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  1. Thanks John! Is the daisy wheel superior to the new style vent? Doesn’t rain a ton where I’m at but seems like a better design?
  2. Just got a really old KJ with a cracked firebox, looks to be one of the very early models, thankfully masterbuilt agreed to send me a new multi piece one when back in stock. Was going to replace the gasket as well since the felt looks really rough. Was also thinking about going to a Kontrol tower top since the daisy wheel looks pretty rusted. Some questions: Felt gasket or mesh? the mesh looks pretty tricky to install and will likely require lid adjustment, is there a meaningful benefit? Kontrol top - i've read reports of them falling off, do i need new felt as well to ensure snug fit? Any other must do upgrades?
  3. Figured there wasn't much one can do... thanks for the sugestions
  4. Thanks everyone! Daryl do you know if the lid is tall enough to clear the two chickens in a beer can style position?
  5. Has anyone successfully done two decent sized chickens on one? Any strategies - 2 spatchcock chickens one above the other? maybe cut them into quarters? alternatively I can cook them back to back, but not aware of any way to hold a chicken and keep the skin crispy....
  6. I currently own a Kamado Joe Jr - which I love and works great for our family of 4, but when we have guests over, just not enough real estate. I am extremely space constrained (think fire escape on the back of a building) so a full size kamado is a no-go. The Primo Jr strikes me as a good compromise. My questions: Can the Primo Jr cook 2 beer can chickens side by side indirect? Can it fit a full brisket indirect low and slow? any pics would be helpful! thanks!
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