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  1. Today might be the day... Apple Watch!

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    2. DrLib
    3. DrLib


      Changed out the band already ordered a few to try out

    4. John Setzler
  2. Time for a nice Saturday morning 10k... Stay healthy!

  3. Is doin the stanky leg...

  4. This is kinda like a shoutbox!


  5. My status is updated!

  6. A day of making beer is a good day!

    1. Big Dawg

      Big Dawg

      Absolutely...and a day spent drinking beer is pretty good too!

    2. smokintarheel


      I'll bet it's tasty!!

  7. Friday's coming!

    1. Dub


      It's finally here, thank goodness !!!!

  8. Grill fried chicken? I think so!

  9. One more shift of work before a well-deserved week of vacation!

    1. sparky


      ya. I'm thinking road trip.

    2. andyscalzo


      Have fun in Memphis John & Tonya!

    3. Sodaking27


      Enjoy your time off. It goes by fast.

  10. Today's Cook: Pineapple Orange Chicken!

    1. Ross


      Awesome, looking forward to seeing some pics.

  11. I hope everyone had a great Holiday weekend here in the states!

  12. What's more American than a hot dog? Especially a KOBE BEEF hot dog from Snake River Farms!

  13. Sunday's cook: Chicago Style Deep Dish Pizza!

  14. I'm wondering why I stay up so late.

    1. aljoseph


      Can't help you there, but if you go to bed any later, you'll catch me getting up (4:30a.m.) I'm retired and no need to arise early.

    2. Ross


      Yup, I'm a member of that club. Not a good thing when I have to go to work at 5am.

  15. I have enough ripe cayenne peppers on the plants to make a batch of hot sauce this weekend!

  16. Booked a hotel in Atlanta for the Joe Bonamassa concert in November... Stoked!!

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