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  1. You get similar range. I’ve had both. Overnight cooks, you can daisy chain your connection though. I put my phone in the kitchen and keep my watch on me to be able to see it.
  2. If she kills you, she’ll have you available to make Brunswick stew wi.... never mind.
  3. That’s a s&@t ton of money... more that my dream grill... the beauteous KK
  4. Awesome thanks. I misspoke and meant that you can use up to three probes, but definitely didn’t say it that way.
  5. Great, now I want the iKamand. You sold me on the fact that it makes it easier to start and get to temp. I think J prefer the iKamand over the Flame Boss 400 as you only get one meat probe with the Flame Boss and three with the iKamand. After watching some videos, my only question is, are all iKamands sold now gen 2? I actually have an order in with KJ now, which maybe I can get it a bit sooner if I order the iKamand.
  6. STOP SPENDING MY MONEY JOHN... Hahahaha. I’m a bit of a nerd I love to graph my cooks. When you say a temp controller with a remote for $229-$249, can you give me a few suggestions to look at to see if they have the features I like? By the way, thank you for taking the time to give me your feedback, as well as everyone else on here. I really appreciate it. Just one of the great things about this place.
  7. So my thought is a little different. I don’t understand why anyone would get a full control system. I can get my temps settled and can ride comfortably for 12 hours without checking it. I have 2 young boys that I like to be able to put something on and want to be able to monitor it while I’m on the go with them. These are cheaper than a full control system. I’m not saying that anyone that wants/has a full control system is wrong, just sharing my mindset.
  8. Holy smokes that looks amazing!!! Send one this way, @prowe can split it!!!
  9. Did some pulled pork today... turned out great.
  10. Now so have no clue what to do... that makes it more expensive than the ther.
  11. If you add the bridge, can’t you gain that functionality?
  12. Hey all. After having my igrill2 for 3 years, which included a bout with a rainstorm and no raincoat, it’s getting time to replace it. I really want to move away from Bluetooth and towards WiFi. As my boys get older, I find myself on the go much more. Sure would be nice to be able to monitor my low and slow cooks while going to their games and such. I really like both of these, with each having features that I like more than the other. My favorite feature of each is the ThermoWorks being water resistant while the Fireboard seems to have a much better app experience. I am in the process of planning my outdoor kitchen, which would include a roof over my head (and the thermometers head), so is the water resistance necessary? It’s such a tough choice. I like that the Fireboard is nicely priced at $189 vs the $229 of the ThermoWorks. It does only come with 2 meat probes, but I’m using it with my KJ Classic II, so the need for more than 2 is minimal at this point. I currently have 4 probes, but have never used all 4 at once. anyone have any thoughts or experience with either?
  13. I primarily use a charcoal rub on my beef and love it!!!
  14. I wasn’t trying to be snarky. I was just relaying what they had told me. I apologize if I came off that way. I had gone 2 years without one breaking (unwrapped). Last week, I got up and went out to cook and found mine broke right in half. It didn’t happen due to bumping it or anything, it just happened because of heating it up, cooling it down repeatedly and that takes a toll on any material. I cannot fathom what wrapping them will do.
  15. KJ just sent me an email telling me it will help.
  16. Have a friend who got this guy... I haven’t used it, but he likes it. http://store.sparqhome.com/products/Details.aspx?p=1366091&c=4761&g=
  17. Be patient and don’t put your food on until you have temps settled in and clear to no smoke coming out. It is very easy to put the food on too early, which can create a bitter flavor. My favorite product I own for my KJ is my wireless thermometer. I can easily monitor temps without lifting the lid. I use a igrill2 and really like it. I am looking to possibly upgrade that to a WiFi thermometer instead of Bluetooth.
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