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  1. Thanks for the feedback, all. Today's menu in my house is grilled salted Saba (mackerel). I grilled two big pieces using a grilling surface, and it was wonderful.
  2. I returned it and got in touch with the customer rep. They could not help. They could not reach KJ either. Just my luck.
  3. I purchased the Big Block charcoal from Costco, and they were delivered today. Instead of getting four 20 lbs bag of KJ Big Block, I received four 16 lbs bag of MasterBuilt charchoal. Sigh....
  4. No, it is a thick Chilean Seabass filet, with skin on one side.
  5. I had a nice Chilean seabass steak. I smoked it with apple wood until it reached 115 and then seared it on the grate. The skin was crispy and nice, but not the meat side. It fell apart and stuck to the grate, made it looked awful in some parts. I thought that reverse sear works well with steak, why not try it with fish. The flavor was great, the skin was great, the smoke tasted great, but the meat side looked bad. The seared meat tasted wonderful.
  6. When I started grilling/smoking food, I did not expect this to be an expensive hobby.
  7. Thanks for the input, I do have a infrared thermometer, and I do have a cast iron pan that I can use while waiting for a better grilling surface. I just get an idea about getting a fish grill basket, putting the fish inside that basket, and holding it close to the fire (with a heat resistant gloves, of course), it may help keeping the fish intact while searing it.
  8. Thanks. Too bad it is quite expensive. I think I will have to wait, but definitely soapstone is on my list now. I am seeing so many positive feedback for soapstone, the only negatives are the time to heat, and cracking issues.
  9. The wok that I purchased has only metal loop handles, and it worked well. I cooked a nice stir rice yesterday. I did use gloves. As I am looking at different recipes, I realized that I will have a problem with recipes that call for high temp, and then medium temp. I am thinking about moving the x-ring up and down the divide and conquer rack, or possibly inserting one of the half moon deflector.
  10. I love fish, and I really like the seared crust on a grilled fish. I reverse seared a fish steak, and the doneness, the flavor was good. However, I did not get a good sear. The fish is sticking, and falling apart on the grate. I had a problem with flare ups too. Do you have a suggestion on how to properly seared a fish steak?
  11. I am not an expert, I have been using Broil King Keg for over ten years, and only have been using Kamado Joe Classic II for the last six months. Did you cook spareribs, or baby back? I cooked this on KJ, using slo-roller, but several months ago, I used deflector, and I had a good result. What I noticed is that my grate temperature is 20F higher than the dome temperature. I kept the dome temperature not to exceed 250F, in that case, the grate temperature would be around 270F. I am trying to test few theories on why the grate temperature is higher, I put the
  12. Haha... I am sorry about that. I purchase most of my stuff online, so it does not really matter where I live, as long as I can get it shipped to me. I went to the Asian markets near where I lived, and unfortunately, I did not find anything that I really like. I ended up purchasing one from Amazon. I finished seasoning it last week, and I hope to use it soon.
  13. I have been smoking pork ribs for quite some time, and I always used complex rubs, with sugar, onion powder, garlic powder, etc. Today, I decided that I would do something different, just dry brine with kosher salt, and used a combination of white pepper and black pepper. Smoked with apple and hickory chunks. There are only four flavors, salt, pepper, pork, and smoke. A little bit too tender, but they are really good. I think this is one of my favorite now. The simple flavors just work really well.
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