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  1. I used to visit forums.bigsteelkeg.com in the past. I tried to check it out last week and the url did not work. It did not work just now. I am wondering, what did happen with that forum? Does anyone know?
  2. Thanks, at least my experience is a common one. I am not concerned that the ceramic still hot/warm. I was surprised to see that the fire was not snuffed out.
  3. I grilled this afternoon for dinner, and I was done at 5:30 PM. Closed both dampers and then cleaned up. Three hours later, I checked the grill. It was warm, so I opened the dome to let hot air escapes. To my surprise, I noticed a red ember. It has been three hours since I closed all vents. I was grilling with high heat. When I closed the dampers, I was expecting that the fire would consume all the oxygen quite soon. If I found one or two embers after three hours, is that mean my Kamado Joe is leaking?
  4. I am using the grate temp. I used two thermometer, the dome thermometer, and a grate thermometer secured with an alligator clip. It is fascinating to see that during my dry run, the dome thermometer is 10F lower than the grate. With BKK, I usually let the temp rose to 400F, put the diffuser, and the cold meat, and the temp would drop to 200F, then slowly going up and stabilizes to 225F. It did not happen with Kamado Joe. I think it is much responsive to the vent adjustment. I put the meat in after about 30 minutes since I started the fire. The dome and the body were st
  5. Hi, I am a new Kamado Joe owner, I have been using Broil King Keg for the last ten years. I am trying to understand my new grill (Classic II). After I setup my grill, I did a dry run. I used the grill without the meat, and tried to hit 225F and 350F. I found that I had to open the vent quite a bit to hit 225F, and then I had to keep adjusting it down, as the body of the grill becomes warmer. I think the ceramic body absorbs the heat and as it starts radiating heat, the fire has to be smaller. I finally found the vent configuration where I could maintain 225F
  6. I used to use 90% isopropyl alcohol, but it is very hard to get one. I use a folded paper towel soaked in cooking oil.
  7. How is temperature control with this new model? I have the old one and I remember there was a significant learning curve in controlling the temperature. I ended up hammering the lower plate to get a better seal.
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