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  1. I know this thread is old but has anyone found/got a fix for this issue? My BJotisserie has the exact same issue.
  2. I don't see how a 1/2" gap without the lid weight all the way down is acceptable. I have the old BJ so the felt gasket is thinner. With the lid down it is closer to 1/4" gap in the front. I noticed I churned through a lot of charcoal with it being cold out. Pretty disappointed.
  3. They sent me a replacement but it is doing the same thing. Does anyone recommend adjusting the bands/hinge at all?
  4. Just got to trying the BJ Jotisserie last night and it isn't a snuggling fit. No matter how I position it there is 1/8 gap in the front at best with the lid down. The Gap is on the bottom side of the Jotisserie. Any advice before I contact KJ?
  5. One of my friends has one of these. My wife drinks a lot of carb water(klarbrunn, lacroix). From what I was told you really don't save much money after all is said and done. Is this not the case?
  6. I was going to buy this but I saw it uses their servers for the wifi data connectivity(never will buy a bluetooth current gen again). Concerned that if they go out of business then it will kill the wifi ability. Reason I went with the loki instead.
  7. I just looked at all the different tables and picked things I liked and went from there. Didn't see many plans except for the simple tables.
  8. If you have both stone deflectors on the lower rack and you get them out with the tool?
  9. I use something like this but can't say it is this brand. Best grill brush I've ever used by far and you can buy replacement heads. Although I've had it for a couple years now and use it at least 3 times a week and do not see any wear(except on the scraper which is rusty cause I keep it outside). Really stiff bristles. You can also use for house defense in a pinch! https://www.centralrestaurant.com/Franklin-Machine-Products-209-1018---Griddle-Tamer-Combo-Griddle-Scraper-By-Le-Jo-c101p53407.html
  10. I got my 6 feet directly from KJ for my table build.
  11. I added a half umbrella about a month ago. Fits the table perfectly. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01N4GDN4M/ref=oh_aui_search_detailpage?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  12. Steal away! L- 74 1/8" W-36 3/8 H- 32 1/4" I had to order the feet from KJ since mine came with the stand.
  13. Does sushi rice great. I hosted a sushi party and did @16c of it. It turned out better than the rice cooker did rice. I had a dedicated rice cooker and ditched it when I got the IP after doing rice in it 2 times.
  14. I have a roti for my Weber gasser. Anyone know if the big Joe roti is worth getting?
  15. Had a stove top pressure cooker and didn't care for it too much. Got the 6qt IP and loved it. Sold the 6qt to my brother and bought the 8qt. Love this tool. Replaced my pressure cooker, crock pot, and rice cooker which was nice!
  16. Complete junk. Throw it away. Man I hated that cover.
  17. Looks good. What lens took that last photo?
  18. I haven't done any real woodworking like this before. My only knowledge is 1 year of woods class in highschool 15 years ago and the projects we did didn't teach any joinery. So I figured pocket screws + glue would suffice, we'll see. Come summer I will teach myself some joinery techniques. I could find my dimensions I sent for a cover. I had a rough sketch on size I was allowed and just went piece by piece on the fly so no true plans.
  19. I've had this same problem every time I do not wrap the ribs. The bottoms end up the same way you show and my grate temp was @225-250. Same exact setup.
  20. The big joe cover is the worst cover I have ever seen. There is NO WAY it was designed for the big joe. It's like they 3rd partied it and slapped their logo on it. Biggest piece of junk ever. Glad I don't need to use it anymore after I built my table. I paid about 120 for a custom cover, more material, and loads better compared to the 60 dollar piece of crap. I loathed that cover. For how much it seems like KJ puts into their products I can't believe this is their doing.
  21. My big joe fit in my 94 grand cherokee with my seats out/down. I had them take it out of the box. Plenty of room.
  22. I got a replacement firebowl from KJ yesterday. The new one is lighter and has about a 1/16" gap cut through the front part where the tray aligns. Must be to allow movement and preventing cracks.
  23. I don't use it a whole ton just was wondering if this was a defect or just how it was designed.
  24. I noticed my fire crept to the other side of my divide and conquer setup last time I did one. After everything cooled down I noticed about a 1/4" gap between the charcoal grate and the divider. Is anyone else experiencing this? KJ is sending a new firebox without me even requesting one so hopefully that closes the gap. Their CS is definitely top notch. Anyways, anyone else experience this?
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