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  1. I do mine at 350-375, about 20 mins each side. I do leave a prob in and usually flip when the meat temperature reaches 125F (half-way to 165F, usually the meet starts around 80F). I start with the breast-side down and then flip to its back. Comes out juice and moist. Do a quick sear at the end, if you need crispy skin.
  2. Ha. To each their own. This issue plagues only newer Kamado Joe models. Not any other high end brands. Why not then fix it for all? I can sit here and justify my purchase, but once in a while, I prefer to hold companies accountable.
  3. Great to hear and feels like you have nailed it. Have you tried at 830F+ cooks on the steel?
  4. Be careful with the pizza steel on Kamado. These are better for the home oven and designed to quickly absorb heat and transfer to the dough. A stone will heat up, pass on the radiant heat and then slowly continue to radiate even heat. Whereas on the steel the heat acquisition and dissipation is much faster. Easier to control temperature with steel but you will need to cook at a lower target temperature.
  5. Flip over the stone during the next cook. The bottom will automatically be cleaned out.
  6. hope all goes well. Post the firebox and temp.. pictures if possible
  7. I came from Akorn to Louisiana Grill, so can relate to this. I replicated my high temp cook from Akorn and couldn't get there fast enough. Like others said, you will need to add more fuel and don't start closing the vents until few degrees past the required temp. If your charcoal / wood have a mixture of small and large pieces, the small will burnout faster than the large. This would mean if you wait too long, then your fuel has significantly reduced. I noticed this to be the case with Royal Oak. I found a charcoal chimney / fire-starter to be extremely useful to avoid such burnouts. In the Akorn I noticed the air entering is quickly super heated because of the metal compartments, whereas in the ceramic the flow is cooler but the quality of radiant heat is very good.
  8. I would recommend Pizzacraft Pizza Stone: PC0120, which has held up well for past 5+ years over a century of 700+F cooks.
  9. btw, just changed my setup and now a huge learning curve. You are right, it seems that each Kamado has its own high temp technique. I couldn't get this new one past 625F dome temp and the Pizza was not as usual. The crust browned a list faster than the cheese, despite performing the corn meal burn trick. Oh well.. back to the drawing board.
  10. Very nice Kamado, especially the grate. Very curious about the front inlet. What brand is this?
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