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  1. that bacon wrapped shrimp looks delicious. Did the cheddar cheese overpower the shrimp?
  2. Ohhhh, I am going to check around to see if I can find any.
  3. That looks amazing. Great cook and love the creativity in it.
  4. I remember when you built that... I thought by now the sunlight would have bleached out some of the red to make it orange!!!
  5. yeah, that oval sure seems to maximize usable space.
  6. My two favorite are: 1. ham, cheese and baked beans 2. cherry pie filling this brings back memories of my childhood. Wow is it dusty in this room?!?!
  7. Why can I only like this post once? I want to like it 10 more times!!!
  8. As a Mets fan and not a Yankees fan, you are more than welcome to our Boston beer!!!
  9. To save more money as a kid and study harder so I had a better job. This would give me more money and I would have my KK.
  10. It’s a picnic, yes. I generically call anything I make into pulled pork a butt... which is incorrect.
  11. Update... they are resting intently, for about a half an hour now. Made my finishing sauce to add a little bit for when I pull these guys, then in the fridge they go until we leave for Maine tomorrow and will be eaten on Saturday.
  12. I use Franks Buffalo/Ranch rub. For the sauce I heat Louisiana wing sauce with butter and add it to the wings. I on’t glaze the wings until after they are pulled off the grill either.
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