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  1. @Stef... Do you have a cover for your grill? It's a really nice table for how simple it is.
  2. So it is looking more and more like I am going to go through Bass Pro and get the Pro C. I appreciate all the feedback. With the affiliation between Bass Pro and my work, I can get the Pro considerably cheaper than the Classic (possibly as low as $50). Looks like it may be a month or so out though. Looks like I'll be using my MES a little bit longer. But I am super excited about getting this.
  3. Thanks everyone. Already made my way to the Vision Forum and got some great info!!!
  4. Thanks everyone... Sounds like the Classic is the way to go.
  5. i'm new her and currently own an electric smoker. I love it, but want a charcoal smoker. What are the benefits of the Pro C vs the Classic models? Any info is appreciated.
  6. Just joined and wanted to say hi from Mass!!! Currently own an MES30 (electric smoker for those who don't know what an MES is) and love it, but want a charcoal smoker.
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