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  1. Bgosnell151

    "Finex" High End cast iron cookware

    I wish more would come with the double handles instead of the long handle. That is the only issue I have with the Classic, you really can’t fit much of a CI pan in it. I have the Lodge Dutch oven with the double handed lid that can be used as a pan and like it.
  2. Bgosnell151

    CÔTE de boeuf on the Joe jr

    Wow, that is a gorgeous looking cook!
  3. Bgosnell151

    prehistoric pellet cooker

    That’s awesome... now get those Big Joes or KKs!!!
  4. Bgosnell151

    Hello from Cincinnati!

    Welcome... now throw a whole chicken on that bad boy and enter the monthly challenge!!!
  5. Bgosnell151

    prehistoric pellet cooker

    Welcome TPA
  6. Bgosnell151

    prehistoric pellet cooker

    Wait, people come in there to buy KJs???
  7. Bgosnell151

    New from Jupiter, Fl

    Welcome to the board!!!
  8. Bgosnell151

    Hello from Mountains of North Carolina

    Welcome and enjoy!!!
  9. Bgosnell151

    Lid will not stay up

    Mine won’t stay up when it rains.
  10. Bgosnell151

    Greetings from New England

    Welcome from Lowell!!! We have some great members from the area.
  11. Bgosnell151

    Porch Package

    Awesome!!! Both of them.
  12. Bgosnell151

    What did they feed that chicken?!?!

    I forgot to add the pic of them sauced with some homemade bbq sauce.
  13. Bgosnell151

    Chicken Shawarma and Naan Bread

    That is a good looking meal!
  14. Bgosnell151

    Simple Oven Baked Chicken

    Wow, that looks awesome. I love comfort food, and this would hit the spot. You mentioned forgetting how to use your oven, I was cooking dinner the other night and the boys said they wanted chicken nuggets. Instead of fighting them to eat something they didn’t want, I threw them in the KJ with our chicken kabobs. My wife asked me if I planned on starting the kids dinner anytime soon, and I told her it was almost done. I’m pretty sure there was a bit of annoyance in her chuckle when I brought them in off the grill.
  15. Bgosnell151

    What did they feed that chicken?!?!

    OK, I admit, they are turkey. Man do I love turkey. After offering up my suggestion of turkey legs to @Panchango, I really had no choice in my mind as to what to cook today.