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  1. glenn3

    Can you retro fit Classic II hinge to Classic?

    Good question on the Summit being an actual upgrade. I have seen it and it looks to be very well built. Who knows for sure? It' is certainly expensive and a really a little large for my current needs. Glenn
  2. glenn3

    Can you retro fit Classic II hinge to Classic?

    I have to be honest here. I totally doubt your grandchildren will be cooking on your K.J classic. I have 3 separate warranty claims on my 2015 model in the 3 short years I have owned it. Maybe 75 -100 cooks in total. Firebox, Shelves. Hinge. Kamado Joe product support is great. But at the end of the day I sadly suspect I may well be an owner of [semi] disposable Chinese junk. I hope I am wrong as I like the unit a lot. Time will tell. Or perhaps I will trade up to a Weber Summit while my resale value is decent? Glenn
  3. glenn3

    Big Steel Keg Forum

    I learned alot there...too bad it has not been maintained.
  4. glenn3

    Which pizza stone do you use?

    Lodge cast iron "P14P3" pan for me. Great results and will last forever.
  5. glenn3

    Improving a Cheap Lodge Cast Iron Pan

    I have perhaps 20+ pieces of cast iron cookware and bakeware. Some nice old vintage pieces mixed in with a fair amount of newer [10-20 year old] Lodge. In appearance and feel the smooth, thin cast vintage iron I own is beautiful indeed. Everyone should own at least 1 old school pan. 15 or 20 years ago it was pretty easy to get nice flat vintage cast iron at a somewhat reasonable cost. But...the old stuff is, well, old! Collectors and re-sellers have elevated prices beyond any reasonable true value whatsoever. Global market I suppose. Bastards. However all is not lost. I have done the whole sanding down routine on most of my newer lodge cookware and then seasoned well with Crisco. Overall I'm very happy with the Lodge products I own. In my opinion its well worth the effort. The food that comes off them won't know the difference between a revamped Lodge and a 1940's Griswold. Lodge still makes a well built product that with a bit of effort can be made even better, Glenn
  6. Back on amazon.ca $206 CDN with free [prime] shipping.
  7. I find the KJ lump comparable to Quebracho that I used to buy from Amazon for $ 1 a pound delivered to my door. Those were the days! Now I mostly burn Basques that I pick up from Lowes. $20 for a 17.51 lbs bag. Its about as good as it gets in western Canada...
  8. glenn3

    Kontrol Towers Finally Arrive

    Do you think the KJ Kontrol Tower will n a superior upgrade over the smokeware unit you have been using?
  9. glenn3

    Ordering Kontrol Tower Top Vent

    I agree the new vent will prevent water getting in during a heavy rain storm - although I have used my old style vent plenty in moderate storms without issue. It would have to be a serious rain storm to have any measurable amount of water getting in I would think. It doesn't bother me that the old style vent may lose its adjustments when the lid is opened - I just put it back to where it was after I close the lid... I'm not knocking the new design. If i bought a new Joe that came with the new style upper vent I would use it and be happy with it i'm sure. That being said it's my opinion the old style vent works just fine and I personally see no need to replace it. I can repaint it if it should begin to show signs of rust. The heavy cast iron vent will last forever. Glenn
  10. A concern one might have with cloud based products like the new Fireboard is the fact that should the cloud go down for whatever reason be it temporarily or god forbid permanently the product becomes useless. The smoke can be used without wifi. I personally am confident in Thermoworks staying in business but who knows about the others? Glenn
  11. glenn3

    Ordering Kontrol Tower Top Vent

    Personally I don"t see the point to "upgrade" to this light weight aluminium part vs the solid cast iron version. The cast iron version is flawless, I can "kontrol" temps fine with it. If it aint broke why fix it???
  12. glenn3

    Lower Draft Door With Screen

    Turns out the width of the lower draft door is EXACTLY the same as the Medium / Large BGE. The length of the BGE is longer however and needed to be trimmed. I bought an aftermarket stainless steel BGE perforated steel door [Dracary] that fit perfectly once shortened by about an inch and looks factory. The screen version is also available.
  13. glenn3

    Lodge Cast Iron Hibatchi

    I have one and it works well for high heat grilling... but not much else. It is a pain to keep seasoned. I don't think much of it overall to be honest.
  14. glenn3

    Lower Draft Door With Screen

    Perhaps I could still order the older style door from KJ as a direct replacement for mine? I do some overnight cooks from time to time so i'd like an extra measure of protection. Glenn
  15. glenn3

    Lower Draft Door With Screen

    I have a 2015 Classic Joe with the the integrated ash pan. Does anyone know of a direct bolt on replacement lower draft door that includes a spark screen slider? I have my grill on a composite deck and I would like some added protection. I know the ash pan doubles as a screen but far better to be safe than sorry. Thanks for any help, Glenn