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  1. I primarily use a charcoal rub on my beef and love it!!!
  2. I wasn’t trying to be snarky. I was just relaying what they had told me. I apologize if I came off that way. I had gone 2 years without one breaking (unwrapped). Last week, I got up and went out to cook and found mine broke right in half. It didn’t happen due to bumping it or anything, it just happened because of heating it up, cooling it down repeatedly and that takes a toll on any material. I cannot fathom what wrapping them will do.
  3. KJ just sent me an email telling me it will help.
  4. Have a friend who got this guy... I haven’t used it, but he likes it. http://store.sparqhome.com/products/Details.aspx?p=1366091&c=4761&g=
  5. Be patient and don’t put your food on until you have temps settled in and clear to no smoke coming out. It is very easy to put the food on too early, which can create a bitter flavor. My favorite product I own for my KJ is my wireless thermometer. I can easily monitor temps without lifting the lid. I use a igrill2 and really like it. I am looking to possibly upgrade that to a WiFi thermometer instead of Bluetooth.
  6. Any chance you can share how you did the Canadian Bacon?
  7. Did a seven bone on the KJ today. Pulled it and put it in some fiery chili.
  8. I’m in the exact same boat. I don’t have a soapstone or CI griddle style. I have other “grills” for that.
  9. Interestingly enough, I had my first one break on me after 2 years. I sent the pics to KJ and the are sending me a new one. Great customer service and made it super easy. I did not expect that they would do anything for me, but they are. They also included a note that stated that I should wrap the deflectors in Aluminum foil, which should keep them from breaking. Below, I quoted what they sent, in case I am misreading it. ”We will send you replacement heat deflectors. This item is on back order and I would give a few weeks lead time before we receive them at our facility. Tracking information will be sent to you once the order ships. We recommend wrapping the deflectors in aluminum foil to prevent them from cracking/breaking.”
  10. Curious with lamb, why you use chicken instead of beef broth.
  11. I went as far as scraping the fat from the skin... it really affected the flavor and texture. I’ll never do it again.
  12. Are the half moon Classic II deflector plates the same size as the Classic? I went to pull one of mine out the other day and it was cracked in half.
  13. 38 hour drive... hmmm. How can I tell my new employer I need a new pizza oven and I’ll be back in a week. and that’s awesome you gifted your Vision.
  14. I got a new job and it’s harder for me to fire up the KJ on weekdays. Soooo, I went out and got be a new toy. 2 burner cast iron griddle.
  15. Threw a bunch of chicken legs and breasts on the grill. Did half with barbecue sauce and half with salt and pepper. Added some zucchini and squash and turned out to be a pretty good meal for the fam.
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