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  1. Didn't get too much done this weekend. Wife had other plans for my time!! I am going to acid stain the concrete with a black acid and then seal it with a lithium water based penetrating sealer. Then the plan is to polish it out to a few thousand grit and let it shine. Hopefully I will have time to finish grinding it down this week. As far as cost, I am not even sure. I am afraid to add it up!! If I had to guess, it wouldn't be too much, probably less than $400. But that is a total guess! You know the saying....Ignorance is Bliss!!
  2. Started grinding the concrete tonight. It's a lot of work and it sure makes a mess, but I think it is going to be worth it!
  3. Thank you so much for the positive feedback!! It is very much appreciated! Don't worry, we will make sure everything we do is safe from here out. I didn't even give a thought to the guard being off the grinder, I think it came off the day I brought it home. We took the mold off tonight and I must say, it looks pretty good. The glass is only visible on the sides. I am sure it is right under the surface on the top just waiting to be exposed.
  4. My son Noah and I have started a new project. We're building a simple table with a concrete countertop to house our new Big Joe. We are both excited to get started and can't wait to get some food cooking on this baby! I started this post a bit late. Still not complete but we are making pretty good progress. Started with our first of many trip to Lowe's for our lumber. And some rebar for inside the concrete countertop. Please don't follow our safety practices, but he had a bit of fun throwing some sparks. And ended up burning a hole in his shorts. This could have ended up badly! Got the table frame almost complete. He enjoyed sanding the deck smooth, until he couldn't feel his hands anymore! Here she is, stain has been applied and first coat of urethane. It rolls very nice with no weight on it!! My helper decided he had enough, zonked out dreaming of baby back ribs!! Fabricated our mold for the concrete countertop. Using red and clear crushed glass on the borders and tops. Hopefully they stay with the concrete and don't stick to the mold! And here's where we stand right now. Concrete was poured last night. Pressed in a thousand or so pieces of crushed glass and topped her off with some rebar and more concrete. Covered it with plastic and all we have to do now is wait. A few days until we can see how it looks. I'll try to keep the post updated as this has been a very fun project. Proud of how it looks so far, can't wait to finish!!
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