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  1. Restricting airflow was my point. That's what will cause you to not go through a bunch of fuel too fast. It's not for everyone but it's a set up that s uses a bit less charcoal.
  2. Now that the skewers are cut shorter, its great. Sky is the limit to what you can spin on these now. I contacted Napolean to tell them that this set was basically too big to use on the Kamado Joe classic or any other 18`` kamado using the joetisserie. He notified me that this was a bigger accessory made for one of the bigger Napolean gas grills. He did take down my concern and claimed that he would pass the concern onto the product development team and they might look into offering a shorter set for kamado owners. Also be advised that the spit rod opening for this set is quite huge and has a 6 sided shape (hexagon)much bigger then the regular rotisserie sets most people have. But you have those nice oversized tightening screws that will clamp down on any spit rod good and tight.
  3. By using both the grate and basket, you will use a bit less charcoal , which is fine if you`re not doing a lot of high heat cooks.
  4. Here is an update after getting a friend who has the grinder, to cut an inch off each skewer. They fit really nice now. I'm doing a test spin today with a half rack of ribs for lunch. Also just got the Electro -Torch charcoal starter...really like that as well. Under a minute and you've got fire.
  5. I just got this and I love it. I have a ton of ideas using the joetisserie so I had to add this to my Arsenal. It is extremely solid and we'll built and has way to secure each skewer so it's locked in place. I did as much research as possible to see how people liked it and how it preformed on the Kamado joe classic 2 and if it fits well. I guess I'm one of the first so here goes. It's exactly what you would expect in that it performs wonderfully and looks to be a significant addition to rotisserie lovers. But is a seriously tight fit on my grill. If the set was even a hair longer..it would not clear the edge of the joetisserie. It's a minor miracle that it was able to rotate. ..I'd appreciate any helpful hints and ideas.
  6. Yes, you can set up the coals on one side , keep it low and slow and let it spin for 5 or 6 hrs, the meat becomes very tender(self basting). It`s close enough to the charcoal to get the effects of cooking directly on top of it , the drippings seem to combust and come back up as flavor...yet you can control it by venting properly. The other side i use the fish and veggie grill , slide it as far back as you can and you can add a tiny bit of coal or none at all depending what you are trying to cook over it.
  7. Hello and my thoughts are with you all on this date. We won't be fooled again as The Who once said. ...anyway here I am doing what I like to do most and that is doing a rotisserie (back ribs) using the KJ basket with divider in place and using the fish and veggie steel half moon on the other side in the un direct fashion. The rotisserie basket just clears everything.
  8. Oh yes i made peace with the price. I tried to find a lower price and i did get a deal but guys in the States often fail to realize how much more Canadians have to fork out for these things. I love it and i made sure to get the KJ basket with the divider, Often i use a tiny amount of charcoal and wood chunks on one side of the basket and either do a rotisserie or direct grilling..couldn`t ask for more....and tell your wife that i`m preparing a nice rack of back ribs tonight!
  9. You know i just got the Meater block yesterday and have not used it yet because i`m waiting delivery on my new KJ. I am awfully raw on how it works and whatnot...i would ask ckreef about it.
  10. OK that sounds good. I think the new KJ basket with charcoal divider and the wireless meater probe would almost have to be must have accessories to use with the joetisserie .Kind of like that old soap opera...as the meat turns lol
  11. Thanks, so glad it`s over. What is the difference between the meater + and the meater block aside from the number of probes? Also, why do you use it so infrequently, why wouldn`t you use it most times. I`ve got to wait a few more days for my grill`s delivery so i haven`t had the chance to use it but i`m hoping it will be something i get a lot of use out of.
  12. It`s been a a great start to the weekend, first i pulled the trigger on a new KJ classic 2, then i noticed that my Meater Block was indeed DELIVERED to me! Wow , i never really knew what i was getting myself into ..i might have been part of what i believe is called crowdfunding backers. I guess that meant that you pay now and then you wait a few years for the product. Anyway, i`m so glad it is over...and it better be worth it!
  13. No longer looking as i just got a sweet deal on a new Kamado Joe classic 2 (stand alone) and the KJ stainless steel basket with the charcoal divider...looked long and hard, but i got what i wanted.
  14. Oh ya i bolted. It was sorry looking but you can only play the cards that are dealt to you....my search continues
  15. How about a morning chuckle to start off your day! So i go over to meet the seller of this KJ classic 2 with a wad of cash burning a hole in my pocket anticipating my search is over and i`ll live happily ever after with this KJ that she`s advertising. Her pic showed a pristine classic 2 sitting on a beautiful deck soaking up the sunshine. I get there and it`s a pathetic looking original dinosaur who`s been used and abused screwed, blued and tattooed ! Obviously it was not a series 2 and It had a noticeable crack in the firebowl along with the older triangle style piece with no divide and concur and no pullout ashtray. Can you buy all the pieces for the pullout ashtray system that will fit right in? ...Because of the missing ashtray, it had a second perforated vent slider for the sparks. How old was this classic?
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