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  1. I recently reached out and it took 6 days to get a response. The response was that a replacement was already in the mail. I received that part within that week. Again, they are and have been top notch.
  2. I was actually just about to post that I just opened up a new bag of RO and there was considerably more large chunks in there. I really like it, especially for high heat cooks. Have always been a KJ BB for low and slow overnight cooks.
  3. Haven’t had luck with Wicked Good. It seemed to pop a lot for me. Burnt my favorite shirt and haven’t gone back since. It’s been 2 years since I’ve tried it though, so maybe it improved.
  4. Woe, wait a minute!!! That meal looks fantastic, but what is this cocktail? I don’t know what Sangrita is.
  5. You know, I find that typically as well. This one I got at the butcher shop instead of the super market and it definitely had more marbling. I don’t know if it was that, or they need to get to a medium temp to be that tender. I am a relative rookie at tri-tips, being from New England.
  6. I pulled it off at 130 and wrapped it in foil fo 10 min. It definitely carried a little beyond the 135, but still super moist.
  7. Heard they stopped making 151. Could be a false report.
  8. Had a few friends over for my wife’s birthday. I made her fave... tri-tip covered in Hardcore Carnivore Black. First time I made prosciutto wrapped asparagus, but how hard is that. Turned out awesome, as did the baked potatoes.
  9. Recently started using the RO tumbleweed style starters. Wish they burned a little longer. Those that have tried the tumbleweed and the Weber squares, do the squares burn longer?
  10. I am down to 2 main “grills”: KJ Classic II and a propane griddle. 9 times out of ten, I use my KJ as I live the flavor it gives me. I do also use them in tandem by searing on the griddle with things like brats and such.
  11. do you shop online for this? I cannot seem to find the Chunx online, but interested in trying it.
  12. This is one of my favorite meals and is super easy to make. I say that, but I took the flank steak a little further than I wanted to. is there any way that anyone knows to make a video smaller to upload it? It’s on an iPhone.
  13. I would throw out another option for you and that would be a flat top. I have a classic II and an 18” cast iron flat top. The work together perfectly and you can do a ton on the griddle.
  14. It is a Canadian dish, but is starting to get some traction in the northeast. Sooo good!!!
  15. actually had a could Captain and Cream sodas.
  16. Just over three years in and I wasn’t worried about the paint chipping in the inside. But now it is starting to look bad in the outside too. The paint chipping continued to spread to the point that it is chipping where the marks are for the settings. I’ve reached out to KJ on this one, but not sure if it’s a three year warranty or not. Either way, it still works great and I’ve already got more than my money out of it.
  17. He everyone. It’s been a while since I posted, but haven’t stopped cooking. In fact, my KJ has a new hope in my back yard with her friend, colonel flat top. We ripped our deck down and put in a new patio. Anyway, last night I had the house to myself. Since I’m the only one in the family that likes wings, it was a perfect opportunity. Prepped with olive oil and Old Bay, grilled at 475°, then tossed in Louisiana Licker sauce. They were fantastic!
  18. Get me out of the dog house. Get me out of troub le. Let me do something for her that’s right, Don’t care if it’s a pain in the ###. this is all I’ve got for a start to the lyrics.
  19. Being asked when you can make them again is the ultimate compliment. They look great.
  20. ^^^I’m with this guy^^^ no wood with my pulled pork.
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