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  1. https://bit.ly/3p3yMdP ThermoPro has this newer model dual-laser infrared thermometer out for $33. I use the older model of this but I think I'm gonna pick this one up to replace it. I use IR thermometers for temping pizza stones, cast iron, and soapstones so I know when I am at my sweet spot for searing......
  2. My 620 just arrived... here's what the displays look like: The back light on the TP19h (orange model in the middle) is not always on so it looks like a typical LCD normally. I do like the reversed back lit LCD on the 620 for sure....
  3. I have decided to become an affiliate with Thermopro. I use these thermometers and I feel confident in being able to recommend them, especially at their fantastic price point... These are the two I currently have and I have the newer TP620 on the way. The orange one in the photo is the Thermopro TP19H: https://bit.ly/3P1JVq6 At $18.99 you simply can not go wrong with this one. I get read times of 2 to 2.5 seconds consistently with this model. The second one is the Thermopro TP19: https://bit.ly/3zJ9fwI Its a more durable build and i absolutely LOVE the really bright red LED display. This thermometer consistently produces readings at the 2 second mark. It's $29.99. Discount Code: MANCAVEMEALS for 20% off. I have ordered the newer TP620 (49.99) so I can check it out also but it's not here yet: https://bit.ly/3zPQibO
  4. Larger diameter wheels make it easier on rough surfaces for sure.
  5. Yes... I only have one of these currently but the three I just ordered should be here tomorrow. I am gonna get away from the expensive flashy knives and start using these that I won 't feel guilty about if I knock it off the counter or drop it outside! One of the ODD tendencies I have discovered with myself is that the knife I grab most frequently is the one I know is the sharpest
  6. Greetings fellow gurus! I have compiled a list of stuff here that I really like and recommend. This is a great shopping list if you are looking for tools and accessories for your barbecue and grilling hobby. Some of these items are provided with affiliate links. If you purchase an item through one of those links, I get a small commission that is used to help support the costs associated with running this site. Thanks! If you would like to help Kamado Guru by doing your everyday Amazon shopping through my general affiliate link, please start here: AMAZON SHOPPING Kamado Joe Grills: As most of you know, *I* am a big fan of the Kamado Joe grills. The 2 and 3 series grills are available on Amazon and usually at a lower price than most other places. They also have free shipping. For answers to the questions regarding what's the difference between the 2 and the 3 series grills, see my detailed answer to that question HERE. Kamado Joe Classic 2: Kamado Joe Classic 3 Kamado Joe Big Joe 2 Kamado Joe Big Joe 3 If you buy a Classic or a Classic 2, I highly recommend adding the charcoal basket option. This option comes standard with the 3 series grills but it's a great option to have for minimizing charcoal waste in the kamado grill. I use these and I have ZERO waste lump charcoal. Kamado Joe CLASSIC Charcoal Basket Kamado Joe BIG JOE Charcoal Basket Kamado Joe DoJOE (Classic) Kamado Joe DoJOE (Big Joe) This accessory is useful for more than just pizza. One thing the Kamado grills are not GREAT at is browning. If you put something like lasagna or mac & cheese on a kamado, it will NOT brown as nicely as it will in an oven. This accessory fixes that! Kamado Joe Joetisserie (Cl;assic) Kamado Joe Joetisserie (Big Joe) The Joetisserie is possibly the most popular accessory for the Kamado Joe. These TYPICALLY fit on other brands of 18" and 24" kamado grills as well... Knives: You need THREE knives to cover 95% of your knife tasks in the kitchen. These include a chef's knife, a paring knife, and a boning/utility knife. THESE are the three that I choose as my everyday knives. They are excellent quality, inexpensive, and easy to sharpen. Victorinox Fibrox Pro 8-inch Chef's Knife I just purchased one of these (8/1/2022) to use as my go-to all-purpose Chef's Knife here in the Man Cave. Victorinox 3.25 Inch Swiss Classic Paring Knife I just purchased one of these (8/1/2022) to use as my go-to all-purpose paring knife. Victorinox Fibrox Pro 6-inch Boning Knife I just purchased one of these (8/1/2022) to use as my go-to all-purpose boning and utility knife. Two additional knives that you might enjoy having at your disposal are these two: Victorinox 10.25 Inch Bread Knife Victorinox 12 Inch Fibrox Pro Slicing Knife with Granton Blade THERMOMETERS: I have found that these THERMOPRO thermometers are on par with the best instant read thermometers out there in terms of speed and accuracy. ThermoPro TP19 THIS is the first ThermoPro thermometer I bought. At $30, I believe this is the best bang for the buck in the world of digital instant read thermometers. If you have a look at the Man Cave Meals YouTube video where I did the instant read thermometer shootout, you will see that this thermometer performed as well as the best of them... ThermoPro TP620 IF you would like to try a little more formidable version of the ThermoPro, this TP620 might be a great option that still rings in at about half what premium instant read thermometers cost. I do not have this one as of 8/1/2022, but I plan on getting one soon. ENTIRE THERMOPRO LINE Have a look around the ThermoPro website and see what their other options are. They have some great temperature monitoring tools besides instant read thermometers also. Purchasing via these links will also help support Kamado Guru and Man Cave Meals. My Bookshelf: These are books that I have on my shelf that I think are indispensable in my efforts to be better at what I do: Some of MY favorite EXTRAS: Tormek T-2 Kitchen Knife Sharpener After having tried a lot of knife sharpening solutions, I have settled on THIS one here at the Man Cave. It's expensive but I'm happy with it. Comsmart BBQ Gloves I have multiple pairs of these gloves. These are the BEST option for handling hot grill parts. Do NOT succumb to the idea of buying welder's gloves. These will out perform those by leaps and bounds.
  7. I removed the Kamados from the stand and I would NOT recommend trying it any other way.
  8. @Stevem moving this to the kamado joe section of the forum....
  9. I am just wrapping this project up today actually.... these casters work great but you need a couple washers to make a good fit on the original classic cart because the caster bolts are just slightly too long... here's the link to the casters I bought: https://smile.amazon.com/dp/B08B1JZWHF?psc=1&ref=ppx_yo2ov_dt_b_product_details
  10. I hope I answered your question in the other thread. The KJ basket is more robustly built than the KAB, but either basket will work. I prefer the KJ basket because it hooks to the D/C rack and that offers an occasional advantage like when I want to lift out the charcoal basket to empty if if i want or need to cool my grill more quickly to change cooking configurations.
  11. @AlBinRVA The accessory rack fits on the Divide & Conquer rack. it can be used with or without the charcoal basket. It is not designed to sit directly on the charcoal basket. The D/C rack can be used with either charcoal basket. It just will not connect to the kick ash basket.
  12. I bought that PKGO with the FLip Kit when it first came out. I can't recommend that setup highly enough.
  13. Welcome and thanks for becoming a contributing supporter
  14. Join us at 830pm ET if you can make it!
  15. It's under your profile in the menu...
  16. I decided to get back to the 'roots' level for me on bbq by cooking a pork butt on my favorite basic charcoal grill, the PK Grill PK300AF
  17. Yup.. Your thermometer won't let you have a failed cook. These cooking tricks are gonna work sometimes and not others. With a prime rib, I'd not chance it. I would wanna be in control of the cook rather than the clock and an analog thermometer. BE A COOK. Don't be an observer.
  18. The problem was that the pizza was cooked at a LOT HOTTER temperature than was recommended for the dough that was in use.
  19. Independence Day Weekend! What better time is there to make pulled pork? Try this sandwich on for size with these amazing and super simple pickled onions! Pickled Onions: Stuff a mason jar as full as possible with sliced red onions as shown in the video. I used a 2 pint jar. To the jar, add: 1 tsp salt 1 clove sliced garlic 10 black peppercorns 10 whole allspice berries 1/4 tsp dried thyme 1/4 tsp red pepper flakes 1 tsp sugar Let sit at room temp for several hours or in the fridge overnight and they are ready to serve! #PulledPork #PickledOnions #AtlantaGrillCompany
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