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  1. What is so great about tri tip?

    Closest RD is about 30 miles away, but how do I get in to buy anything?
  2. What is so great about tri tip?

    I just checked. The closest FoodMaxx to me is only 1,252 miles away!! The north east stinks!!!
  3. What is so great about tri tip?

    I'm officially jealous! (And I'm one of the guys asking the original question...)
  4. Tri Tip advice?

    I would have done that in a heartbeat.
  5. Do any/all KJ Classic owners wish theyd gotten the BJ?

    Very. You need to get all of those things. I use all of those items almost every time I use the Kamado.
  6. Tri Tip advice?

    I've even approached a local grocer who gets whole cows to butcher if they'd cut it for me, and they never call me back. They always say they'd easily be able to do that for me, but they never have. The only Tri-tip I've been able to find is cryovac packages from Wegmen's about 45 minutes away from me. For $10.99 per pound. I guess at that price I was expecting something magical.
  7. Tri Tip advice?

    I'm not trying to take this conversation into a different direction, but.... I've done a tri-tip once. It's super expensive here in PA if I can find it! (More expensive than Ribeye.) When I did it, it was like a not-super-tender steak. When you do it, and describe it as your favorite cut of beef, is it more like a steak? More like a Ribeye or a Tenderloin? Or more like a brisket? I obviously did it poorly when I made it, but I want to understand what I should be shooting for when I try it again.
  8. Brisket Timing

    My worst (or best?) was when the Big Joe settled in so nicely around 230 that I just put the brisket on, and it cooked for about 20 hours. Now THAT was a long cook!! Good brisket too!
  9. Brisket Timing

    What he said. I have been the guy trying to perfectly time a slow cook. It never works for me. It's significantly less stress if you make sure it's done in plenty of time, and you can just hold it. Worst-case (and I'm saying from reading, not from experience on this one) you can put it in a 160 degree oven for hours & hours to keep the temperature and keep everything safe to eat. It's my understanding that's how some of the big restaurants do it when they cook tons of briskets to be able to sell all day.
  10. Learning to Cook Fish

    I suggest this one every time someone asks a similar question. http://tipsforbbq.com/Recipes/Seafood/Cedar-Planked-Salmon This meal caused my GF's sister to buy an Akorn grill.
  11. Potluck thoughts?

    I agree ABT's. They are always a really big hit. If it's cool enough, chili is a really fun one on the Akorn too. I did that for a work cook off, and everyone was amazed by how smokey it was.
  12. Do any/all KJ Classic owners wish theyd gotten the BJ?

    I started with the Akorn, and now I have the Big Joe. I don't regret it for a second. I like to entertain. So if it's just our family I'm cooking for 5. If we invite friends or family it's up to 30 people. I would say, believe it or not, that I use an extension to get a second tier as often as I use it with just the standard grates. I have a 14" WSM if I need to just do something small. I have a $20 Brinkmann electric if I want the 7 year old to do the work for me. I have a 22" kettle if I'm just cooking burgers. I have a new OKJ Bandera stick burner if I don't want charcoal. But the Big Joe is absolutely the smoker I use most often. You can divide the charcoal box with the included divider if you want, but I literally used that once and probably will never bother with it again. If I'm just doing a reverse sear steak, I don't worry if the temperature is perfectly stable. If I am going to cook a 16 hour brisket I don't mind that it takes 45 minutes to an hour to settle in. My friend has the classic, and he wishes he had the Big Joe. I have another friend with the large BGE and he is also jealous of the Big Joe. If you only have one, I would go with the Big Joe.
  13. Fall BBQ Party Menu Suggestions

    I used that recipe to teach my girlfriend's 7 year old to smoke (on a $20 electric smoker). I LOVE that mac & cheese recipe. That picture is actually of the first time I made a copycat of John's recipe. He's changed his go-to recipe, but I still like this one the best. GREAT idea for a crowd. I make that at my Memorial Day picnic and it's a huge hit.
  14. Fall BBQ Party Menu Suggestions

    I love doing Sous Vide short ribs. I do 48 hours, but some do up to 72 with a sear at the end on your Big Joe. If you do need more space on your Big Joe, I found that this Grilla upper grate works great. https://store.grillagrills.com/collections/kong/products/upper-grate-1
  15. If you're just doing 1, you can put the butt on the second grate and put the drip pan on the regular grate. That way it doesn't get scorched.