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  1. Doing a butt that I started last night. I’ve renamed it Haynes King for when he becomes a Vol!!!
  2. Good morning and happy 4th if July. We’re slowly creeping towards our ultimate goal of stuffing our faces with pulled pork. We’re sitting at 165° right now. When I got up, the grill was holding at 218°, so slightly under target, bet rather that that out (like last time) or 375° and the butt at 265° IT. Party starts at 2 o’clock, so timing is looking spot on. I’m hoping for it to reach 200° sometime between 10 and 11. It’s 8:15 here now.
  3. And she’s on the grill. There read 250° when I put her on. I expect that to drop a bit with the cold meat added. Another half an hour to monitor her and then off to bed.
  4. Doing a butt for the 4th. Low and slow all night cook. Fire almost at 200°. Plan to level it at 225° and let her ride all night long.
  5. Think I’ll grab one right now.
  6. Great entry. I love stuffed Brie and never thought of cherries in it.
  7. I had that song stuck in my head Monday and Tuesday of this week after hearing it on 90s on 9. Thanks for putting it back in there!
  8. Thanks everyone! Tastes as good as it looked.
  9. Well, I decided that I haven’t done a good fatty in a while, and what seems more perfect for this months comp than stuffy sausage and stuffing that into bacon. I gathered my ingredients: sweet Italian sausage, thick cut bacon, mushrooms, cheddar cheese, and cooked ham. Started by sautéing the mushrooms, seasoned with some camp mix. Then I created my bacon lattes and rolled out the sausage into a square. After adding the mushrooms, cheese, and ham to the sausage, I rolled it tight and put it in the fridge. After it set for a bit, I then rolled the bacon around the outside of it. I through it on the KJ at 375° until it reached an IT of 145°. These are one of my favorite things that come off my grill. Soo good!!!
  10. I am a Royal Oak grilled and a KJ Big Block low and slow kind of guy.
  11. Yeah, like others have said, spatchcocked is how I cook all of mine these days. Cuts down on cooking time a bit, cooks it more evenly in my opinion and if you are adding any smoke, it allows it to get to more of the meat. When adding smoke to chicken though, I do it very sparingly and use a fruit wood.
  12. that bacon wrapped shrimp looks delicious. Did the cheddar cheese overpower the shrimp?
  13. Ohhhh, I am going to check around to see if I can find any.
  14. That looks fantastic. Store but rub it homemade?
  15. That looks amazing. Great cook and love the creativity in it.
  16. I remember when you built that... I thought by now the sunlight would have bleached out some of the red to make it orange!!!
  17. yeah, that oval sure seems to maximize usable space.
  18. My two favorite are: 1. ham, cheese and baked beans 2. cherry pie filling this brings back memories of my childhood. Wow is it dusty in this room?!?!
  19. Why can I only like this post once? I want to like it 10 more times!!!
  20. As a Mets fan and not a Yankees fan, you are more than welcome to our Boston beer!!!
  21. To save more money as a kid and study harder so I had a better job. This would give me more money and I would have my KK.
  22. It’s a picnic, yes. I generically call anything I make into pulled pork a butt... which is incorrect.
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