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  1. I am going to sort that out. I am going to continue to do my livestream on Friday night via Facebook but I am going to experiment with some different livestreams on Patreon. Patreon doesn't integrate with Facebook but it looks like I can livestream to patreon through YouTube so I am going to try that very soon.
  2. For those of you who have asked about supporting this site financially, I have stopped taking donations on behalf of Kamado Guru. I have opened a Patreon platform under my Man Cave Meals brand if any of you are interesting in being a part of that on a membership level, here is the link: https://patreon.com/mancavemeals I know that most of you are here because you don't like Facebook. Patreon is a social media platform that doesn't come with all the baggage that Facebook has. I will be publishing the same content I publish on Facebook on the Patreon account along with
  3. This thread has deviated from it's original topic. I am locking the thread. If you wish to continue discussing the issues you have with the Joe Jr. please start a new thread in the Kamado Joe section. @Joe Swede
  4. I think you should send it back and get something you are happy with. and no... this dones't comare to a car for me in any way.
  5. @deity6667 did you buy yours direct from Fireboard? I am gonna get mine through Atlanta Grill Company. They are supposed to have some this week hopefully.
  6. Are you sure about this? You have made a total of 3 posts on this forum since you joined and all of them are about your dislike of your Kamado Joe Jr.
  7. If those 'blemishes' make you unhappy with the grill then I would suggest finding some other type of grill to cook on. A ceramic grill is not for you. I recommend getting a refund on this grill and getting out of the Kamado market.
  8. Couple of thoughts here.... The wire wheel on the drill is the best solution I have come up with after trying a lot of things. That in conjunction with balancing your low temp cooking with some higher temp cooking, will keep it in great shape. If MOST of your cooking is low and slow then grease buildup is going to be much more of an issue inside of any grill. Drip pans are your friend. Here's a fun fact that most people won't believe: White smoke that comes from grease burning is not acrid or bad smoke. It is in NO WAY related to the bill
  9. I am gonna order one as soon as Atlanta Grill Company gets them. They said hopefully next week.
  10. I have seen this happen when the top vent is not open enough.
  11. I have a request in to their support with a question that will make the decision as to whehter i am gonna buy one.. i will report back when i get an answer...
  12. I was just having a look at this. I am trying to decide if I want to buy one or not. I am trying to understand if there is a real advantage to having temp probes that are capable of doing more than 500°F. I wonder if the probes themselves are any more durable than the standard probes? https://www.fireboard.com/shop/type-k-ambient-probe/ I like this probe simply because it has the alligator clip on it already. That makes it easy for me to attach it to the dome thermometer on my Kamado. The fact that these 'probes' are good to 1400°F is sorta negated b
  13. Folks have been using this forum as a stump since I put it together. They come, make their complaints, and never come back. They usually come here and do the same thing on other social media platforms as well. They aren't looking to leave any impression other than their dislike of the manufacturer.
  14. on the few instances where I have taken my grill that hot, i haven't had any issue doing it with the ash drawer in place.
  15. @SmallBBQr Moving this because it doesn't fit the format of the recipes section....
  16. @MarkQC That is an intriguing question. I have spent a good bit of time figuring that one out for my personal taste. What I DO know is that equal parts of each is not good for me. In my own blend, salt is the primary ingredient with the black pepper ringing in at less than half of the salt (by weight) and granulated garlic falls in at an even lower amount than the pepper. This is an easy problem to solve. Put some salt in a container or mixing bowl and know how much you have (by weight.) Start adding pepper to it (noting how much you added by weight) until you have
  17. Thanks for your feedback This is the first time I have been approached about my gender stereotypical branding. I decided to have a look at my audience demographics, simply because I haven't really paid much attention to that in the past. While BBQ, grilling, and outdoor cooking is not gender exclusive, I don't encounter as many women in my social media circles as men. Over the years I have gained a rather large following and I do love and appreciate every single one of them. Here's what my YouTube following (22,800 +/-) looks like over the last month: Those number
  18. My mom is 75 and she got the vaccine on Wednesday. She is having some flu-like symptoms that started last night. She has the normal soreness in her arm but she felt weak, tired, and achy last night before she went to bed.
  19. I wouldn't mind having one of those Napoleon bullet smokers like the WSM.
  20. That's exactly who is getting it in the first rollouts. That's why I have it. I work in a situation where I have hands on contact with covid patients somewhere between 20 and 30 times per shift.
  21. You are correct. MOST covid patients are NOT in the hospital and NOT dying. The problem is that you don't know if YOU are one who has an underlying condition that could be exacerbated by Covid to a life threatening situation.
  22. I still don't understand why you have chosen to compare this to the flu. What difference does it make how Covid compares to the Flu in terms of impact to the general population? I am assuming you are trying to make some sort of statement by making this comparison but I just can't figure out what that statement is. Are you trying to say that the flu is more or less lethal that Covid? If so, why is that relevant? If you are making the point that covid is 'far less fatal in the age group we're discussing' i still don't really draw the correlation. You could make similar comparisons to any n
  23. I sorta see it the opposite way. I'm looking at it from all points of view, but this point of view says let's vaccinate the people who are spreading the disease. When you consider the number of infections found in assisted living facilities, they are significantly HIGH and the mortality rate is also very high at the same time. Those people aren't getting infected because they went to Walmart without a mask. They are getting infected by the employees coming and going from the facility as well as people coming in and out to visit them. For what it's worth, I also don't believe
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