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  1. @DSPGuy watch this video I made at the 12 minute mark....
  2. @Boater Consider the fireboard 2 drive with a fan when you get ready to move to a temperature controller...
  3. I actually think this would be fine without any added smoke wood... cheese absorbs smoke faster than poultry so it is a concern.
  4. i used one very small chunk of cherry wood
  5. So I did this thing today and it's awesome.... 2 hours at 225 and then drizzled with that hot pepper peach bourbon sauce... yum.
  6. The simple answer is that if you have doubts about the value of the options on the 2 series, buy the original. My best suggestion is to go somehwere that you can put your hands on the grills and see the differences first hand. You may have to go two different places to do that but its worth the work to know for yourself.
  7. There wont' be any differences in your cooking. It's hard to put a dollar value on the upgrades between the 1 and the 2. I love the airlift hinge. While it's not a necessity, I would buy the upgrade just for that feature.
  8. This is about a perfect end to a Monday. Jack Daniel's Single Barrel Select is my HOUSE whiskey. It's awesome whiskey AND it's easy to get. I'm just sitting here tonight sipping on this while I'm reading about North African spice choices for a rack of lamb ribs that I'm gonna cook tomorrow...
  9. Yes sir... I added one of these to my collection at half the price of the Traeger: https://www.walmart.com/ip/Pit-Boss-Large-Cut-BBQ-Grill-Spatula-Stainless-Steel-w-Rosewood-Handle/610373735
  10. I have been wanting one of these for a long time. I decided to bite the bullet and buy one last week. I also bought the stainless steel grate option for it simply because I don't think I wanna maintain the cast iron grate on this. I like quick cooking options with a broiler and this little guy will be perfect for that. This thing might also change the way I think about searing steaks on a soapstone... these IR burners on this unit can produce 1500°F in just a few minutes time.
  11. I'm not 100% sure that short ribs aren't my favorite part of the cow.
  12. I didn't time the cook.. I was on the grill for a total of 30-35 minutes maybe. I cooked these to 130 before I pulled them off.. they were nice and tender.
  13. This will do for an after dinner drink today...
  14. I didn't cook these on a Kamado but they were amazing...... I bought these Texas Short Ribs from Porter Road. I have been buying these for quite a while and I love them.
  15. It's the best searing surface I have ever used.
  16. I never add any additional smoking wood to my cook after I start. You don't need to see visible smoke for it to be present in the smoker. I can't imagine all your smoking wood being consumed that quickly unless you torched it when you lit the grill. Wood chunks that have been smoldering in a smoker for a while look like charcoal. As for the drying method, I don't think it matters as long as the wood is dry.
  17. Moving this to kamado cooking since it doesn't follow the format of this section....
  18. absolutely nothing. there is no flavor benefit and it also makes the meat cook a little more unevenly.
  19. Thanks... yea.. this is a good tool for someone who has a gasser and wants to occasionally play with charcoal.
  20. In all my experience with various brands of lump charcoal, sparking is ONLY a problem when lighting the grill and it is exacerbated by using extreme lighting methods such as torches and forced air methods. Using fire starter cubes minimizes and potential for sparking....
  21. @A.O. pizza is baking but in a lot of cases it doesn't matter which coal you use when you are doing pizza if you are cooking really hot. Even the coals that are not fully carbonized like the KJ, fogo, and JD will be cooking hot enough that the volatiles will be completely combusted and won't provide a recognizable flavor element to the cook. Even if it does, its light enough that it's not a problem. If you are baking at 300-375F, coals like KJ can leave horrible flavors on something like a pie, cobbler, or pound cake. I realize that most people don't use their grills for stuff like that but I do.. lol
  22. @A.O. I will grab a bag of that next time I'm in there and give it a whirl.... For what it's worth, I use TWO types of lump charcoal here. When I'm cooking meat, I use Kamado Joe Big Block. When I am cooking anything else, which is a LOT of the time, I'm using royal oak. It doesn't have the heavy smoke profile that the KJ has and if you are baking bread or a cake or a pie or anything where smoke would actually interfere with your results, the cleaner burning coal is a great choice.
  23. The 3 series cart requires about 5 minutes of assembly.
  24. I probably missed it in all the comments here, but what was your solution? Which brand are you buying now?
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