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  1. Hi all, A brief update as its been a while. Smartfire is available for purchase http://smartfirebbq.com?discount=SMARTFIRE-BN12P9-50 (gives you $50 discount to $249) if you're interested! I don't want to advertise unduly etc, unsure of the exact rules in this thread, but you're welcome to PM or contact me via FB etc!
  2. Hi, Completely compatible with a guru adapter. Just slot it in. I would say that a Guru adapter isn't suitable for all folk, its why in the fan exit of the unit there are grooves to accept a bayonet style fixing, that way you can slot it in on angles etc and it won't slip out. I'm locking down manufacture of these adapters and will offer them, particularly for Australian folk who have to pay $85AUD to land a Guru adapter after shipping. If you're interested in keeping in touch, I'd suggest like the facebook.com/smartfirebbq page or register interest on the site - http://smartfirebbq.com/pages/register Thanks for the question, I'll update the FAQs! Mark
  3. I think your product and the meter are entirely different. I think so too, but was watching with interest what the smoking community thought of it. I've already got some valuable feedback on the site from the welcome thread. Appreciate your thoughts!
  4. Indeed, though I cook at least once a week all year round! Here are some cooks from the last 10 days, more on facebook.com/smartfirebbq My wife's idea is to post a series of healthy eating recipes and photos, so should be starting that this weekend and running that for 2 months! Argentinian style steak two days ago:
  5. Thanks! It's a perfect Melbourne day today, ie gray & drizzling after a beautiful 33 degrees yesterday!
  6. Hi all, Thanks for the feedback. I've learnt something really important - I need to include the currency on the page! The price is in AUD and includes Australian tax (GST 10%) which means at $330 AUD you'd be looking at $220 USD (300AUD) if you were purchasing from the US. My original release price is notably less but have bumped it to include a basic pit adapter and power cable. Target price without the pit adapter is USD$200 / $275AUD.Can note that the unit is compatible with BBQ Guru pit adapters, ie if you have a simpler unit and want an upgrade to Smartfire Quick question: A lot of vendors are now supplying their product with an USB cable and asking folk to supply the USB wall wart. Would this work for you? It solves the issue of certifying power supplies in each country and most folk have a handful of them lying around their house. Thanks for your commentary! Mark
  7. The Australia Tax is one of the reasons I've built Smartfire (smartfirebbq.com). Was floating through Google seeing what folk were saying about Meater as its similar to my Internet enabled Smartfire, thought it doesn't include a smoker control fan. Smartfire is effectively a smarter, cheaper and available anywhere alternative to the current controllers. Interested in your thoughts! If you do particularly like it, I'm on facebook.com/smartfirebbq
  8. Hi all, A quick hello from sunny (today) Melbourne, Australia. Long term BBQ'er, moderate term Primo XL owner. Keen to participate in a Kamado centric forum away from the stick burners building bigger stick burners! Have also been working on a product, http://Smartfirebbq.com, and keen to hear feedback before its released. It is a BBQ controller designed for Kamados (well, it'll work on Webers or other charcoal burners) that is WiFi enabled, great user interface and smart enough to do a fair chunk of the work for you. Born from the frustration of common bluetooth solutions not reaching the bedroom, let alone the corner pub or shops, I started work on building a solution that worked from anywhere. Smartfire let you monitor, manage and perfectly smoke your favourite BBQ from your smartphone whilst getting the weekend shopping done. Keen to know your thoughts!
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