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  1. I recently reached out and it took 6 days to get a response. The response was that a replacement was already in the mail. I received that part within that week. Again, they are and have been top notch.
  2. I was actually just about to post that I just opened up a new bag of RO and there was considerably more large chunks in there. I really like it, especially for high heat cooks. Have always been a KJ BB for low and slow overnight cooks.
  3. Haven’t had luck with Wicked Good. It seemed to pop a lot for me. Burnt my favorite shirt and haven’t gone back since. It’s been 2 years since I’ve tried it though, so maybe it improved.
  4. Woe, wait a minute!!! That meal looks fantastic, but what is this cocktail? I don’t know what Sangrita is.
  5. You know, I find that typically as well. This one I got at the butcher shop instead of the super market and it definitely had more marbling. I don’t know if it was that, or they need to get to a medium temp to be that tender. I am a relative rookie at tri-tips, being from New England.
  6. I pulled it off at 130 and wrapped it in foil fo 10 min. It definitely carried a little beyond the 135, but still super moist.
  7. Heard they stopped making 151. Could be a false report.
  8. Had a few friends over for my wife’s birthday. I made her fave... tri-tip covered in Hardcore Carnivore Black. First time I made prosciutto wrapped asparagus, but how hard is that. Turned out awesome, as did the baked potatoes.
  9. Recently started using the RO tumbleweed style starters. Wish they burned a little longer. Those that have tried the tumbleweed and the Weber squares, do the squares burn longer?
  10. I am down to 2 main “grills”: KJ Classic II and a propane griddle. 9 times out of ten, I use my KJ as I live the flavor it gives me. I do also use them in tandem by searing on the griddle with things like brats and such.
  11. do you shop online for this? I cannot seem to find the Chunx online, but interested in trying it.
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