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  1. That doesn't display for me on my tablet, even when using tha standard mode instead of mobile. Tried making your browser window wider.
  2. @pmillen I should have chosen different words. There is a difference in results on the 24 hour cook. The texture of the meat is softer. I dont really like it better,. The amazing part is that it works at all
  3. I added a chicken wing video to the original post... I won't be adding additional videos to this post from here on out. This has enough content to give you a feel for how this smoker performs.... Thanks!
  4. I'm over the extremely long cooks. I can't tell any difference in my end product at 300°F compared to anything below that. Through lots of experience, I have determined that you can cook butts and brisket at any temp you want. I have done it all at temps between 190F and 400F. As long as you know what you are looking for in finished meat, it all works. I am a big fan of the 24 hour cooks at 190 where you wrap after 12 hours... those cooks are amazing.
  5. Could you post a photo of what's going on with the smoke leaking at the gasket? That is normal to a small degree when you are starting up with a fan. When the fan is running hard (the billows has the most powerful fan on the market) but it will stop when the fan slows down.
  6. I added the beef brisket video to the original post....
  7. John Setzler

    Pellet Joe

    The Pellet Joe is not far from being available to the public. I think you will definitely see it available before the end of this summer.
  8. No. I don't see that as a viable option in a Kamado.
  9. Moving this post tot he proper section of the forum. The answer to your question is one of the pinned posts in this section.
  10. I would also be interested in knowing how you are seasoning your meat if you have never managed to cook anything you are happy with...i wouldnt want to blame a problem like this on the grill or the charcoal. Have yiu ever made cue on another system that you liked? If you are comparing your results with reasturants, competition cooks and similar, i think you will find it aint the coal that makes the difference.
  11. I didnt keep the yoder. I had it about a year.
  12. I am finished with that. It works amazingly well. I have done several long cooks where I keep the top and bottom vent fully open, a small amount of charcoal in the grill, one or two wood chunks that are visibly burning with a flame.... produces the best smoke profile you will ever get from a kamado. it turns the kamado into a smoker that requires babysitting every 20 minutes or so. Sorta like a stick burner... You also have to setup ther grill and cooking area where you have access to the fire at all times so you are limiting yourself to cooking on half the grill essentially... that works fine for most things...
  13. Some of my best results in the Kamado come with just hardwood lump and no smoking wood at all.
  14. No. I don't think a kamado can hold a candle to a stick burner in terms of low and slow BBQ. The Kamado is a swiss army knife of outdoor cookers. It does a lot of things and it does a lot of things well. It's forte is not low and slow BBQ, even though it does it well.
  15. @Collin You have to dial back the amount of smoking wood you use SIGNIFICANTLY in a Kamado if you are used to a stick burner smoke profile. Stick burners are high airflow low efficiency fires. Kamados are low airflow high efficiency fires. The SMOKE production in the Kamado environment is quite dirty compared to the stick burner. Its' not necessarily BAD smoke but it's more powerful smoke. You just need a lot less of it in that environment to achieve good results.
  16. There's this thing going on called COVID-19 that has all sorts of manufacturing and logistics at a standstill.
  17. I am locking this thread until the issue is resolved. When there is an update to the situation, i will post it here.
  18. This only affects a VERY small number of grills. It's RARE. But there IS most definitely a weak link somewhere in the customer service chain or policies somewhere.
  19. There are only 2 fire boxes... 5 petals for the classic and six for the big joe. Petals from one will not fit with petals from the other. This grill base is too small. I have seen this several times before. It's not a common problem but it is a problem. This problem forced a redesign of the joetisserie to allow it to fit in grills that varied in diameter.
  20. This customer service rep has no idea what she is talking about. Anyone who knows anything about assembling a KJ knows that you can not safely or effectively assemble the firebox outside the grill and then lift it in. That's dangerous and quite foolish if you ask me. Then... just leaving you hanging with "that's how it fits..." It pains me to no end. The person who is providing your customer service has probably never put together one of these grills before. Probably hasn't even cooked on one. I'd BET CASH on that. SMH.
  21. It's not the wrong firebox. This problem is exposing a problem that Kamado Joe has had for a long time. It only shows up occasionally but the grill is too small. There is a pretty wide tolerance in how these outer shells are made. This grill will also not likely fit a joetisserie or a dough-joe for the same reason. @Sbw - SHow KJ support these last two photos and see what they tell you then. This is horrible. I can't believe they are telling you this. That grill is unusable in that state. Not acceptable.
  22. Item #3 on my quest to become a better baker is cinnamon rolls... I love the cinnabons.. and my first attempt at making these was from a recipe I found on King Arthur's website. These were excellent but I need to tweak it around just a bit........ This dough was EXTREMELY SOFT and difficult to work. I wanna see if I can firm the dough up just a little without sacrificing how soft the finished product is. These cinnamon rolls were some of the best I have ever had. The recipe is here: https://www.kingarthurflour.com/recipes/cinna-buns-recipe I did use the weight measures in that recipe rather than the volume.
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