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  1. I really want brisket now... and I’m not a huge fan of it.
  2. Like @prowe, I agree 100% with this. You should be able to get it done with Royal Oak, but getting something like a KJ Big Block, you’d make it with ease. KJ is just a brand I tried that I really like, not the only high quality stuff out there.
  3. That price is crazy good... but not quite as good as the cook!!! Cooked to perfection.
  4. It’s beer with 2Tbsp Dijon mustard.
  5. Maybe I just tipped my hand and showed all my cards for my future entry.
  6. I should have roasted the peppers and onions on another grill to qualify for the April challenge, but I didn’t. I figured this is such a simple cook that it didn’t stand a chance.
  7. I have a KJ Classic II and love it. I rarely wish I had more space than I have, so the Big Joe would prolly be a waste for me right now. As my boys grow, we’ll see if that changes.
  8. I think I sliced it wrong... but it was darn good!!!
  9. About to throw a decent size bone in pork sirloin roast on... wish me luck.
  10. What are your winters like though? And I’m not saying it was definitely the temp. RO definitely doesn’t burn as long as KJ.
  11. Overnight without a controller isn’t an issue here. The last time I did one it got down to -15 out, so when I got up in the AM, I was out of fuel as it had to work a bit harder than normal... plus I was using Royal Oak vs KJ Big Block. But that still wasn’t an issue.
  12. I rn in the hotter side compared to most, but not that hot. I have found, and this just may be me, that going over 325 didn’t give me an even cook. The center of the butt always took much longer and the outside became over cooked.
  13. How do you get the seeds out without halving the pepper?
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