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  1. Looks wonderful. Did you cook at 250F all the way? How long did it take?
  2. Thanks, I will contact KJ. I did not know whether it is expected or not.
  3. I got myself a soapstone, and it just arrived. It looks fine, but there is a chip about an inch long. I do not know if this is something that I should be concerned about or not. Is it normal? Should I return/file a claim?
  4. I wouldn't do that. The sticky residue will move from the Kontrol Tower to dishwasher. After cooking, I usually press my hand (with a heat resistant glove) on the top of the Kontrol Tower, and opening/closing it several times. This forces the liquified oil to move to a different place. The oil still harden when it cools, but won't be in the place where it glues everything.
  5. I learned a lot from @Smokingdadbbq, amazing videos. I do not use his pie configuration anymore. found the pie configuration heats the deflector and the hot air escapes. The area near the top vent was much hotter than the rest of the dome. I put the deflector plates on top of each other in the middle. This configuration forces the hot air to hit the dome wall, rather than escaping through the top vent. I felt the dome was more evenly heated this way. Right now, I started heating the grill with the leftover coals, if I have enough. After dome is hot enough, I raked the hot coals to the front, near the bottom vent. I placed the chunks at the bottom, then pour the fresh coals to fill the basket. I have hot coals on the south side of the basket, chunks lining up south to north, and fresh coals on top of them. After 10-15 minutes, I got a clean smoke from the first chunk. I have been doing few low and slow cook this way, the ceramic is evenly heated, the chunks are not spent, and the chunks are in places where they are more likely to get burned continuously, and cleanly.
  6. It was a success. it took exactly two hours (5 lbs boneless roast). The dome temp was steady around 300F, and Meater probe shows 280F ambient temperature. Took it out at temp, and let it rest for 30 minutes. The crust was wonderful, and it was flavorful even without using any sauce (horseradish sauce). I dry brined the meat for two days. I will try roasting it at 250F next time to get the roast pink from edge to edge, rather than using my Joetiserrie. Thanks, @John Setzler
  7. My target temp is 135F, I am planning to stop cooking when the internal temperature reaches 125F-127F.
  8. I am planning to roast a 5 lbs roast using joetiserrie at 300F. I think two hours should be enough. Thoughts? Should I allocate more? Thanks.
  9. The direction of the fire is from the spot nearest to the bottom vent, and going back to the opposite side. I would prefer to burry the chunks so they will burn cleanly, but if that does not work, I guess I just have to stir the coal and burry it after it comes to temp.
  10. I use KJ2 with Kick Ash Basket. I placed two fist size chunks of wood at the bottom of the basket toward the opposite side of the bottom vent, and buried it with good size charcoal (Fogo). I lit the charcoal with a propane torch close close to the vent (the opposite side of the chunks). The smoker is not at temp yet, but the chunks were ignited. Which is fine, but it frustrating that when the ceramic is properly heated up, the chunks have been consumed. Do you have any tips/guidance on how to heat the smoker and not wasting chunks? Do I need to put more charcoal?
  11. There is a pinned thread in this forum.
  12. I used to use a Broil King Keg before getting a Kamado Joe. BKK heat deflector was a pan (probably still is now). I purchased a round stone from axner kiln shelves. I have a KJ II now. It worked well, it is heavy, and absorbs heat. However, it was awkward to use. I cannot do two zone cooking, or when reverse searing steaks, handling a hot heavy round stone was not ideal. Especially if the stone is placed in the lower position, not on the x-ring. Take a look at Smoking Dad BBQ Youtube channel. He has a method to heat up the cooker, with the heat deflectors in a pizza configuration. His method works well, and unfortunately it may not work as well with a round deflector. I discover that half moons are much more versatile. I do recommend having a pair of high heat gloves. It makes handling hot deflectors much easier. If it is a matter of preference, you may look for round cordierite shelves from axner.com.
  13. My experience has been that the grate temp is lower than the dome temp. It will always be different, but as long as they are in the same zone, I think I am fine. I need a consistency when I read the dome temp, I should be able to trust that the food is in the same zone. Does not have to be exact. To avoid confusion, I suggest to do a dry run, try to hit and maintain a temperature without any food inside. You can have some ideas on how your kamado behaves. After replacing the KJ thermometer with Tel-Tru, it shows the predictable behavior, the dome temp is higher than grate, and they are consistent when I clipped the Maverick probe to the dome probe. I emailed KJ support with pictures on how I clip the thermometer, the diff between Maverick and KJ. They said it is not normal. They are sending me a replacement.
  14. I agree that the dome temp vs the grate temp will be different. I am not worry about it. However, this is not about dome vs grate. This is dome vs dome. My original post is about digital thermometer probes (Maverick, FlameBoss) clipped at the dome thermometer probe. The tip of the probes were about two inches apart, and they were different about 30 to 40 F compared to the KJ dome thermometer probe. The higher the temp, the wider the gap. KJ thermometer always showed a lower temp. I used a Tel-True BBQ thermometer (made for Kamado style cooker), clipped the digital thermometer probes the same way, and the difference was only about 5F. I think it is much more reasonable. I am sticking with that thermometer for now, and I will test the thermometer with another thermometer clipped in with my next few cooks.
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