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  1. Hello again gurus! I hope everyone had a nice, safe, and delicious Thanksgiving! As a Black Friday courtesy, I am going to drop the price of this Big Joe to $599 OBO. I will also throw in a Kamado Joe cover. Happy holidays!
  2. Hello Gurus! I am looking to sell my Kamado Joe Big Joe I, red color. I am the original owner and bought it in 2015. It is available for pick-up in Tampa Bay, FL. $700 OBO Thanks!
  3. Interesting. Isn't Pepe's what Ken gushes about in his book? From the quick search that I did, I was unable to find any local places selling sourdough pizza. You're right though: most people probably associate pizza with cheap and quick food.
  4. I agree. I am very happy with these pies! I have been raving about SD pizza for a while. The SD recipe in Forkish's book gives me amazing results too. Why is it so hard to find sourdough pizza locally?
  5. Sooo, I made this loaf again with only 50g starter. I also kept a closer eye on the consistency over the last 18 hrs. It looks like the dough continually gets thinner and thinner. However, when it came time to bake this time, it was fairly manageable for no-knead bread and was nowhere near the consistency of pancake batter. Overall, a bit gummy inside but a very decent loaf for the amount of time/effort spent. I also like that I didn't have to wait an extra 12 hrs to form 100g starter.
  6. Mr Cue - those look great! I'm looking for a 'smashing tool' for the burgers. What did you use?
  7. What is the recommended tool for smashing the burgers? If it's a spatula, which one in particular? Thanks!
  8. I will try creating a more balanced levain next time, as you recommend. I'm not sure the point that the dough starts turning so thin, I'll have to keep an eye on it. Could it be because the dough is sitting out in a warm kitchen?
  9. I read through the entire book and gained tips that I will apply during my next pizza cook. It was interesting reading about the history of pizza, the strict Neapolitan pizza regulations in Naples, and the types of pizzas found in different regions of the USA. There's also useful recipes in the second half of the book for making different pizza sauces, pizza crusts (including sourdough), and tips for pairing cheese(s). One complaint: there's a lot of repetition. Forkish repeated several thoughts in the first half of his book, almost as though he expected readers to skip the prior secti
  10. I've tried this recipe as well as the NY Times no-knead variant. Both times, the initial consistency is on the sticky side but is still cohesive. It's not until after the 24-hr rise that I find the dough to be liquefied like pancake batter. How can this be solved? I want to confirm that if I need 100g of starter and add 50g (1:1) starter to another 25g water and 25g flour that the 100g starter is created with proper hydration? Thanks!
  11. Great looking pie! I am at the Ingredients & Equipment section now and have learned quite a bit about pizza. I'm looking forward to getting to the recipes!
  12. I like the simplicity of this recipe. What modifications would be needed to use AP flour? Thanks.
  13. This looks great Andy! I think I'm going to try it with dough made from JBB's book. Did you season the salmon or parbake it at all?
  14. Thanks Ben, I ordered the book. Most pizza books seem to be based on the home oven, so I think conversions to higher temp cooking would be needed regardless. Do you think it's all about hydration?
  15. Ben - have you had a chance to bake a pizza from Forkish's book yet? Does it seem 'worth it'? What tools are required in the recipes? Thanks.
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