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  1. Atlanta Grill Company is running a sale on all Kamado Joe II and III series grills, Classic and Big Joe... you get a free Joetisserie with any grill purchase while supplies last.... See the main page links on www.atlantagrillcompany.com for more info......
  2. Looks awesome... The grilling space is my happy place here at the Man Cave...
  3. Yea... I am gonna be doing this more in the very near future so I'll do some comparisons because I do believe THIS particular chicken yielded lower than normal. It WAS a very cheap chicken.
  4. @Yazfan Welcome... I hope they came out well For what it's worth, *I* never cook my chickens to 165... I almost always pull mine off when the breast temps 150 in the deepest part and then let them rest for a while. You will get comfortable with temp management and control with some additional cooks. You probably just needed a little more charcoal to get to the higher temps. In the beginning, I suggest loading the grill with a little more charcoal than you think you need and then manage the airflow to get your temps where you want them. Once you master that process, I recommend buying a temp control system I'm a big fan of the Fireboard....
  5. Dry aging beef needs to happen in the 34-38°F range. Charcuterie is between 45-55°F and both are at different humidity settings also.
  6. I got an email from the Steak Locker people today. My steak locker is sitting on a container ship anchored off the port of Long Beach at the moment... not sure exactly when that will get unloaded and on the way to me...... but I will wait it out. It took me a long time to push myself into buying it to begin with. A little longer now won't hurt anything... In the mean time I did this UMAi Dry Bag process on this whole ribeye for 39 days.... I got six huge steaks that are all 1.5" thick except for that one on the right edge that is 2" thick... I have a 4.75 pound center section that I'm gonna make into a prime rib roast.... I have never tried a dry aged prime rib before.. this should be a treat...
  7. I saw a bunch of turkeys at walmart today.. the Jenny-O brand and Butterballs... they were all $1.48/lb. They will come down to half that before long.
  8. I cooked a chicken today for use in other projects. I decided to see how much edible chicken I get from a whole chicken and the result is a bit surprising maybe... 43-45% yield it seems... the yield MAY be a little better on an air chilled chicken but I don't know... maybe I'll try that next time. I normally buy air chilled chickens when the chicken is a main course and not an additive in another recipe....
  9. I am a big fan of Porter Road - http://www.porterroad.com. I have bought a lot of meat from them. I am going to try Wild Fork Foods next I think at https://wildforkfoods.com/. I haven't tried them yet so I can't speak to their quality or satisfaction yet.
  10. I finished breaking down that first 3 buckets..... Then I went with my father-in-.law's truck to get the rest of it...... I kept this much of it and let my father in law have the rest for his wood stove... that's enough cherry to last me for years. If I had that much pecan to go with it i'd be in smokin' wood heaven...
  11. I dunno about dry aging deer... I guess its possible but someone else would have to answer that question...
  12. @A.O. Thanks but I have easy supplies of oak.. that kitchen looks awesome!
  13. I have tried pear a few times and that wood is extremely light in flavor and aroma. It's well below cherry.. it's lower than peach also. Oak has a lot stronger profile but not as strong as hickory.
  14. I like to make beef tallow with the fat I trim from my briskets, so it's not all wasted....
  15. I was searching through Facebook marketplace looking for some oak firewood that looked decent when I stumbled across this. I couln't say I WANT IT fast enough.. I paid the guy and then went and got what I could get of it in my car. I am going back friday with my father in law's truck to get the rest of it. I'm gonna give him the big stuff to burn in his fireplace and I"m gonna get some more of the smaller stuff for smoking wood.... I have already cut down 3 buckets full and will probably end up with 3 or 4 more at a minimum. This stuff is still a little green. It needs another couple months to dry out well enough to use....
  16. I like the software and the control it offers. I also like the Fireboard 2 PRO with the k-couple probes for the added durability and wider temperature range capabilities. The fireboard software allows me to control my fan in terms of maximum output which is really nice on a kamado grill. I don't need 20 or 40cfm of air volume to run a kamado. The flame boss does, however, have an advantage. It can and will run independently of any network connection of smart device connectivity. Or at least the 300 and the 500 can do that... the 400 can not.
  17. I have the iKamand, Flame Boss 200, Flame Boss 400, Flame Boss 500, and the Fireboard. The Fireboard is my overall favorite.
  18. I think you are OK. MY stone developed a small crack after I started cooking on it but it has never broken and that stone has hundreds of cooks on it now.
  19. the kamado joe makes great pizza. It jsut doesn't make great neapolitan style pizza.
  20. I have had lots of kamado joe grills. When I was doing social media for KJ they gave me whatever I wanted. I had big joes and I had classics as well as the Joe jr. The classic was always my favorite after having had my choice of all of them. Lots of folks do the 'go big' thing and then find themselves, like Gebo above, with something else for smaller cooks. I cook for crowds occasionally and it's very rare that I can't get everything I want on a classic. Since you mentioned ribs, I can comfortably cook six or maybe even 8 racks of pork spare ribs with the st. louis cut on a classic without a rib rack. I'm not sure who made the rule that ribs (or other meats for that matter) can't be stacked and overlapping during a cook. If that rule is in play you will get no more than two on a big joe either. You just move them around a couple times during the cook and you are good to go. The heat will find the meat. I'm not trying to discourage you from buying the big joe though... I just like to offer some realistic experience and give you the opportunity to maximize your dollar.
  21. My answer is always the same. Buy the one that fits your needs the best. I would ONLY buy a BIG JOE if I needed that much space at least 25% of the time. I'd rather not have to fire up a huge grill for small cooks. I'd also rather push a smaller grill when I need to than have to use the bigger one all the time.
  22. no problems with the small chips from the firebox petals
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