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    Bgosnell151 reacted to Burntweenie in Whatcha’ Got Cooking   
    Stuffed pork chops

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    Bgosnell151 reacted to Aj89 in Whatcha’ Got Cooking   
    Came out amazing! 

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    Bgosnell151 reacted to canook in Boneless pork butt in netting   
    So just an update (sorry no pics as I am a confessed troglodye).
    I left the mesh on and put on my usual simple salt/pepper/garlic powder rub.
    Cooked it for about 8.5 hours anywhere between 225 and 280.  Pulled it at around 205 when it probed like butter.
    It was cold and windy so I did a bunch of adjustments throughout the day. I like doing adjustments as it gives me the excuse to hang out close to the kamado, which as it so happens usually has a cooler of beer nearby.
    Bark turned out exceptional and I really did not lose any of it when taking off the mesh as I had feared.  It was surprisingly one of my best pulled pork outings yet... and there have been many.  Almost always do bone-in, but had done several boneless I got at Costco in the past.
    Bottom line... I would not hesitate to cook these types of butts again.  So if you come across them don't worry and just cook them like usual.  But just in case... I recommend the nearby cooler strategy.
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    Bgosnell151 got a reaction from DerHusker in Chili Blanco   
    Looks amazing!
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    Bgosnell151 reacted to DerHusker in Chili Blanco   
    So my work had a Chili Cookoff contest and I decided to join in on the “fun”. I put fun in parenthesis because I had to make the chili on Tuesday after work and didn’t get done until it was 9:00. I then had to wait until it cooled off enough to put it in the fridge. So I’m in bed at 10:15 and the alarm is set for 4:30. This so I can shower and get everything ready and make the drive up to the L.A. area on Wednesday. I made a White Chicken Chili called Chili Blanco. I used a recipe from All Things BBQ. (Here's a link to his video:  https://www.atbbq.com/thesauce/chili-blanco/)
    I tweaked the recipe a little. Here are the ingredients I used with my tweaks in red.
    ·         2 lb chicken, boneless breasts or thighs (I used 4 boneless breasts)
    ·         Carne Asada Seasoning (I used Fajita seasoning)
    ·         2 tbsp Extra Virgin Olive Oil
    ·         1 large yellow onion, diced
    ·         3 Anaheim chiles, seeded, diced (I used 2 Anaheim and 1 Poblano)
    ·         1 jalapeno, seeded, diced
    ·         1 tbsp All Purpose Rub
    ·         1 tbsp ground cumin
    ·         1 tsp Mexican oregano
    ·         4 cloves garlic, minced
    ·         3 tbsp unsalted butter
    ·         1/4 cup flour
    ·         2 (15 oz) cans of great northern beans, drained, rinsed
    ·         1 quart unsalted chicken stock
    ·         1 cup heavy cream (I used Caciqui Crema Salvadorena)
    ·         8 oz cream cheese, cubed
    ·         1 bunch cilantro, minced
    ·         4 oz (1 cup) pepper jack cheese, grated
    Didn’t have time for a fully documented cook photo spread but here is what I did get. I had taken some chicken I had in the freezer and thawed it out. Assembled most of my spices (some I didn’t use) and the chicken.

    Sliced al the breast in half to increase the surface area

    and then sprinkled on the fajita seasoning.

    I grilled the chicken on my preheated Grill Grates I got from BPS.

    Brought then inside to cool

    while I started prepping the veggies and other ingredients.

    Onion and Poblano diced

    and now the Anaheim’s added.  

    I took all this out and placed it in my 9 Qt. Dutch oven to sauté. This is where I was pushing for time and quit taken all the pictures that slow down the cooking process. I did get one of the final results.

    I really liked the flavor and heat profile of it. It had some heat, but the heat was flavorful and not just hot. My wife also liked it but indicated it was just a little to hot. (She still ate it 2 days in a row) I didn’t win the cookoff but came in 3rd. This is a little different that what everyone was used to. The traditional chili’s won but I did get a lot of complements on it.
    Thanks for looking
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    Bgosnell151 reacted to lnarngr in Boneless pork butt in netting   
    Sounds like a winner for getting additional spices on it... 
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    Bgosnell151 got a reaction from lnarngr in Boneless pork butt in netting   
    I agree with the others to leave it on and he fact that it will take longer.  
    The other option is that you could take the netting off, rub it down, then tie it back up with some butcher twine.
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    Bgosnell151 reacted to Chris Topher in New toy - Baking Steel   
    +1 on what @SmallBBQr said
    don't drop that steel on your foot!
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    Bgosnell151 reacted to daninpd in New Oleans Baked Beans with Pulled Pork   
    When I was at LSU I discovered a bar in downtown Baton Rouge called Chris's Bar and Grill.  Started by Mr and Mrs Chris, when I was there Mr Chris had passed on and Mrs Chris was running the whole thing from the kitchen.  Wednesday was Red Beans and Rice day for lunch and when I discovered that, I became a regular.  And I arranged my schedule so I didn't have any Weds afternoon classes.  Lunch was a schooner of beer, a dozen raw oysters and red beans and rice;  and a nap.  After I learned that "favored" regulars got special treatment, I put my best "clean-cut college boy" persona on display (cussing in the bar would get you kicked out-and lose "favored" status).   If you were a regular you got Mrs Chris's corn bread with your red beans and rice.  The secret of favored status was that Mrs Chris split your con bread in half, toasted it and served half under the beans and half on top, skip the rice.  Heaven.  
    Since I still had some leftover pulled pork from Saturday's cook I took my favorite red beans and rice recipe that calls for 1lb of salt pork and substituted 3/4 lb of pulled pork plus a ham hock.  Cooked for 4-1/2 hours at 275 on the Joe and served with the last 2 pieces of cornbread from Saturday.  I think Mrs Chris would be proud.

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    Bgosnell151 reacted to Chris Topher in AGC - KJ Fire Show   
    I received an email from AGC about its upcoming Kamado Joe Fire Sale:
    I have no affiliation with AGC, other than being a satisfied customer.
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    Bgosnell151 reacted to KJH in iKamand Extra Probes   
    Atlanta Grill Company has a three piece iKamand Pit Probe Kit for sale.  It comes with a pit probe and two meat probes for $49.99.  Just ordered a set and they are on the way.
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    Bgosnell151 got a reaction from lnarngr in For sale Kamado Joe Classic III 3 still in crate .. $1000   
    seeing that you didn’t pay for it, you either keep it and run with two or give it to a friend that would love it. 
    the more people in the Kamado world, the better happier our population is!!!
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    Bgosnell151 got a reaction from Scott Roberts in For sale Kamado Joe Classic III 3 still in crate .. $1000   
    seeing that you didn’t pay for it, you either keep it and run with two or give it to a friend that would love it. 
    the more people in the Kamado world, the better happier our population is!!!
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    Bgosnell151 reacted to GBIRAIRADNI in Kamado Joe Classic II (RVA)   
    Sold. Time for the Big Joe.
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    Bgosnell151 got a reaction from taperunner in Waltham MA Costco Roadshow.   
    Me: honey, I just got two new grills
    my wife: good luck finding your new home
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    Bgosnell151 reacted to len440 in Classic II Deflector Plate   
    I can't answer this maybe a email to Kamado Joe might help
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    Bgosnell151 reacted to freddyjbbq in Kamado Joe in COLD Climates   
    Sometimes finding it can be more of a concern than cooking on it 

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    Bgosnell151 reacted to fbov in Kamado Joe in COLD Climates   
    Cracks come from thermal shock. We start small fires, so everything warms up together. Otherwise, it's as safe as any other rock. 
    OK, mine lives in a garage and I'm a weenie when it comes to cooking in snow. More power to you, eh!
    Have fun,
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    Bgosnell151 reacted to Ben S in Waltham MA Costco Roadshow.   
    FYI.  Demo deals still available at KJ Waltham MA Costco Roadshow
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    Bgosnell151 reacted to Ben S in Waltham MA Costco Roadshow.   
    Nope.  If I could give you some from my testing pile, I would. I don’t think kJ will let me. 
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    Bgosnell151 reacted to mike echo in Solar Power   
    Some thoughts.  Being so spendy...Verify if the panel is damaged somehow, is it covered by your home owner policy.  I.e hail, wind, falling branches. How will it be repaired? Who will do the job?
    Some of the stand alone lighting is decent- w/o the whole panel and batteries expense.
    Maybe none of this is an issue for you.
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    Bgosnell151 reacted to Family_cook in Tri-tip stuffed with Tri-tip and sausage meatloaf   
    I carved out the inside of a tri-tip leaving a tri-tip pouch.  I chopped the insides of the tri-tip and mixed with sausage garlic and shallots.  I added roasted corn, spices and bacon fat to a blender, mixed and stuffed the tri-tip pouch. I liked the color on the pouch and the smoke ring. the loaf was moist and had good heat.

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    Bgosnell151 reacted to prowe in New Unused KJ Classic II for $841 north of Boston   
    it's just because a display is displaced by snow throwers
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    Bgosnell151 got a reaction from Ben S in New Unused KJ Classic II for $841 north of Boston   
    Just saw it today too.
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    Bgosnell151 reacted to Ben S in New Unused KJ Classic II for $841 north of Boston   
    somehow I missed this.  Sorry.  
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