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  1. 38 hour drive... hmmm. How can I tell my new employer I need a new pizza oven and I’ll be back in a week. and that’s awesome you gifted your Vision.
  2. I got a new job and it’s harder for me to fire up the KJ on weekdays. Soooo, I went out and got be a new toy. 2 burner cast iron griddle.
  3. Threw a bunch of chicken legs and breasts on the grill. Did half with barbecue sauce and half with salt and pepper. Added some zucchini and squash and turned out to be a pretty good meal for the fam.
  4. Wait, what is this appetizer? Fried Provolone? I need more info on this!!!
  5. Grew up in York, PA. Every year our field trip was, in the spring Inner Harbor, and in the fall Gettysburg.
  6. just an update... everything turned out great on the butt... doing another tonight for a party tomorrow. woohooooo!!!
  7. Let me know if you need some more in-depth instructions on how I did it. They are very easy and taste great.
  8. Well, I failed. It reached 200° at 9:53 instead of 10:00. Jk, looks great and ready for it’s nap until 2.
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