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  1. this is one thing that I have been wildly unsuccessful at for some reason. I think I need to take mine off and give it a good cleaning, then be more diligent about getting temps up every so often to keep it clean.
  2. Went to see Wicked last night at the Boston Opera House. I was surprised at how much I enjoyed it. Today I got the itch for some seafood. Grilled some clams and a lobster tail. Added a lemon onto the grill too.
  3. ohhhhhhhh my!!!! can you describe the "spring" and what you did it for?
  4. pulled pork here.... looking forward to it
  5. out of curiosity, would the amount of meat play a role in that.... say you went from 2 racks of ribs to 4 racks.... would it lessen the smoke flavor by adding those 2 additional racks?
  6. I just ate tacos.... they weren't as good as those looked.
  7. to that point, I actually kept a log of my cooks for the first 2-3 months. I kept desired temps, actual temps, initial settings, any adjustments to settings I needed, and length of cook.... probably a little over the top, but I think it helped me learn my cooker.
  8. The battery on the meater is just fine and works over wifi.... the probe connects bluetooth to the block, which is what connects to the wifi, so the drain on the probe is minimal.
  9. I would love to see some pics of this on the Joetisserie if you haven't already done it. fairly new to the Joetisserie and always looking for ideas to use it. All I've done so far is chicken (whole chicken and thighs).
  10. You paid $35 for a wireless? Like no wire from the probe to the unit?
  11. as for shutting it down, I just literally shut both the top and bottom vents. I've never had mildew grow in mine. also, head over to the intro page and introduce yourself when you get the opportunity! glad to have you
  12. Welcome WarEagle.... first off, Go Vols. I can walk through the process that I use for lighting my fire. First, I add charcoal and dig a little hole in the middle and insert a fire starter. Light the first starter and cover with a few pieces of charcoal. I let that go for 15 minutes with the lid open and nothing in the Kamado. Once the fire is going pretty well, I then add in my deflectors and close the lid, but I keep the top completely open. I leave that there until I get near the temp I am looking for before closing down the vents to where I typically keep them for the desired temp. It takes some trial and error to get to the point where you know your settings, but once you get them, they stay pretty consistent. It's crazy how every cooker will ride at different temps at the same exact settings, so hard to tell someone without them just getting a feel for their own. I hope this makes sense, but one thing I always try to do is get a solid foundation of fire before adding deflectors or closing the lid.
  13. the predictive function is completely useless to be honest on the meater... but I still love it!
  14. my only "argument" to this would be that the dome temp was held for 12 hours according to OP.... I don't see how the dome temp could have been held that long of the temp at the rack wasn't that same temp. something does seem odd with a 12 hour cook for ribs.
  15. what internal temp do you take your CSRs to?
  16. I have a Meater Block and love it.... I had to buy a JoeTisserie because I got a Meater Block as a present!
  17. I love that this soapstone is getting passed around.... hope it finds a great home next.
  18. I've started doing boneless thighs on the JoeTisserie... love them.
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