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  1. The pit viper fan will work seamlessly with the fireboard. I think the reason folks may like that fan more than the fireboard fan is because the adapter plates for that fan fit in the kamado joe slider track much better than the plates for the fireboard fan. Most people are hardcore on PRECISION and when you don't have an airtight fit at the lower vent, the perception is that you will have problems. I have both fans and I prefer the durability factor on the fireboard fan. The fireboard fan is also capable of 20cfm if you want/need it (which you don't really in a kamado) and the Pit Viper is a 10cfm fan. 10cfm is also too much for a kamado in most cases. I run my fireboard fan at 20% of max in my classic joe. That turns it into a 4cfm fan.
  2. My best advice to you is to NOT do your first turkey cook on Thanksgiving day. I never recommend experimental cooks for important meals. Get a turkey now and give it a go so you will have that experience under your belt before the day where it really matters.
  3. This thread has gone far enough. We have established the fact that ceramic grills can crack. There is no need to continue pointless discussion on it. If the original poster had some intent with this thread other than re-establishing a well known fact, please let me know what it was. This is a Kamado forum and a majority of the people here are using ceramic kamados. If you are going to invent a new product that will win over all the ceramic kamado owners, let us see it when it's ready for testing.
  4. I would ask you the same question. What is is about your Kamado Joe that makes you want to keep it rather than going with something else after all the trouble you have had?
  5. I don't believe it's intentional. It's due to more rustic methods of producing charcoal in environments that don't have as much control as those like Royal Oak and Rockwood. Those south american coals are also inconsistent in their level of carbonization from one batch to the next for the same reasons.
  6. Shell cracking is not common. You do hear about it on social media because people tend to post about it. Unhappy folks talk louder than happy ones. Firebox cracking is more common but i have yet to have a cracked piece of a Kamado Joe multi-piece firebox... i believe that problem has mostly been solved. There are quite a few kamado options available that are not ceramic if you want something like that. You can get a basic double-wall insulated steel kamado like a Chargriller Akorn or on the higher end, a Weber Summit. You can get a Golden's cast iron kamado... or a Blaze kamado that is made out of aluminum. The options are there. The cooking properties will be entirely different though. I like the temperature stability of the ceramic kamados. You won't find that level of stability with the others.
  7. @PorkyBoy I believe that MOST of your south american hardwood lump like Kamado Joe, Fogo, and Jealous Devil fit into that category. I don't believe any of them are fully carbonized. Those charcoals DO have a more pronounced smoke profile than the fully carbonized coals like Rockwood and Royal Oak.
  8. https://www.kamadojoe.com/collections/parts
  9. I love my kontrol tower I wouldn't trade it for anything. But I don't look at my kamado grills as show pieces like lots of folks do. Mine look like the workhorses that they are...
  10. This project was a side note to my beer homebrewing....
  11. That's beautiful.... great work there! I'm always about the 'reallyrightstuff' and that saw looks to fit that bill nicely... Do you have foxtail ferns growing natively in your area?
  12. I used to make something similar to this. I'd start out with about 5 gallons of all natural apple juice or cider and then add about 3 pounds of corn sugar to get the gravity on up there a bit. I fermented it with montrachet yeast which would take it down to around .997-.998 on the gravity. I would let the fermentation go a lot longer though. I would often rack it off into a second carboy and let it clarify in the dark for 3 or 4 more months. I would add some potassium sorbate to the carboy about a day or so before I wanted to finish up to neutralize the yeast before moving on. *I* don't care as much for the dry higher alcohol result on this stuff. What I like to do after adding the potassium sorbate is to rack it off to a bottling bucket and then add a little molasses and some frozen apple juice concentrate and dissolve that in the apple wine until my gravity is back to somewhere around 1.01 to 1.015 and get my alcohol content somewhere between 8-10%. Adding sweetness back to this stuff makes it really amazing....
  13. I didn't pressure can it... I put hot bbq sauce in the jar and then used the food saver jar lid attachment to vacuum seal the top in place. That created enough negative pressure inside the jar to allow the sauce to boil again.
  14. I don't believe these plants have a public facing website.
  15. They aren't manufactured in China. They are hand made in Bali, Indonesia.
  16. This bottle is one of the occasions where I splurged and allowed myself to buy a higher priced bottle of whiskey. This is probably the smoothest sip of whiskey I have ever had.
  17. Why is my barbecue sauce that I just finished cooking boiling inside the jar? 20210918_143646.mp4
  18. When the parent company is US-based and the manufacturing is overseas, the PARENT COMPANY is responsible for quality control. This is not a situation where a foreign company is selling product in the US. It's perfectly possible to get perfectly high quality product from any manufacturing source. There are, of course, tradeoffs to getting that.
  19. THIS is an interesting observation that I had never considered before on these metal grills. The fact that they ARE more efficient with charcoal means they do burn less of it in the process of cooking. I mean it's obvious but I had never really considered it in terms of cooking results. I have always said that the BEST flavored food comes from the least efficient cookers.... lol.
  20. This is an inappropriate response here. It's not helpful in any way. Please be mindful when responding to questions and problems and don't make it personal.
  21. Here's my walk-around demo of the Otto Wilde ORIGINAL broiler / salamander from Otto Wilde Grills...
  22. If I was gonna inject fat into something like a sirloin or sirloin tip roast, I would probably consider cooking it sous vide.
  23. There is one fact I can not deny. Dry aged beef is AWESOME. I have experimented with it a lot in the past and have come to two conclusions. 1. The Dry Aging bags from Umai Dry Bags are a great inexpensive solution to dry aging at home. 2. Everything else I have tried in the realm of homemade tools for dry aging have been relative failures. I jumped down this rabbit hole today: I decided to buy one of these Steak Lockers. I don't think it will be here until some time in November but I am excited about the possibilities with this....
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