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  1. I have used my big Joe tisserie many times with no problems. Today I was attempting to rotisserie a 12 lb turkey. It started out fine. About 45 minutes into the cook, I checked on the cook and the rotisserie was only turning 1\2 way then going back 1\2, never completely turning over. I took the turkey off the spit and checked to see if the rotisserie made a complete rotation without the turkey and it worked fine. I put the turkey back on the spit and the same thing happened - no complete revolution - just a half turn then a half turn the other way. I can assume that the weight of the turkey caused this. As this was a small turkey, something is wrong with the rotisserie. I have already contacted Kamado Joe to let them know. Has anyone else experienced this problem? The Joe tisserie is a great product, but a 12 lb turkey should not be a problem. Any input would be appreciated. Thanks
  2. Bought a 10lb brisket. After trimming, it was probably around 7 lbs.
  3. I have cooked several briskets with some success. Recently found Amazingsribs.com and have read his in depth analysis of how to Cook meat. Followed his recipe for brisket last weekend. I have to say it was the best brisket I have ever tasted. The point was so juicy, you could cut it with a fork. Made some burnt ends and Texas chili with the flat. I cooked at 225 for about 10 hours on my Big Joe and had no problem holding the temp. Love my Big Joe and exploring the versatility it has. Thanks to Joe Setzler for all his videos ( I have followed many of his recipes with great success ) and for Amazingribs.com for their insight. Will be cooking many more briskets in the future. The Texas Chile is a great added bonus in the winter.
  4. Has anyone tried the Carson Rodizio? Appears to be a multi functional rotisserie.
  5. Jeffclk

    big joe

    I have had a Big Joe for a couple oy years and added a Jr this past summer. They make a great combo. Welcome to the club. I have learned a lot from this forum.
  6. I understand when someone mentions that the cook should be done at 275 degrees, they are referring to the dome tempature. For those of you that use a maverick to monitor the grill temperature - do you wait until the dome temp hits your target temp and then see what the grill temp is on the maverick and monitor from that temp or do you set the grill temp to the target temp on the maverick?
  7. Thanks for the responses. Will use drip pan and will be patient while watching the playoffs tomorrow.
  8. I am cooking a brisket this weekend on my Big Joe. I have watched John's videos and several on YouTube. John does not use a water pan, but several (usually a BGE) video did use a water pan. Any recommendations?
  9. I will be cooking a brisket this weekend. I have been watching a bunch of videos - some use a water pan and some do not. Any recommendations?
  10. I got a kick ash basket for my Big Joe for Christmas. Do you leave the cast iron grate cover in or do you take it out? I left it for my first cook - but look in at the KAB website they show the Big Joe without the grate cover. Thanks
  11. I got a kick ash basket for my Big Joe for Christmas. Do you leave the cast iron grate cover in or do you take it out? I left it for my first cook - but look in at the KAB website they show the Big Joe without the grate cover. Thanks
  12. I am not as experienced as Andy or Addertooth. Because I did not know any better, I cooked a 13 lb turkey for Thanksgiving on my Jr that traveled with me to my sister's house. The turkey came out great. The thermometer did not work due to the turkey taking up so much space, but I used my Maverick to keep track of the grill and the meat. I normally due my turkeys on my Big Joe, but since we were traveling I thought I would bring my Jr and try it out. It worked well for me this time, but I would not recommend if you are buying to cook this or brisket on a regular basis - get the Classic or better yet a Big Joe.
  13. I have a Big Joe and use it several times a week. When I cook indirect, I usually place the heat deflectors in the lower position on the D&C system. I have noticed in some of John's more recent videos, when he cooks indirect he places the heat reflectors on the X rack in the lower portion. Where do most people place the heat reflectors? Does it make a difference? Curious as to when to place on the d&c and when to use the X rack. All opinions would be appreciated.
  14. I got a Big Joe a little over a year ago and could not be happier. I came from using a Weber and although only having myself and my wife at home, I cook for a Big family at least once a month and new that the Big Joe was what I needed. I have grilled, smoked and baked just about everything on the Big Joe. I did not know how versatile a Kamado grill was until I got Kamado Joe and visited these forums. The videos that Joe puts out and the forum here and at Kamado Joe have been invaluable. I recently purchased the Joe jr at the Costco road show. The Jr is everything the Big Joe is only smaller. When it us just the two of us I fire up the Jr and have dinner ready in less than 30 minutes. We will definitely be taking the Jr on our vacations. My next project is a table for the Big Joe and the Jr. These forums are great for recipes and ideas.
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