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  1. Was that their dry aged ribeye?
  2. rchang72

    Pellet Grill Owners?

    You own the one of the nicest kamado on the planet. What made you go pellet?
  3. Try mix carnitas spices and fry for pork belly tacos. Or pan sear with gochujang for Korean style. And last look up Taiwanese gua bao
  4. rchang72

    Happy anniversary!

    Congrats on your anniversary.
  5. rchang72

    Hello from Cincy

    Welcome from Cincinnati too. There is so much wisdom here to help you get the most out of your KJ. When you say tastes like creosote, do you mean it’s burnt or the flavor itself is off? What have you tried cooking?
  6. I would personally look at items that I either do not have the technique to do (like the gumbo), have a hard time getting ingredients, or just really caught my fancy (sounds like shrimp and grits for you) or was advertised as the restaurant’s signature item
  7. rchang72

    Came into an old egg...maybe???

    Looks like a Vision grill. All the KJ classic sized stuff works well. I bought a D&C set for mine and it works well
  8. Great first butt cook
  9. I have a Joule and use it fairly regularly. WiFi connection is easy and reliable. It’s pretty cool to check your cook when not in the house too. My brother has it too. He’s been more creative than I, using it to make cheesecakes and custards and eggs. Joule app is excellent with great recipes and the visual doneness is great to dial in what temperature to use. (Though I have noticed that Chefsteps likes most meats rarer and softer than I do except for steak). You can even check out the app before buying a Joule
  10. I have the D&C rig in my Vision Classic B. I also am using a Teltru thermometer as my original crapped out. Anyone know if the extender rack fits without hitting the thermometer?
  11. rchang72

    Shave Question?

    I have the Merkur 34c and used the Edwin Jagger db89. Both are great entry razors at $30. I did splurge more on the brush. Got the Simpsons Colonel Badger brush. It hit a midrange spot. I really do find my shave much cleaner and smoother with this method. Whatever you do, do not buy from The Art of Shaving. The markups there are insane. You can get a sampler pack of razor blades from Amazon and start testing. As for soaps, try Stirling Soap. They are a family online business that makes great products with minimal additives. They also sell in sample sizes on their items.
  12. rchang72

    Hello From Northern Kentucky

    Welcome to the forum
  13. Ditto Bosco I use a rib rack to elevate the middle. Right around the stall you can pull the rack
  14. rchang72

    Taking a loin for a spin

    To tell the truth, don’t remember the weight. It was one of the cryovac packs from Kroger
  15. rchang72

    Spatchcocked Turkey

    Have done one spatchcock turkey and one that was separate breast from thighs and prefer the separated quarters. It’s easier to get different doneness and much easier to remove the thigh quarters than to remove the backbone