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  1. Cast iron seasoning. The internet's favorite topic with a never ending list of required materials. Magic mystical seed oils, special creams, wax pucks, bees wax, and organic sprays. What total B.S. Use it. Daily if you can. Put what ever you have on hand to "season" it. Done.
  2. They day I buy hard boiled eggs will come at the same time I pay for [bottled] water!
  3. I have been using a free app called Endomondo. So far it's really helped motivate me.
  4. 2 Years later... Where are you at with this Setzler?
  5. Ditching a Cassic 1 to "upgrade" to Classic 2 doesn't make much sense to me. I'm totally satisfied with my black Classic 1.
  6. Anyone found a Canadian source yet?
  7. I manage well with an alcohol soaked cotton ball or 2 and a wooden match. Sometimes my thoughts are that folks are taking the simplicity [and thus some of the fun] out of outdoor cooking with all these gizmos and gadgets. To each his own I guess.
  8. Me too! It cant get any simpler than this. I wouldn't be without the ash pan. If I had to vacuum the cooker out after every cook I can say with certainty that I would not be using it much.
  9. glenn3

    New KJ Owner!!

    I have the original 2014 Classic 1 in Black. I see no need whatsoever to get a newer model. In fact I prefer the bullet proof cast iron daisy wheel vent. I am stil on my original felt gasket. I would like to get the KJ charcoal basket for it but I cant seem to locate one anywhere in Canada.
  10. I had a real tough time getting eggs to peel consistantly. The problem l discovered lies in the cooking method. I found this method online somewhere and I now swear by it: *Add refrigerated eggs to a rapidly boiling pot of water. Bring water back up to a meduim simmer and cook uncovered for 13 minutes. Remove eggs and rinse very well in cold tap water to cool the eggs quickly. I then simply put then back in the fridge until I am ready to use them. I take a boiled egg in the shell to work for breakfast most days and they always peel easily with no problem at all. Glenn
  11. Plus the install of the new style gasket is a bit of a chore and never seems to turn out as nice as factory.
  12. I have never had any success with Maple Leaf. Never. I have run through perhaps 15+ bags of M.L over time and not found a decent bag . Basques is a FAR superior Canadian product. The contriversal blue bag Royal oak is even better over all.
  13. Id be on my way home with it if I lived that close...
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