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  1. Bgosnell151

    Pulled A Fast One; Chopped A Second One

    Looks fantastic. I have a new liking for chopped chicken, and I’ve always loved pulled pork!!!
  2. Bgosnell151

    Chicken Thighs, Carrots, and Potatoes

    It is really awesome. A bit of a bite, but not too much.
  3. Shoutout to @Dub for the recipe for the Alabama White Sauce. Wow, that is unbelievable!!!
  4. Bgosnell151

    What does everyone use for rub?

    Lane’s Pork U on chicken is awesome!!!
  5. Bgosnell151

    Moreton Bay Bugs and Salmon

    This may be a stupid question, but are the bugs the same or similar to lobster? Or as we New Englanders refer to them, Lobstah.
  6. Like Mike, I use a drip pan. I keep it up off the deflectors. I also spatchcock almost every chicken I do. I start skin side down and pour some apple cider vinegar so it puddles. Once it has either soaked in or evaporated, I flip it over. I cook mine a little hotter than Mike, at about 350-375. i think the drip pan helps a lot. When the chicken grease hits the deflector, it creates a bad tasting smoke. Think of it like spilling grease in an electric stovetop. The drip pan minimizes this affect.
  7. Bgosnell151

    Pork Belly 2 Ways

    I have tried pork belly several ways and enjoyed it. My wife, not so much. I think I might have to try how you roasted it. For her, it is the texture that she doesn’t like. Both look fantastic. Taking the burnt ends out of the pan is another great idea. Great looking cook!
  8. Bgosnell151

    ck sk Homemade BBQ Sampler

    I truly have no words for what you created. That is a thing of beauty!!!
  9. Bgosnell151

    Should I eat it or not?!

    I always prefer to be safe for things like this. I probably would head back to the story and get a new butt. Take it out of the it paychecks for letting it in the truck.
  10. Bgosnell151

    Help a newbie!

    And if you really want to get crazy, you could butterfly it and stuff it with whatever you want. I’ve done anything from blueberry pie filling to prosciutto and provolone. Cook it nice and slow with very minimal wood for smoking.
  11. Bgosnell151

    Finally finished my table.

    Great work!!!
  12. Bgosnell151

    Well D**M

    Great news!!!
  13. Bgosnell151

    Pizzas on the Big Joe

  14. Bgosnell151

    Sunday meatfeast

  15. Bgosnell151

    Dinner for tonight and lunch for the week

    My wife and I love the Harcore Carnivore Black. Just the right amount of kick.