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  1. Typically my first look videos on a product like this are not reviews or recommendations but just an overview of what it is. This particular smoker has had my attention for a while now because it's a bit different from anything else out there.
  2. I could get one but then it would be considered a biased review.
  3. Its been going on a while and it's not new. It's the Original Classic. They are being sold by Lowes.
  4. My philosophy on this question is if you need the big joe space at least 25% of the time then buy it. Otherwise, just push your classic a little harder on those occasions where you need it. I can cook for plenty of folks on my classic. And YES, two classics is the best situation you could have I am lucky to have two on my deck.
  5. I have been cooking boston butts at 300°F for quite some time now. It's so much easier to put it on in the morning and have it ready for dinner. This particular 9.2 pounder got done on the grill in 5 hrs and 45 minutes, which is much faster than I expected. I was expecting around 8 hours... early finish is always good though
  6. I just made this video one day after i had seen a lot of complaints about not being able to get a particular grill to temp in any reasonable amount of time. Those complaints are normally from inexperience of just never having been shown how to do it. This process would go even faster if I used 4 or 5 starter cubes instead of just 3. The process is all about how much charcoal you get lit. The more you light the faster it will create a wicked airflow through the grill.
  7. I have sealed 300 bags or so since I made this video and it's still working very well.. no issues at all.
  8. I don't feel the need to do that just to prove that natural aspiration is faster. If you have your own temp controller you can test it yourself to see. My iKamand has a much more powerful fan that any other temp controller on the market and running it wide open is slower than natural airflow in this case. Your fan will LIMIT your airflow through the grill when doing this. The grill, especially wtih a big joe, will create much more than 20-25cfm airflow in this situation. If you have a fan blocking the lower vent and running at 5 to 12cfm it will slow you down. It works but its just slower.
  9. @smalljaws If you clean the kontrol tower occasionally between cooks it won't stick. I don't recommend banging on it. You will break the ceramic chimney by doing that. I have seen that happen quite a few times already. When the grill is cool, remove it and wipe it down with fantastic or 409 occasionally and you will be fine.
  10. @Heuer My method works faster than a typical temp controller running wide open.
  11. I like the divider. The KJ version comes with a divider. I use it quite frequently.
  12. The charcoal basket is my #1 recommendation for an add-on. My other #1 recommendation is a temperature control system. The only other tool I think is a MUST is a good instant read digital thermometer.
  13. Exactly the same as the chicken. I did brine this bird though because I was making a video to use a brine kit I had.
  14. The difference in how much charcoal you can load is insignificant. Airflow differences are a secondary benefit (if a benefit at all) with the baskets. The purpose of these baskets is to make ash removal and 100% use of your charcoal a lot easier.
  15. Whole bird cooking also leaves room on the grill for other things you might want to cook with the bird....
  16. Meh... spatchcocking is good if you are in a hurry for some reason. I'm a whole bird fan... I have a turkey on this morning...
  17. THIS is where I was lost... i coudln't figure out why you would want to go for that length of time
  18. I have two classics on my deck also and I could not be happier. THAT is the best possible setup!
  19. A couple of things..... You don't want to use this above 500F. You just don't need it. You don't need to put temperature probes in a steak when you are searing hot.. just use an instant read thermometer. It's not particularly useful when cooking pizzas at above 500F either for the same reason. This is not just limited to the iKamand, but for any temp controller. When I am finished cooking, I leave the ikamand on the grill and just close the top vents. The ikamand is weather resistant. Rain or snow isn't going to hurt it. You can take it off if you want though. You can pop the ikamand out of its mount and install the 'stopper' in the mount hole to close up the bottom of the grill.
  20. I am not trying to insinuate that at all. I am just curious because I don't understand the experiment or what the objective is with the 90 day experiment. What is your hypothesis and prediction with the test?
  21. That's the first time I have seen medium-rare defined as a temp that low. General charts show you 125/135/145/155/165 for the doneness scale on meats... I wonder if they are stopping on the low side to give you room for searing or additional finishing cooks?
  22. Just out of curiosity, where did you come up,with 130°F for medium rare? I have always thought 135°F was medium rare and most documentation i find supports that. Some even indicates 140 but i have yet to find one showing 130. The only reason i ask is because it makes a rather significant difference in your test parameters.
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