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  1. Going to throw on a couple of birds today on the grill. I have only did BCC once before and didn't have any luck. This is the first on the Kamado so I feel good about regulating the temp. I also have a pack of Polish Sausage that I am going to cut up and cook in some Sweet Baby Rays and a Corky's dry rub. Wish me luck! :D
  2. Howdy Dan, Southaven,MS here and welcome. I just bought my Acorn a few weeks back and I am crazy about it. Love talking bbq and trying to learn as much as possible.
  3. Welcome aboard Ron and good luck with the new grill!
  4. I went to the Williams Sonoma store the other day and they had pizza stones, but they were on an aluminum piece that also had a built in thermometer. Also, one of them was a marble slab. What are your thoughts?
  5. Jmay38122

    pork ribs

    That sounds tasty!
  6. I have not yet cooked ribs on my Acorn, but I have always removed the membrane it seems to make them a little more tender. I think?? lol
  7. Hello, I am John and I just purchased the Char Griller Acorn Kamado. I am looking forward to getting to know u guys and I'm excited about getting some ribs going. My brother just bought one as well and can't wait to share our recipes.
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