they will give you bad ambient temp readings. If they are too close to the outer edge of a kamado grill, they will give you bad readings.
  10. @BigBlueEgg #1 - Relax about specific temperatures as much as you can allow yourself to do so. 225-300°F is ok. The more you pursue a specific temperature, the more frustrated you can get. If you require a specific, stable, and accurate temperature for your cooking, you will want to buy one of the temperature control systems to use. #2 - No problem there. See notes below... #3 - The stall is a normal and common part of cooking bbq meats at those low temperatures. You should not have seen the meat drop in temperature that much. I have no explanation for that other than possibly a defective thermometer. Did you possibly remove the meat thermometer and reinsert it into the meat? That would be the only explanation I could imagine on that issue. #4 - That's a very uncommon problem unless you had smoke wood chunks inside the grill catch fire and quickly raise the temp inside of the grill. Opening the lid too frequently on a Kamado can cause that if you have too much smoke wood inside the grill. #5 - Sorry to hear that :( Something in the bigger picture is going wrong here. It should never take 10 hours to cook 4 pounds of a brisket flat, even at 225°F. My suspicion is that your grill dome thermometer may be out of calibration and you were actually cooking at a lot lower temperature than you realized. If that was the case, it would help explain. Brisket is not an easy cut of meat to cook perfectly. It takes practice. Check your dome thermometer's accuracy and give it a try again! Oops... I have overlooked a possibility.... If you were using digital temperature probes to measure the temperature inside your grill, where did you have them placed? Digital probes are very commonly misplaced inside a grill which can cause you all kinds of problems.
  11. Not sure.. i dont have covers.
  12. I haven't. I will do a batch of wings on it at some point. I am not going to dwell on SLoROLLER cooking since the vast majority of my audience doens't have it. My next video cooks for a while will be without it.
  13. I plan to set mine either right on top of the sloroller or on the middle rack in the d/c.... whichever is more convenient.
  14. Locking this thread due to it going off track and against the main ideas of this site.
  15. Those are pretty but they won't stay where you set them when you open the lid. Just like the plain original models.
  16. I think it would give you a multi purpose cooking surface. I love using soapstone for searing meats as well. The round shape would work great for pizza but not so great for creating a 2-zone setup .
  17. I am not the world's biggest fan of the Joetisserie. It IS a fan favorite in the Kamado Joe community and I see a lot of folks going out of their way to cook things with it. I'm just not a big fan of rotisserie style cooking. I will say that it does work well for a lot of things. My favorite results with it was when I did Picanha. The SLoROLLER is something else I am just getting the feel for at this point. I have done three cooks with it. First was a boston butt that came out extremely well. I could not really tell if I had gained anything from the SLoROLLER. The butt did cook faster than I anticipated it would at 250f, but we all know butts can do that sometimes. The two chickens I have cooked with it have had visible and noticeable improvements in the evenness of the cooking and the skin texture form my previous cooks with it. The science behind the SLoROLLER is solid. I will just have to see what visible improvements I see with it in future cooking through hands on experience. That being said... YOU are going to be stoked with this grill compared to the Akorn. With or without the sloroller or joetisserie... The Classic 3 is better than the classic 2 or classic 1 just because of the added depth that has been provided in the base section of the grill. You can get further away from the direct fire if you want to...
  18. it's about 12x12x16". It comes with extra teflon tape for the sealer bar and i believe one of the things that came with it was a replacement sealing strip.. not sure.... lol
  19. This one is performing up to my expectations so far. I am still happy with it.. have probably sealed 75 bags or so to this point. The only issue i have run into so far is that the teflon tape across the sealer bar wrinkled up and I felt that it might not be making the best seal after that happened. I dinked around with it and couldn't get it straightened out adequately so I pulled it off and replaced it with some of the extra tape that came with the unit. I am gonna buy a new roll of that tape (it's really cheap) to see if I can get one that might be a little better quality than the one that came with it....
  20. I always recommend a 6 to 8 lb boston butt at 300°F as a first smoke.
  21. It's not coming from kamado guru.
  22. Well there ya go.. no need for this thing...
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