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  1. if you are having to 'x out adds' then somethign is wrong on YOUR end. There are ZERO pop up ads being displayed by google on this website. I can guarantee you that.
  2. They don't cover anything.
  3. Why not let the ads display? they aren't obtrusive. there are NO pop up ads on this site. I know i'm talking to a brick wall on this subject... never mind me... this site is going to shut down in short order anyway BECAUSE of how much it costs me to keep it running.... most likely at the end of this year, so enjoy it for free (and free of ads if you wish) while you still can...
  4. There have always been google ads on this website. Maybe you were using a browser that blocked them or something. Those who contributed money when I was taking donations to help pay for the price of keeping this site running were put into a group that doesn't have ads displayed. Ads display at the top, bottom and after the first post in threads. It's part of how I can afford to give you this website without having to ask you for money.
  5. Have you ever had Osso Buco? This is my spin on a fantastic dish that is traditionally made from veal shanks. I got these gorgeous beef shanks from Porter Road and decided to put my own spin on the traditional dish by adding a little Man Cave flair to the process and ingredients choices. This is a simple dish that isn't complicated in any way. The video will walk you through the processes and the ingredients that I used. As promised, here is my recipe for the stone ground grits that I used for plating this dish: 1/2 cup stone ground grits 1 cup beef stock (i used reduced sodium beef stock) 1 cup whole milk (i would have used half and half but I was out of it) 2 tablespoons butter I set up my double boiler and then added the grits, stock, and milk to the double boiler. I covered it and let it go for about an hour, stirring it every 10 minutes or so. When the grits were done to my liking, I added the butter and let it melt. You should also taste at this point to see if you need more salt. If you wanna add cheese or anything else to your grits, like diced jalapeno peppers, add it along with the butter. Notes about these grits: I always use yellow stone ground grits from Marsh Hen Mill (formerly known as Geechie Boy Mill on Edisto Island, South Carolina. The ratio of liquid to grits is always 4:1. You can use any liquid you choose, including just water. I like to make my grits with a 50/50 split of chicken stock and half and half most of the time. Sometimes I will make it with just whole milk, but I love the flavor you get from using the stock combination. I always recommend using either reduced sodium or no sodium added stocks so you can adjust the salt content to your own taste. Enjoy!
  6. www.atlantagrillcompany.com Definitely cash in on the free joetisserie deal....
  7. I have a friend with a hastybake. His works fine, but it is not as fine tuned in terms of control as our kamados are. It takes some getting used to and it also takes a mind set that allows you to realize that fine tuned temp control is NOT a requirement for bbq and grilling. IF you want fine tuned control you need something different.
  8. What requires even MORE skill is to know that the difference is insignificant.
  9. I would season that with whatever rub you might like well in advance of the cook. I'd put it on the smoker at 225-250 for an hour or 90 minutes... then I'd put it in a dutch oven with some chopped onions, smashed garlic, a splash of beef stock and guinness beer.. put the lid on it and leave it in there until it's fork tender... I'd estimate 2 to 3 hours in the dutch oven.... 4 at the outside edge....
  10. It will work great if you have a DoJOE. THAT accessory will allow this dish to brown nicely on your joe.
  11. You are just lucky then. I know tons of BGE owners who have had fireboxes crack. Its common. Not just with one brand or another, but all of them. Some of the newer firebox designs with some manufacturers are much less prone to this problem.
  12. This is some chicken perfection.... 20220414_101732.mp4
  13. @keeperovdeflame i bought some of these to try and I really like them...
  14. Here's another smaller one I bought that I cooked for dinner last night...
  15. Mine was the first ticket pulled in today's local bourbon lottery, so I decided to make it count
  16. @A.O. moved to the non kamado cookers section...
  17. yea... i put the whole thing in the steak locker... gonna dry age it for 45 days...
  18. Publix has these standing rib roasts for $6.99/lb through April 16......
  19. Degreaser and a sponge... like fantastik/409. It's especially useful to clean the surfaces that make contact.
  20. the best solution is to clean it between cooks.
  21. I added my video demo to the original post...
  22. @Leinster You are gonna love it
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