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  1. @mdpratt There is an iKamand owner Facebook group where you will be able to get better and quicker support on the iKamand... https://www.facebook.com/groups/ikamand
  2. Moving to Kamado Joe section....
  3. I don't know why you can't do those things on the Masterbuilt Gravity. I did all of those things on mine with no issues at all. It won't do neapolitan temperature pizzas but I wouldn't recommend that for a kamado grill either. The Masterbuilt will go north of 600°F with ease. If you preheat a pizza stone adequately in there it makes great pizza. I roasted chickens in mine regularly at 450°F and they, in my opinion, were as good or better than any I have done on my kamados. Here's a video I made of a reverse sear tomahawk project on mine..... I say all this as a huge fan of kamado grills. My background is mostly rooted in my love of kamado cooking. THIS smoker/grill, however, made me have to take a step back and allow myself to accept that *I* prefer the flavor results from this system in most instances. I didn't wanna believe it. I guess this is one of those examples of my goals of becoming more of an 'alt-middle' thinker. I'm willing to put my beliefs on the table at any given time and re-evaluate them against unfamiliar ideas and see if MY beliefs stand up. Most times they do. In this case, they did not.... lol.
  4. Tonight on the live stream, I will have Ted Conrad, owner/CEO of FireBoard Labs on with us to talk about temperature control and monitoring....
  5. I still have a closet full of clothes that I hope to get back into eventually! I am currently working on getting back into running. I am doing it 3 times a week on the treadmill right now and I am slowly working my way back through the couch to 5k program.
  6. Try 150 sometime as a target temp for your boneless skinless breasts and see what you think...
  7. This thing is awesome.... https://atlantagrillcompany.com/products/drip-ez-bbq-prep-tub
  8. I have cooked on both, in terms of kamado vs masterbuilt gravity.... Here's what I know: The flavor profile I got from the Masterbuilt was superior to the kamado in about every way. I have come to the realization, after a lot of time and experience, that less efficient fires make better tasting barbecue. So therein lies the trade off. Higher fuel consumption, more frequent refueling... But it's worth it in terms of flavor. What I have YET to see is a gravity feed system like the Masterbuilt or Chargriller that is a durable product. Those two companies operate in the Walmart/Lowes/Home Depot space and not in the premium grill and smoker space. IF someone builds a system like those that is durable and would be a long term investment, I'd be one of their first customers.
  9. Moving to the proper section of the forum......
  10. @SmallBBQr I am not arguing whether or not fasting works or not. I guess 'extreme' is also a subjective term. All of these things, no matter how you look at them, are still focusing on the number on the scale. If your end goal is a target weight and you feel you aren't getting there fast enough to suit you, then you can certainly choose whatever methods you find necessary to speed up the process. I have experienced 'walls' in my diets for sure. But they self correct for me as long as I stay on my goals. I'm not an elite athlete. I am not gonna be. When *I* say extreme, I am saying that I alter my eating habits in a way that is FAR from normal for me. I don't have a date by which I need to obtain my goals. I want to lose weight but my PRIMARY goal, I suppose, is to make permanent changes to my eating habits and exercise routines that are sustainable for the long haul WITHOUT totally upsetting the social constructs in which I live. KETO is extreme for me in all reality. I didn't use this method the last time I dieted and lost 80 pounds. My dietary changes were not extreme. I was eating around 2000-2200 calories per day, which is NOT starving myself or fasting in any way. About 50% of my calories on that diet were coming from carbs on a typical day. The changes I made were in the quality of foods I was eating as well as the quantity. I was not hungry. I hit occasional walls where I would go 8 or 10 day sometimes without losing any weight. I had no problems with that as long as I was not gaining weight. Food, especially poor quality carbohydrates, are an addiction for me that you could compare to smoking, drinking or any illegal drug of your choice. What makes it harder to give up this addiction is that, in the long run, you have to build a new relationship with the 'drug' instead of giving it up. How many alcoholics do you know who have overcome their 'addiction' and learned to become a social drinker again? It happens but its not common. KETO is not gonna be a long term solution for me. I think I have discovered that it CAN be a good weight loss solution thought. When I get into the level of fitness where I want to be, I am going to be reintroducing carbohydrates back into my diet slowly and in a manageable way. These changes will have to come slowly. I believe there can be a good balance between my diet and my social eating. It will just take some EXTREME patience on my part to learn how to do it
  11. I'm glad i have not had to go to extremes like that. In my personal history with dieting, extreme measures have always ultimately let me to failure in the long run. I fully blame WHOLE 30 for ruining my mojo the last time I lost all the weight. That extreme process made me crave for the things I couldn't have in a way that was overpowering to me at the end of the process. It set off a chain reaction in me with my eating habits that overpowered my own will.
  12. I borrowed this from somewhere else: Instructions for dome, base, hinge removal and installation These instructions cover safe removal and installation of the airlift hinge for parts replacement, along with how to fix a lid overbite where the dome is hitting the top of the latch instead of locking closed. Take the bushing kit and nut that came with the grill, install it on the threaded rod that runs down through the hinge housing. This locks the hinge closed for safety and also allows for easier reassembly for lining up the dome. Next, remove the bottom latch. For fixing an overbite: Loosen (don't remove) the acorn nuts on the dome and base hinge brackets then skip down to section (A). If replacing hinge, dome or base: remove the acorn nuts on dome and base hinge brackets. Remove hinge and bands from broken part. Reinstall bands on new parts. (A) Slide and reposition the dome while still sitting on the base until the edges are flush with the base. (Install hinge if removed and follow tightening sequence below.) Now tighten the dome bolts, alternating from one nut at the time (left inside nut, right inside nut, left middle, right middle, etc). Now tighten the base nuts in the same way. Check that the front edge of the dome is still flush with the front of the base. Now install the base latch and remove the bushing lock kit. It's important that the brackets are sufficiently tightened. If you have a torque wrench, go 10 foot pounds or 120 inch pounds.
  13. When he finishes that cook from 195 (I'd actually make the move to the 200 degree oven at 190 myself) he's not gonna experience any significant carryover cooking. Carryover cooking is a phenomenon that happens when you are cooking at hotter temps. When the internal temp of the meat is that close to the external temp, there isn't enough heat energy to keep it climbing much further.
  14. Wrap vs no wrap is not about the difference between fall off the bone and not fall off the bone. It's about tenderizing the meat adequately. If your preference is firmer meat, you just have to change your timing around to get the level of tenderness you prefer. I am a big fan of that fall off the bone texture myself. I had never even heard of or considered this bite-through texture until I read about competition barbecue for the first time. It took me a while to realize THAT standard was created for the purpose of competition and not for the purpose of being good on the dinner table I know that the idea is so engrained in people's minds now that it's considered a desirable characteristic in ribs though.
  15. @mike echo I think 'over thinking' is not too helpful either. I haven't given up my once or twice a week bourbon. I am down 54 lbs. This sorta reminds me of precision temp control in barbecue. Technically, it's 'right' but in reality, its insignificant. I have been down this road before, although it wasn't with keto, so I know there is more than one way to accomplish the weight loss. No matter which method you choose, less calories in and more calories out is undeniably successful unless you have some extremely abnormal metabolic issues. The OTHER part of being healthy that people tend to ignore is that the number shown on the scale is not always the best representative of your health.
  16. I am sure you are gonna love it... i haven't cooked on one but I have seen a couple of them up close. They are definitely well made...
  17. I reverse seared this thing using the BARQ 2400 pellet smoker and the PK 300 AF to finish it off....
  18. I have not created a thread specifically about my views on the various control systems. I have used BBQ Guru, Thermoworks, Flame Boss and FireBoard control systems. The FireBoard is, by far, my favorite of all of these so far. I do agree that you should learn to control the Kamado without electronics. But I also agree that the control systems make your life a lot easier in many ways. As for the critics of these systems and the reasons you mentioned, I say BS. I have never had any issues with any cooks that I could blame on my control system. The fireboard gives you precision control over the speed of the fan. I can set my fan output in the app to max out at anywhere from 1% to 100% of it's maximum output. On my kamados, I keep that set at about 20% of max while using the FireBoard blower, which is a 20cfm blower. 20cfm IS too much output for a kamado in most cases. So setting it to 20% of max effectively turns that 20cfm fan into a 4cfm fan. If people are THAT concerned about dirty smoke then they should NOT be cooking on kamado grills. They should be using an offset smoker or a pellet grill.
  19. Those gloves are ambidextrous.. they have the silicon on both sides so you can wear either glove on either hand.. i have several pairs like this and i love them.
  20. I like Porter Road. I have considered ordering from Wild Fork but I haven't done it yet.
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