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    Pellet Joe Seems to be availible in Canada now https://www.johnstones.com/kamado-joe-pellet-joe.html
  2. 700 done temp is a different temo than what the Dojoe sees underneath it directly above the flame which will be significantly hotter. Kamados are not good tools but not for Neapolitan Pizza. The Dojoe and for better words a Kamado were never designed to work with that type of dough. I too have a Roccbox for when i do Neapolitan Pizza, it's one of those things that needs a specialty tool.
  3. This is a joke right, did you read the manual? Honestly i think a lot of these posts i see nowadays are trolling posts, posts from new members never to be heard of again, or just people that don't read the manual. Why would you think you could place a hot stone on plastic? Replacement parts can be bought from any authorized dealer, better yet when you google it the aluminum ones come up from Chadwick's and the HDPE kit comes up from Amazon. Hence why I question these posts, you took enough time to register to complain on a forum, but didn't have enough time to google it and find your answer in about 2 seconds. I don't post a lot but lately i see quite a bit of this kind of thing, raises and eye brow or two.
  4. Just noticed the new Kamado Joes being sold on ABT. Check the link below for the Big Joe III. Weighs in at almost double what a Big Joe II weighs now. Price increase as well. https://www.abt.com/product/129463/Kamado-Joe-Big-Joe-III-Red-Ceramic-Grill-BJIII.html Also you can find the classic there being sold as well.
  5. @KamadoSalim if your looking to make Neapolitan Style pzzas, then a Kamado is not the best tool to do that, there are better options. Running a dojoe at 850F -900F would keep so much heat in that I would sususpect nothing good would come from that.
  6. It's possible the temp gauge was off on the upper end and maybe you were higher than what it read and that contributed to your gasket turning like that. I believe the gaskets are rated for 1000F, it would be hotter at the gasket that the thermometer. Also the deflectors would shoot heat sideways toward the gaskets so it's possible your gaskets were quite a bit above 1000F. I always try to get both of my deflectors when makings pizza above the gaskets for this reason. Just a theory
  7. I think Kamado Joe should have put another support on the motor side just inside the ring and machined the rod round so that it was supported equally inside. That would also take some of the load off the motor. They should have also used bushings on where it spins to prevent the aluminum having a groove worn into it over time. I prevent this by wrapping the end in aluminum foil so that the rod spins inside the aluminum foil and the Kamado Joe aluminum ring stays like new. Heck the should have made the rod 3/8" and and machined the motor end of the rod down or just use a 3/8" motor. Come to think of it, maybe I just gave myself a project to improve the Kamado Joe rotisserie.
  8. You were cooking in the upper end at 450C or 842F correct, for how long?
  9. odamaK


    Ah, but it tastes to good to not have them together.
  10. I find the rod bends or bows in the centre if theres most of the weight in the centre this making it harder for the motor to spin trying load. I found this true even when spinning two medium sized birds.
  11. I am pretty sure the burgers have not been flipped yet, hence they are not seared on the top in the photo yet.
  12. @LargeRedJoe when doing whole birds, I use the divide and conquer and split the fire box in the middle. Coals in the back and I light three spots. Dead centre of the D&C and one on each the righ and left side of the divide and conquer. I also place aluminum foil to block the front air holes in the ash grate and another piece of foil shaped like the bowl in the front half of the D&C with a lip that folds over the D&C toward the coals to catch drips and funnel it into the sudo foil drip bowl. Results in in less smoke and very little mess and cleanup in the Kamado. I buy 3-4 lb chickens and at 350 takes about 90 minutes doing two birds at once. I dry brine with rub mixed with baking powder not baking soda anc corn starch. A ratio of 8 parts rub, 1 part baking powde, 1part corn starch. Pat dry the night before and sprinkle the rub on. While led they are coking I lightly brush some olive oil on them. I buy my chickens at Costco, in the three pack. So far so good, crispy skin, and very moist. I have ave to remember to take picks of these Cook’s, pictures show a lot more than words. You won’t regret the joetisserie, it’s awesome.
  13. odamaK


    I have to say I love the juiciness of chicken that comes off a rotisserie. The other day I made Picanha with home made e chimmi churri, and all I can say is that the flavour of the charcoal, and self basting made this one of the best flavoured meats I have had in recent times. All I had on it was salt and pepper but I could not believe how good it tastes. I used a top sirloin with the cap on, Costco in Canada sells it already cut into 2. " strips. Also I like the ease of it, just fork it and spin it. Mind me saying this but it makes cooking these fool proof in some ways.
  14. The new model is supposed to be sold alonsiide the current model so there may not be any deals. Also the new model will be more expensive. The big Joe in Canada the previous model kamado Joe retailed for $1899 plus tax. The current model big joe with air lift hinge model sells for $2699 plus tax. Safe to assume the newer model will go up possibly over $3000 plus tax. So the upcoming additonal model is almost double the original model in cost. You can keep waiting for the latest and greatest and pay the cost that goes with it or just buy one and cook and start enjoying now. Kamado joe to me has gone the way of smart big business, now every couple of years they make changes and people jump on the bandwagon and upgrade, regardless of the fact that you have a great warranty, and there's nothing wrong with their current bbq. Heck some of the best grilling all ove r the world and specifically in Argentina comes from an open fire pit, no technology there, just straight good wood and .meat. All I'm saying is the longer you wait the less you cook.
  15. I may be wrong but this motor has the same shape, size, and pattern there was no mystery to make it work. Amazon rates it at 20 lbs whereas the stainless one is 40 lbs but that may be misinformation so I take that with a grain of salt. Here is only fires websits of the item http://www.onlyfireoutdoor.com/Product/product/id/109.html Onlyfore make rods, forks etc. So it's not too far to think kamado Joe used them for the motor, Rod and forks and a casting company for the ring. We live in a global supply chain world where may parts get used by many different manufactures.
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