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  1. First of all, you should go ahead and put the rub on while it sits in the fridge overnight. Let it marinate in the rub! I would put 3 or 4 chunks of Hickory in and spread them around so they don't all burn at the same time. For an 8lb butt at 250, I'd look for approximately 1.5 hours per pound, so 12 hours would be a good guess.
  2. I'm moving this post to the Low and Slow forum. I apologize for not having that one set up correctly... it's fixed now
  3. The primo or one of the other ceramics has a split fire box option for this. I bet you could also make a charcoal basket to set on the diffuser rack and do some really hot searing...
  4. I am trying to find out if beech is a good smoking wood because i just got access to a bunch of it...
  5. Based on where it's happening, I have a theory on why its happening. I'm getting some gray discoloration on the lower portion of the cooker below the cooking grate and above the base of the fire box. I believe that high heat cooking with a heat diffuser in place is creating a very high temp in the fire box. I would estimate that it's probably at least 200 degrees higher than above the diffuser, so I am probably pushing the Akorn a little harder than it's designed to be pushed
  6. Nice! I can smell that from here... Those chicken breasts look great... as do the taters!
  7. Have you ever tried the Stubbs all natural briquettes? I saw some of those at Lowes tonight but have never tried using them...
  8. I'll write up a tutorial and post it as a sticky in the Announcements section...
  9. I met Marty Leach over on the BBQ Brethren site shortly after I signed up over there. When he showed one of his woodworking projects on the forum, I immediately asked him if he would sell me a couple of his custom handles for my Weber Kettle and Weber Smokey Mountain... These two are the first two he sold, so I feel lucky to have them in my collection. It didn't take him very long to improve upon the original design, so later I bought this one to go on my ugly drum smoker: As I have been watching his progress, he has advanced yet again with engraving and custom inlays. As far as Kamado cookers are concerned, he currently makes handles for Big Green Eggs and Grill Dome Kamados. these are an excellent way to personalize your grill. I absolutely love mine! http://www.amlwoodart.com Check him out!
  10. Yup... Kingsford competition briquettes are basically formed lump also... they aren't quite like the Original Kingsford Blue. I can't find the comp briquettes around here anywhere... I would like to try them.
  11. That might work too but I still would need a diffuser under the bricks....
  12. Sounds good... got any pics? Fish is definitely easy to overcook and I'm as guilty as anyone of that.
  13. Has anyone ever used standard Kingsford charcoal briquettes in their kamado for shorter cooks? My purchase of the Char-Griller Kamado led me to my first real experiences of cooking with Lump charcoal. I have been very happy with the flavor of the food produced over lump charcoal but I was just curious if anyone has cooked with standard Kingsford or not and what your experiences, good or bad, may have been?
  14. I learned a little lesson on my Char-Griller Akorn Kamado over the weekend when I cooked a pizza at about 700°. The seasoning on my cast iron grate completely burned off. My grate was shiny like a new nickel after that very hot cook and cool down. This little 'problem' has got me thinking about a fix so I can remove my cast iron grate when doing very hot cooks like that. I believe a possible solution might be found in doing something like this: This photo shows the bottom portion of the charcoal basket I built for my Ugly Drum Smoker. What I'm thinking about is building another one of these with legs a little longer. If I do that, I could set it right on top of a pizza pan diffuser on my diffuser grate and then set a pizza stone on top of this grate to avoid ruining the seasoning on my cast iron grate. This little device, with 3-4" legs could also double as a grill extender by setting it on top of the cast iron grate when you want to cook a large batch of chicken parts, wings, or any other cook of a lot of smaller pieces of meat. Thoughts?
  15. Thanks for the review! I made this a 'sticky' in the forum....
  16. I have never had a lot of faith in grill dome thermometers. Most of them are inaccurate to some degree. I'm always working with digital meat probes so I let them tell me my temps and they are all accurate to within a couple degrees in most cases.
  17. I just detach mine and dump it but i am going to start leaving an inch or so of ash in it.
  18. That's what I would prefer people do and that's what I'll be doing myself but some people are unable to do it for various reasons so we'll see what happens.
  19. Excellent! I'm glad it's working. I also temporarily turned on the ability to upload photos. I did set an 800 pixel maximum on image size so if someone wants to try that out, please feel free.
  20. I believe the guy who posted the comment on my video was FOS.
  21. I have a $50 gift card to Lowes and I'm trying to figure out if there is anything there I want or need for my BBQ addiction. Any thoughts?
  22. RM, thanks for asking this question I knew it was going to come up soon... I currently have image uploading disabled on the site. I am going to have to do a little investigation before I enable that functionality. The problem I have before me right now is that I have no idea how much it is actually going to cost me to run this site through my hosting service, and I will not let myself get into a situation where I can't personally afford to run it myself. Allowing image uploads on a 'busy' web forum can chew through allowed data storage pretty quickly. I most likely WILL turn this feature on soon and if it becomes a problem I will work on it from there
  23. I'm gonna have to set up a way to look into this. I have an iPhone 4s and I have a reply button in the lower right corner of the screen when I'm viewing forum posts. Do you have that?
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