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  1. Oh yes i made peace with the price. I tried to find a lower price and i did get a deal but guys in the States often fail to realize how much more Canadians have to fork out for these things. I love it and i made sure to get the KJ basket with the divider, Often i use a tiny amount of charcoal and wood chunks on one side of the basket and either do a rotisserie or direct grilling..couldn`t ask for more....and tell your wife that i`m preparing a nice rack of back ribs tonight!
  2. You know i just got the Meater block yesterday and have not used it yet because i`m waiting delivery on my new KJ. I am awfully raw on how it works and whatnot...i would ask ckreef about it.
  3. OK that sounds good. I think the new KJ basket with charcoal divider and the wireless meater probe would almost have to be must have accessories to use with the joetisserie .Kind of like that old soap opera...as the meat turns lol
  4. Thanks, so glad it`s over. What is the difference between the meater + and the meater block aside from the number of probes? Also, why do you use it so infrequently, why wouldn`t you use it most times. I`ve got to wait a few more days for my grill`s delivery so i haven`t had the chance to use it but i`m hoping it will be something i get a lot of use out of.
  5. It`s been a a great start to the weekend, first i pulled the trigger on a new KJ classic 2, then i noticed that my Meater Block was indeed DELIVERED to me! Wow , i never really knew what i was getting myself into ..i might have been part of what i believe is called crowdfunding backers. I guess that meant that you pay now and then you wait a few years for the product. Anyway, i`m so glad it is over...and it better be worth it!
  6. No longer looking as i just got a sweet deal on a new Kamado Joe classic 2 (stand alone) and the KJ stainless steel basket with the charcoal divider...looked long and hard, but i got what i wanted.
  7. Oh ya i bolted. It was sorry looking but you can only play the cards that are dealt to you....my search continues
  8. How about a morning chuckle to start off your day! So i go over to meet the seller of this KJ classic 2 with a wad of cash burning a hole in my pocket anticipating my search is over and i`ll live happily ever after with this KJ that she`s advertising. Her pic showed a pristine classic 2 sitting on a beautiful deck soaking up the sunshine. I get there and it`s a pathetic looking original dinosaur who`s been used and abused screwed, blued and tattooed ! Obviously it was not a series 2 and It had a noticeable crack in the firebowl along with the older triangle style piece with no divide and concur and no pullout ashtray. Can you buy all the pieces for the pullout ashtray system that will fit right in? ...Because of the missing ashtray, it had a second perforated vent slider for the sparks. How old was this classic?
  9. Thanks for the tips, yeah i`m a bit concerned about possible ceramic cracks. She only speaks French so there wasn`t a whole lot of info between us....thank god for google translate! BTW what`s the significance of acquiring the owners manual and serial # assuming that as the second owner i won`t be covered on the grills warranty? Also i guess the covers aren`t included on these right?
  10. Well, i`m all set to go have a look at a KJ classic 2 tonight. Price was digestible for a series 2 so i`m going in with the intention to give it a good looking over and scoop it up. What areas or concerns should i pay close attention to while performing due diligence.
  11. Aha moment...that is good thinking Jaxx. I`ll just see where this voyage takes me new or used.
  12. Well said and crystal clear. I`s good to have the correct info.
  13. Hello, i`m doing a bunch of research on KJ because i`m anticipating purchasing a classic 1 or 2. If i get a decent deal on a new one, i won`t hesitate. Also if i get a sweet deal on a used one, i will have to consider that as well. Here is the question, i read here that someone possibly a company representative made claims that Kamado Joe were not hung up on people needing to be the original owners of their grills in order to get full warranty coverage . That was applauded and praised by all here and i too was impressed by the company`s stance on that. It made me confidant that even if i got a second hand grill that i could still take advantage of KJ`s fantastic warranty. Fast forward to today and i just got off the phone wilh a customer service rep who told me that she handles warranty department, and she was very clear to me that only the original purchaser will have the warranty..that if anybody was not the original owner they will not qualify. So if she was correct, why would anybody risk buying a used KJ and then have no warranty if and when they need it?
  14. Hello, with many guys upgrading to the series 2 and now 3, i`m looking to see who has an original classic for sale. Am also looking at the big stores up here but the sales are few and far between.
  15. No i haven't received it yet. last email said i was to wait until Q2?..suppose that means April-May . But talk is cheap and they can promise me anything. It might be getting close to 2 yrs soon! Had i known that , i would have never forked out the cash.
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