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  1. I'm selling my Vision Classic. Price is $260. Cooker is in great shape! Here's the Craigslist posting: https://fortmyers.craigslist.org/lee/for/6308435544.html I am having a problem uploading images, contact me if you need more info... Thanks!!
  2. That's the one I got also. I think its just as good as TRX, buckles are the same... straps may be just a tiny bit thinner.. still works fine, though. I use a regular TRX at the gym and the other one at home. If I watched enough tv, I would try to get in the habit of doing exercises during commercials, but that ain't happened yet
  3. After a rough 2016, I've been working on getting back in some kind of shape. Shoulder surgery last year, a vehicle accident mixed with old age, bad liver and a taste for craft beer caused me to pile on about 30 lbs. The extra weight was causing balance and pain problems and I am working to get it off. I started out with the 10,000 step walking thing, and then caught the fitness bug and decided to join a gym to beat the Florida heat. I bought a few books on weight training, the most influential was Lou Schuler's, "The New Rules of Lifting for Life". That book changed my outlook on fitness and what a 'good' workout is. I realized it involves a lot more than just lifting as much weight as you can and getting bigger muscles. After a couple of months of weight training, I found I'd gained an extra 10 lbs and had less balance and stability than before, probably because muscles were getting 'unbalanced'. I'm sure the muscle balance concept is debatable but after working out for a couple of months doing squats and leg exercises, I was having a hard putting pants on without sitting down. My balance was terrible. Worse, I was getting bored and not liking my workout routine. My gym has a TRX station so I started using it. Its practical because nobody else really bothers with it, the trainers show people an exercise occasionally, but seldom do I see anyone use the straps -- so no waiting in line. There is a bit of a learning curve involved and my gym has no posters or classes to help newbies, but there's a ton of stuff on YouTube for different exercises and technique. The thing I like about the TRX/suspension training is its a small amount of equipment that can go anywhere. Just some buckles, handles and wide nylon straps. You can hang it over a door in a hotel room or a tree limb or wherever you want. You're using your own body weight, so you're core muscles are getting a good workout, and you can build your arms, legs, chest, back, etc., as much as you want. I think there's probably less chance to hurt yourself when you are working with body weight, rather than barbells and dumbbells. It reminds me of the gymnastic rings from high school PE. I'm getting some balance back, and regaining some strength in my legs and hips. Most important is that I enjoy the workout. The trademark TRX stuff is expensive but if you're on a budget look on amazon, you can find some clones that are reasonably priced and just as good.
  4. Thanks for all the replies. K-ville I think you might be right about the sugar in the dough, I'll try a different kind, maybe even from scratch. Anyone have a link for the Divide and Conquer system? I looked several places and it seems I have to buy everything separately, no one appears to sell it as a unit.
  5. Finally got back to my Vision after a long hiatus. Fired up to around 450 with the vision lava rock as the diffuser and a Smokey Joe pizza stone/diffuser on the top rack. Pillsbury pizza dough on a staninless steel pizza peel, suitably greased with olive oil. First problem was getting the pizza from the peel to the pizza stone. Second problem was the scorched bottom of the pizza crust. I tried twice, both times it got too done, although the second was better. This morning I've been checking out the Divide and Conquer system of Smokey Joe and the Adjustable Rig from the Ceramic Grill Store. It's a little confusing with all the options, so I thought I'd send a shout out to the Kamodo Guru's for some advice. Which system gives me the most versatility, and will it end my scorched pizza crust? Thanks!
  6. 1095 Carbon steel is good stuff and relatively inexpensive. Easy to sharpen, and holds and edge pretty well. If you want to get a really nice patina on the blade, soak it in some boiling apple cider vinegar for a few minutes and it will look great. Of course you'll have to sharpen it again, for some reason the vinegar dulls the edge slightly.
  7. I haven't used the classic joe, but I have some experience with the Vision classic, which I think might be a little bigger than KJ. So far I'm really pleased with the Vision, particularly the stainless components rather than powder coated. Living in FL with high humidity seems to rust most everything and stainless helps. The side tables are a little weak, I'm not going to set a bag of lump on them, but I didn't think they were THAT much stronger on the KJ. Probably a cyprus table would be the way to eliminate this problem. The rack system at the Ceramic grill store will give you quite a bit of cooking space and looks to be a convenient way to cook and change racks as necessary for temperature purposes. I paid $450 for the Vision, and the cost of a classic Joe at my local dealer is $999. After owning the Vision for a month or more, I would suggest getting the Vision and racks from the CGS then spend the rest on ribs and brisket.
  8. I'm beginning to understand a little more about this kamado cooking on the classic and so far I'm really jazzed, I like it. I'd like to get your opinion on charcoal. I've got a birthday party coming up Monday and will be cooking three chickens -- probably roasting them with a Puerto Rican spice, for a family get together. The pressure is on, its my wife's family, and I want this to be tasty! So far, I've tried two kinds of charcoal, the first was Royal Oak from Home Depot and then I got a bag of Cowboy at WalMart. I did a roast chicken with the RO and it was perfect, just a hint of smoke flavor -- but I was running out of charcoal in the firebox and pulled it at 161 degrees, thinking it would it would come up a couple degrees as it sat. Next time I'll wait until 165 Then I tried beer can chicken with the Cowboy charcoal and 1 chuck of applewood. The smoke flavor was too strong and although the chicken was pretty good when I first pulled it off, left-overs had a strong smoke taste. Its possible I didn't have the cowboy charcoal burned enough and there was too much smoke, but it was at the right temperature. Last night I cooked a London Broil, making sure the fire was hot and there was very little smoke coming out the chimney (450 degrees). The steak came out great, but the smoke flavor was a little strong and since I didn't add any wood for flavor, I'm convinced this is from the charcoal. Cowboy lump is probably made from Mesquite since it comes from Texas/Mexico and it seemed there were some 'branches' in the bag. Mesquite is great for grilling steak, but I've always thought it was too bitter for smoked meats. Years ago a guy from Texas told me it was fine for brisket, ribs or pork butts as long as you brined it or sprayed the meat with some kind of citrus juice during the cook. I know there are a lot of people who like Cowboy lump, but from here on out, I'm probably going to scratch it from my list. But, maybe I'm missing something here, and there's a way to get a milder flavor from the Cowboy lump.
  9. I stopped by my local Kamado Joe dealer and he has Heat Deflector and the triangle that holds it for around $30 bucks. I think its the old style that you had to purchase in addition when you bought a Joe. Now, the new Joes have the Divide and Conquer system.The Deflector is 15" and looks like it would make a great pizza stone and the stainless triangle seems like a good way to hold the lava rock deflector. I am sure it would fit on the vision firebox, but I haven't taken my tape measure to the store. Any suggestions? Seems like it is about 1/2 the price of a woo ring/spider/pizza stone setup that I see on the Ceramic Grill Store. Although it doesn't offer the expansion capabilities that that the Adjustable Rig has, and I don't know if it would work if I went to a D&C system sometime in the future.... hmmm....
  10. Personal experience is its pretty easy. 5 gallon food safe bucket with lid, prepare brine according to taste, insert turkey -- if frozen, don't add ice, if thawed, add ice, leave overnight (more if frozen) and use cheesecloth soaked in brine to cover bird in cooker. Brining is the best! A search on the internet will give results from USDA guidelines -- years ago brining was just as popular as canning fruit. Before the supermarkets took over. I still think brining is the best way to cook poultry and pork chops. Good luck!
  11. thanks for the input everyone. I think I might have to use an actual pizza stone with the diffuser now but... until I get one, I have a great cast iron fajita pan that might work just great! Pizza will be oval, but I'm not sure that matters.BSA post #2 -- thanks for the tip on the gaskets. Pity they don't do the 700 degree stuff. As time goes by I will make some rack modifications, but for now I would just like to use it the way it ships.My past experience is to buy all this extra stuff and then find its not that useful. I find with cooking (for me, anyhow) simple is always better. Whether its receipes or equipment, the simple always seems to work out the best.
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