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  1. I use more of a Baltimore style crabcake recipe except rather than dry mustard I use dijon, claw instead of lump (I like the deeper crab flavor), Old Bay seasoning in the mix and dust the outside of the crabcake with Old Bay blackened seasoning.
  2. I did this, this past weekend. Homemade crab cakes and skewered shrimp, except I did it on my kettle. I have also done it on my Pitboss as well.
  3. I use RO for pork and chicken and Western from Walmart for beef.
  4. After Ipull the meat I usually open the vents and burn the grates clean.
  5. My local Costco sold out at regular price. Glad I got mine last year at $399. Well actually $389 if you count the $10 back in the end of year check.
  6. I bought mine first week in June of 2017 for $389. lo This year they sold out. The price never dropped from $599.
  7. So when is one coming out for the K24?
  8. Bought mine this past June for $389.99 at Costco. Not sure what that is Canadian. No trouble taking it home and settibg it up.
  9. I watched a show about Costco. They basically break even on sales and make their profit on memberships.
  10. Went to Costco today and they had 3 left marked at $399.99. I went to the desk and they gave me $106.00 back for the adjustment and tax.
  11. I also found that openind the lower vent screen allows more air in. Leaving the perforated screen closed only allows so much air in.
  12. Do several cooks and grease it up. Chances are you may be able to seal it up naturally.
  13. Was at Costco yesterday and saw they bumped the price back to $599.99. They have also sold about 4 more in the last week andca half since i was there last. The Pit Boss is selling well around here.
  14. Saw up in the Big Green section a video comparison and low and behold it looks just like the Pit Boss. http://grillagrills.com/grills/kong-ceramic-kamado-grill/ What do you all think?
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