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  2. Great job on the table! I,m running into the same problem with the top vent sticking at temp I plan to contact the company about this and also my bottom vent a the two sliders are lose as you can push them inwards and they seem to tighten up I have already use some heat caulk. The track or channel that the bottom vents are in seems that you could bend them back and tighted the two sliders up against the grill which should make them more air thight. Has any wone tryed this meathod if so does it work?
  3. So far I,ve not ventured out into the Dutch oven , but It looks great . Why would you use this rig over the grates that come with the classic?
  4. Welcome fellow tarheel ! I too am new at this but these guys are willing to help you . I think you found the right place. All share alot of info
  5. Thank you all, It,s great to have people who have some time under there belt. I,ll stay at it an the food can only get better Thanks
  6. Thanks , I guess I should try to find some other. Trying to cook wvery weekend something new. Did the Mesquite come from Wallys also?
  7. I,ve noticed that the coles I,m using have alot of small pcs in the bag .Royal Oak does not?? Do any of the big box stores carry this name brand ,if not where do you get it?
  8. So far It seems that the grill wants to go up to 300 degrees at a low vent setting. I,ll try to cook at a higher setting next cook. Thanks all . BUD
  9. Thanks all I didi was turn the bag up and di it that way. I did clean out all the holes and the bottom part of the grill. I ,ve seen on the forums that a lot of people say that water in the pan helps control the heat I wonder how much like a guess?????
  10. Well it was different to do the low and slow , the most time I had went was 4 hrs. Cooked a 6.5 lb and the temp was to stay at 200, St first I did pretty good then about 4 hrs in I thought it was going out no smoke just heat . I did put a water pan in but somewhere along the way it ran out ,forgot to look while cooking. opened up just a little on the air vents I mean just a little and the was on, I had doughts if I would ever geet it back down from 275 to 300 it took forever. If any ideas or info please send I like to try again in a few weeks. An Thanks BUD
  11. Thanks all of you ,glad to find some pros to help me threw the low spots. The brisket was good not great. gotta long way to go. Started with a 605 lb slab and did a 8 hour cook. had problems with the heat after about four hours wanting to increase so is this normal. I did the pill of wood then opened a hole in the middle and added hot coals. Just a puppy at this heat control.
  12. Wanted to say hello to all! I,m new at the low and slow always cooked with gas so this fire is going to take a while. I,ve already piked up some new tips just looking around this site.. Bought a vision (classic) cooking my fourth time on Sunday a Briskit. This will be fun , so wish me luck. BUD It is what it is!
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