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  1. Accidentally let grill get waaaay too hot. The top vent is now loose and turns very easily. Burned paint off. Grill grate looks brown. What should I do to ensure it is still good airtight and ready for next grilling?
  2. this is exactly what I want to do, even have some scrap deck boards. BUT my big issue is that mine stays outside and I already have the char griller cover for it. If I put it in a table, the cover will no longer work. any luck with a cover that will fit this with the table.
  3. Gotta give shout out to Zach in customer service for Char Griller. Had an issue with my CG digital thermometer. Had a probe come apart on my after about 5 uses. He sais no problem, send it in we will send you a new one. I sent it in problem was, they never got it. USPS apparently lost the package. Zach said they need the bad one in order to ship out a new one. We emailed back and forth. Great response time as well. I was angry and thought I was gonna have to buy a replacement. Zach talked with his supervisor and sent a replacement out anyway!! :D Thanks to CG for making it right by me. Got the probe in the mail today.
  4. What is a good temp to smoke a turkey on the akorn?
  5. trying to keep it really low temp to smoke jerky. I have a brinkmann all in one LP smoker. runs way too hot for jerky so I am looking for alternative ways to heat. tried a hot plate and it did not quite get hot enough. only got to 111. My next question is would replacing the high pressure burner with a low pressure burner give me more control with the heat? My problem with the high pressure is that if I turn it down too low, it blows out. would a low pressure burner help with this?
  6. 1. Thanksgiving turkey. would a water pan be necessary to keep from dry turkey? or is it even needed? 2. Ring of fire video shows using charcoal briquettes. can same be accomplished with lump? I thought briquettes were not a good idea due to added chemicals.
  7. OK I see. Pretty tedious, but possible. It would probably be tough to access the coal with the multiple racks of jerky on it, which brings up the other issue which is finding enough rack room for the jerky.
  8. Need some advice on how to get a smoker into the 150-160 range to smoke jerky. I make jerky from ground using a jerky cannon. I have always used a dehyudrator, but the smoked jerky tastes so much better. I have and akorn and sure there is no way to keep the temp low eough. I also have a propane brinkmann all in one but also cannot keep the the temp low enough. the burner keeps going out. I attempted to put a hot plate in the brinkmann but could only manage about 111 degrees. My next thought is to see if the dehydrator trays will fit inside the all in one and use the hot plate to smoke the meat for some time and then put them on the dehydrator???? Any advice? have gotten some here, but seeing if this board can spark some more.
  9. tried a hot plate today and it would smoke, but only got to 111 degrees. need about 60 more degrees.
  10. this is about exaclty how I did them except I did not add sauce. Wife likes them dry. they are awesome
  11. I have an old cheapo Brinkman LP smoker, the bullet type. I am wanting a smoker for jerky so I need something that can control a very low temp. like 150-175 or close. I don't use that old smoker now that I have my Akorn and was wondering if it would be easy to convert it to an electric with an element???? If so, how would one go about doing this?
  12. I have repeated this for fall off the bone ribs. I love it.
  13. thanks for the recipes. JM that 2nd one looks amazing. the first one looks easy and efficient for a good side too.
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