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  1. So you finally found M&T meats in Hawkinsville?!?! That place is great. If you are ever near Cordele stop by Striplings. Not quite as good as M&T meats but they have fantastic sausages.
  2. I see we were thinking along the same lines here!
  3. I have a joe jr and love it, however I wouldn't dream of traveling with it. It is fairly awkward to carry by yourself and it being ceramic it is quite fragile. In my honest opinion if I wanted something to travel with I would go with the akorn jr.
  4. Looks delicious. I watched the video with my wife and I told her I may try to make this for the church Christmas party in December 9th and she responded by saying, "You can do it next week when we get back home!" Looks like I will be giving this recipe a go on Monday. Thanks for sharing!
  5. Welcome to the forum. Tons of useful information and lots of great people here.
  6. Yummy! This wings look mighty tasty.
  7. Yum. Nothing like grilled wings!
  8. Thanks for the replies and tips everyone. I will keep these in mind for future baking. Greatly appreciated.
  9. Welcome to the forum Clinton. Congrats on the grill purchase. I'm sure you will love it.
  10. Wow! That is amazing. They look delicious. Very fine cook and I am sure your co-workers were very happy!
  11. Looks like you nailed it. Great cook.
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