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  1. Ok, I really want this. I love the versatility it appears to give you.
  2. Spacer!!! when I run low and slow on my KJ, I put te deflector in the bottom position, the I put the accessory rack in the middle position and put my drip pan in (typically adding some potatoes, carrots, onions... in it), the my grates in the top position. This will give you less smoke from drippings hitting your deflector. If you have your drip pan right on the deflector, your pan will do the same thing when the drippings hit it. The space between the deflector and pan are key.
  3. You stated in your low and slow that you didn’t rest. Rest redistributes moisture throughout, as it continues to breakdown the fibers. I try to rest mine for anywhere from 2-6 hours. Wrapped in aluminum foil twice, then in a towel and placed in a cooler I prepped by getting it hot by adding hot water to it and dumping it out.
  4. Took a eye round to medium rare and sliced it thin. It had some spicey Montreal steak seasoning on it.
  5. I have a friend who started a company called Got Jerk. The marinade they make is unbelievable.
  6. Think they have an outlet store up in Merrimack now too... so no tax on it.
  7. We really need a drool emoticon at the bottom of the posts instead of like, thank, sad... this earned that!!!
  8. No you’re not!!! My high school club was the same.
  9. I’m starting to agree. I may try one more time by prepping them, minus the scraping of fat off the skin.
  10. I did put the skin back on it after scrapping all the fat off of it. Not saying I disagree, just making sure my process was understood.
  11. Ummmmm, nope. Not showing mine after seeing these!!!
  12. So, I decided to try to prep chicken thighs competition style. I did 4 by pulling off the skin, trimming the fat, and scraping the fat off the skin... and 2 by pulling them out of the package and threw them on the grill. These were for meal prep for the week, so they will go into the fridge and reheated for lunches. My hypothesis, originally, was that they trimmed pieces would come off the grill looking really good, but won’t reheat as well. The lack of fat will dry it out upon reheat. What I didn’t take into acct was that, fat is flavor. Once reheated, I did find the trimmed thighs to be dryer, but more importantly, they lacked some flavor. the bottom picture is all four that were trimmed and prepped comp style. I do imagine that the they were really good straight off the grill, so I will try them again, just not for meal prep.
  13. Were they bitter in flavor? My guess is that you may have put them on as soon as the grill got to temp, and didn’t let it settle. If you don’t let the temps settle, you’ll have thick white smoke, which will give you an acrid, bitter flavor.
  14. Almost dinner time... any nap time up to 6 hours is good.
  15. Interesting he washed his hands between each handling of creating the burgers, but then put them on the grill with his hands and didn’t wash between each. oh, and that grill!!!
  16. Wow... that is fantastic. Great work!!!
  17. London Broil on sale for $1.99 per pound. I trimmed it up and rubbed it down. Back in the fridge until tomorrow.
  18. I start by charring some onions and peppers. After a quick char, I sliced them and put them in a mixture of beer and 2 tablespoons of Dijon mustard. I get that heated up, then add the brats. After they are warmed in it, I then pull the brats out and give them a quick seat.
  19. Market Basket has them almost all of the time. You just have to ask. Not sure where in MA you are, but the Tewksbury one is a never fail for me.
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