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  2. Cooked on my akorn for the first time last night. Couldnt be happier with the results! Cooked a porterhouse and a filet. I used Vision brand lump charcoal...got it at sams, 20lbs for $11. I used an electric starter and the coals were rolking in about 15 mins. I oiled everything with coconut oil pre cook. Let the grill get up to 500 with everything wide open' then closed her down and easily maintained my temp from there. Noticed a few leaks around my nottom air adjustment and around the main body seal. Gonna shore those up with a little silicon. No biggy. Ready to smoke some ribs now!
  3. I hear that temp controll is more difficult with the grate and griddle idea over the stone. Any opinion on this?
  4. Thanks for the welcome and encouragement. I assembled last night and am good to go. I have a crease in the hood like many others. Guess I will holler at CharGrillet about that one!
  5. Thanks. I appreciate it. How long did your newer akorn last you?
  6. Hey guys, New Akorn owner here from Springfield Mo. I am assembling the grill tonight and want to do everything possible to ensure great cooks and the longest life possible. I have heard that I may need to seal up the ash pan to avoid air leaks with some kind of silicon. I have also read to season the grates to avoid rusting. I am reaching out to you Akorn masters for set up tips. Any knowledge would be appreciated. Thanks in advance. JKapp
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