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  1. Bgosnell151

    Steak Tips and Grilled Lettuce

    I also add a tiny bit of lemon juice to the olive oil.
  2. Bgosnell151

    Steak Tips and Grilled Lettuce

    Hahaha, to me, it brings out more flavor in the lettuce. I love it.
  3. Bgosnell151

    Steak Tips and Grilled Lettuce

    Even Bruce Wayne thought it looked good!!!
  4. Did a quick dinner on the KJ tonight. I marinated the steak tips for about 6 hours, then threw them on the grill as it got to 425. I added the lettuce shortly after for our salads. Everything turned out really yummy.
  5. Bgosnell151

    probe thermometers

    There are a lot af variables to why they may read differently, and the above is one of them. If you have it close to the meat, that may actually cool the probe and it may read lower. Overall though, much like stated above, I wouldn’t get too carried away with the temp of the grill. It’s more important for it to be stable than it is to try to get an exact temp. Your meat temp is much more important.
  6. Bgosnell151

    Peri Peri Roti Chicken

    You really need to stop posting pics of you KK so I can focus on the amazing food you put out!!! How would the peri peri compare to jerk seasoning?
  7. Looks fantastic. I’ve never had real grits before.
  8. Bgosnell151

    70-Day Dry Aged Tomahawk Ribeye Steaks

    The answer to my question is in the pics.
  9. Bgosnell151

    70-Day Dry Aged Tomahawk Ribeye Steaks

    Looks amazing!!! seared at 1500 degrees - did you do that on a Kamado?
  10. Bgosnell151

    Who’s smoking what for Xmas dinner?

    Thanks TKO and Keeper... I had just found the one from DirtBuddy, which refers me to Project Smoke. Going to give it a whirl!!!
  11. Bgosnell151

    Who’s smoking what for Xmas dinner?

    Anybody ever use tea to smoke meat? I wanted to try tea smoked duck, but not sure where to start.
  12. Bgosnell151

    Who’s smoking what for Xmas dinner?

    Cold smoked salmon smoked duck
  13. Thanks Freddy. Yup, I live in Lowell and it’s probably my second favorite butcher shop in the area. Great selection. In a on a side note, Alpine and Merrimack Ales just released an exclusive beer together. It’s a chocolate peanut butter stout. Drinking one as we speak.
  14. Bgosnell151

    How do you control your heat?

    Someone once posted on here that they will adjust the bottom vent if they need a change of 10-15 degrees or more. The top vent was for fine tuning. I agree with this completely.
  15. Bgosnell151

    Taco Tuesday - chicken tacos

    That might be the most fantastic thing ever... Santa, if you’re reading this!!!