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  1. https://www.flexpackshop.ca/collections/rolls I bought bags from these people for my Food Saver and have been happy so far. They are a Canadian source.
  2. Rob g

    Hard Apple Cider

    I like this for an Ontario cider. We usually buy 6 to 8 cases at a time between 3 of us. It tends to be a dryer cider which is my preference. http://www.sunnybrookwine.com/ironwood-hard-cider/
  3. Rob g

    KJ Owners in Ontario

    KJ Classic here in Baden
  4. I seen the Dragons Breath in the Waterloo Costco the other day for $14.99 a bag and was debating getting a bag to try. I've been using the Costa del Sur from Restaurant Depot lately and have been happy with it.
  5. I just throw the towel back into the cooler for the next time. As long as there are no leaky packages it's good to reuse
  6. Rob g

    Anova for Canadians

    Wife got me one for xmas. The American thanksgiving sale ran thru xmas lol. Like it so far
  7. Rob g

    Ideal Steak Thickness??

    I bought 4 pieces of prime rib today on sale and they are all about 2-1/2" to 3" thick and about 2.5 to 3lb. This saved me buying larger roasts and having to cut them. This size works well for me with a slow cook and then a reverse sear. Wife and I get 2 meals out of it.
  8. Rob g

    Canadian Kamado Woes

    I bought a cheap generic cover from Lowe's for my KJ. It stays outside my garage door year round. Never any freezing issues. The only shoveling I have to do is where I stand.
  9. Rob g

    Which Cold Smoker for my Classic?

    I use the a-maze-n tray in my classic. I clean the charcoal out and place the tray on a couple small stones to keep it raised off the bottom grate for air flow. I find I usually need to have the bottom and top vents wide open to get enough air flow to keep the pellets lit.
  10. This was my second attempt at bacon. I used a tray with apple pellets for smoke. I started in the uds but couldn't get enough air flow to keep the pellets burning. After a couple hours I cleaned the charcoal out of the KJ and placed the tray in the bottom on 3 stones to allow better air circulation. I had the heat deflectors in but had to remove them to get enough air flow to keep the burn going. I pulled the bacon off after 8 hours of smoke and wrapped it for a couple days in the fridge before I slice it.
  11. Rob g

    Can a Kamado be too big?

    I've been very happy with my KJ Classic for the wife and I. On occasion we are feeding a couple others and it is still sufficient. I debated the big joe but made the decision on my needs for 99% of my usage and not what would be nice. It is fuel efficient both with terms and summer and has more room than I need. I still have the option of rib racks or expansion racks should I ever need them.
  12. Rob g

    4.5lb butt cooking time?

    I've done 4.5lb pork shoulders at 225F and it took upwards of 10 hours to reach 225F internal temp with no wrapping. Another shoulder cooked at 300F, wrapped at 160 IT, cooked to 205IT in about 4 hours.
  13. Any whiskey that requires coke or some other mixer to make it drinkable should be reserved for bad company or the inlaws. I learned real young that adding coke to whiskey didn't hide the fact the whiskey was crap. It was worth paying a little more to get a hood bottle that could be drank neat or with a little ice. I personally find rye a bit too sweet and prefer a good bourbon or single malt scotch.
  14. Sobeys has the prime rib for $5.99/lb and Zehrs in Kitchener has beef tenderloin for $8.99/lb. It's a good beef week in Ontario. Christmas is going to be prime rib on the kamado.
  15. Rob g

    Who Cooks on What?

    Kamado Joe Classic, uds, Weber Genesis ......Baden, Ontario