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  1. So I'm thinking of getting a KJ Junior to compliment my larger kamado. I am planning to fit it into my newly built table on a pull out drawer. 

    The alcove into which it will go is not high enough for the kamado in the stand. 

    Is it possible to sit the kamado on the drawer? 

    Obviously on a ceramic tile to protect the surface from heat. Does the Jr absolutely need to be on the stand? 

  2. Skreef, very sorry to read about your loss. As a parent I can't imagine how awful it is to lose a child.

    Fwiw I do think that guns make it too easy to kill people. Here in the UK, guns are basically illegal and our murder rate is far far lower than places where guns are more prevalent. Honestly one of the most stupid things I've heard is the "guns don't kill people, people kill people."

  3. Thanks for all the replies folks. I got the 4000. And I did get the diffuser as I do really want to be doing low and slow cooks and also it allows a low grill platform to be used, which is great for searing.

    Is the keg tool included as well or do I have to get that separately?

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