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  1. I am looking at the M1 grill and smoker. Heavy duty, versatile, stable and very efficient, 2 splits lasting around 5 hours. This unit has been available for only a short time, therefore not enough reviews yet for me to purchase. https://mgrills.com/products/m1
  2. Thanks everyone. Yes i agree, the price is hard to justify. I got lucky and scored a CL deal. Although I do feel the oval design is the best layout. There is a bbq store here in the Twin Cities, they have Kamado Joe, Primo and BGE. I think the KJ has the best build quality and best price for what it includes, BGE takes 2nd and then Primo a third for build quality, JMO.
  3. Hey Guys, Been lurking around here for a year or so thought I should introduce myself. I live in the Twin Cities area. I initially got into smoking after a vacation in Jamaica 2 yrs ago. Ever since I have been trying to emulate the jerk I had while there. This lead me down the road of the bbq/smoking addiction. I first purchased and still own a WSM then I came across a Primo Oval Jr on craigslist for $225. I also use a Pitmaster IQ130, bluetooth version, yes I use it on the primo.works great. Also I have tried many brands of lump and wood, I have a charcoal supplier that lives by me, he supplies restaurants, commercial food distribors etc, So ive tried all the wood chunks he has, Olive, black walnut, cherry, apple, hickory , pecan, peach mesquite Im sure im forgetting a couple Ok, I think ill stop explaining my addiction. I think ya'll get it.LOL My next tool im looking at is the M1 smoker, anyone have any experience with one yet? I realize this is a Kamado forum, sorry.
  4. There are 2 egg dealers with postings on CL for a demo model $824 and $917. I would wait for a roadshow.
  5. I would but there is no roadshow near MN.... can't understand how the closest one is 8 hours away from us. Anybody know if the roadshow places will expand during june to more costco's? looks like its only for May so far? There should be one in the Twin Cities sometime. There were a couple last year. Im waiting for one myself. As I plan to get a KJ. If you are in the TC area go to Quetopia, they sell KJ and Primo but also have an egg just for comparison purposes. The KJ is much nicer than both. ANd I own a primo oval jr, but the KJ quality seems way better. Also I have seen eggfest and other demo models on CL many times. Be patient.
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