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  1. The very idea of 'dry aged' confuses me. I thought we were supposed to be seeking juicy, moist meat when served. How can we achieve that if we dry it out first? Someone set me straight, here.
  2. Not that I'm any expert, but I also made a rack of ribs lately that were too salty. And when I made my rub I cut the amount of salt in the recipe by half! So now I'm taking all amounts of salt in rub recipes, with, well, a grain of salt, and cutting the called-for amount salt by at least 1/2 and maybe even 3/4. Our bodies don't need it and it will taste better, to boot...
  3. Keeper-- good to get some validation of my thoughts, as I'm still pretty new to this. This Friday it's going to be two chickens on the KJ, again, sloooooooooooooooow cookin' at 225 for as long as it takes...(and using some great rub that I concocted along the way, as well. Can't wait!)
  4. When I got my KJ a year ago, a 3-2-1 set of ribs was the first thing I did. Too much cooking time. I think 6 hrs is too long, so I shortened it to 2-1.5-1 for the next set of ribs and it seemed to work just fine. When they weren't foiled, I was careful to spritz them with apple juice ever 30-40 mins, and when I foiled them, I basted them with my special concoction of brown sugar, honey and bourbon; that's just about the best glaze ever! (That is, if you have any left after "nipping" on it out of the bowl as you make it!!!) But I've found that 4 1/2 hours is enough, even at a low 225 deg.
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