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  1. So you finally found M&T meats in Hawkinsville?!?! That place is great. If you are ever near Cordele stop by Striplings. Not quite as good as M&T meats but they have fantastic sausages.
  2. I see we were thinking along the same lines here!
  3. I have a joe jr and love it, however I wouldn't dream of traveling with it. It is fairly awkward to carry by yourself and it being ceramic it is quite fragile. In my honest opinion if I wanted something to travel with I would go with the akorn jr.
  4. Looks delicious. I watched the video with my wife and I told her I may try to make this for the church Christmas party in December 9th and she responded by saying, "You can do it next week when we get back home!" Looks like I will be giving this recipe a go on Monday. Thanks for sharing!
  5. Welcome to the forum. Tons of useful information and lots of great people here.
  6. Yummy! This wings look mighty tasty.
  7. Yum. Nothing like grilled wings!
  8. Thanks for the replies and tips everyone. I will keep these in mind for future baking. Greatly appreciated.
  9. Welcome to the forum Clinton. Congrats on the grill purchase. I'm sure you will love it.
  10. Wow! That is amazing. They look delicious. Very fine cook and I am sure your co-workers were very happy!
  11. Looks like you nailed it. Great cook.
  12. Thank you for your response. As far as for the oven I completely agree, however, the temps will rebound quickly and return to the range desired. On this cook, unfortunately, the temps continued to drop and never rebounded - even with it being heat soaked (I let it slowly come up to temp over a two hour period and maintain desired temp for 30 minutes before placing dessert in. I do this as well for things like cakes and bread, but being relatively new to baking and experimenting with baking different desserts I am not sure how to judge doneness - I need to do more research. Thanks again for your response.
  13. Very nice cook. I love salmon and that sir looks delicious. I may give that recipe a try. Thanks for sharing
  14. Good evening fellow gurus, I tried doing a search for this but was unable to find any answers so I hope someone that does some baking regularly on a kamado will be able to help me out. I have been using my kamado for a couple of years now with great success. I understand the concepts of controlling the temperatures and am familiar with the drop in temperature when you add a cold piece of meat to the grill. I know to just let it go and that the temperature will rebound eventually (much quicker rebound if heat soaked). On low and slow cooks it doesn't really matter if it takes 10, 20, 30, or even an hour for that temp to rebound because those meats are done when they are done and I am cooking to a desired temperature. Pizzas I do at 500 or so degrees are only for a short time and the temp never really drops very much during the cook. When cooking other meats such as chicken, pork chops, steaks etc I do not have a problem with a drastic fluctuation with temperatures and the temperature always rebounds quickly. For example I cooked wings yesterday at 400 degrees. When I opened the grill to put the wings of course the temperature in the dome dropped but when i closed the lid it quickly recovered back to the 400 degrees (within a few minutes). I said all of that to before asking this question because for the above cooks it really doesn't matter what temp I am cooking at whether it be 225-275 for low and slow, 300-450 for other cuts of meat, or above 500 for searing because I cook the meat to the desired temperature and measure with an instant read thermometer and did not want to get a lot of answers that variations in temperature are not that big of a deal and will happen. I know a household oven is the same way with temp fluctuations and that if cooking at say 350 degrees the oven will range a span of say 330-370 degrees during the cook. However it will stay within that range and I can set a timer and do other things while baking. I am ok if my kamado did this when baking - no big deal. So here is the dilemma and the question that I have. When baking breads temps around or above 425 degrees need to be maintained to get maximum rise and develop the crust. Do any of you bakers have to adjust vent settings after putting in the bread? I ask this because this morning I slowly brought my grill up to 375 degrees and let it maintain that temperature for 30 minutes before placing the dessert I was baking for the family dinner. I quickly placed the dessert on the grill looked at the thermometer and saw that it dropped to 350 degrees. I thought no big deal the temp will rebound. I then went inside and set a timer for 45 minutes. When I came back to check the dessert after the timer went off the grill was at 300 degrees. So the temperature never rebounded and dropped throughout the cook. It wasn't a big deal for this dessert (just opened the top vent a little to increase the temperature some and baked it a little longer) and it turned out great, but if I would have been baking bread I would not have had very good results and would have ended up dense and very little rise. So, now for my last questions. For those that do bake do you stay and monitor the cook the entire time to make sure the temperature doesn't drop so much or do you open the vents up a little more after putting in the food to be baked? If the answer is you monitor the cook the entire time I think I will just continue to use my oven for baking goodies. I hope what I am asking makes since and hopefully someone can give me some insight as to what you all do when baking desserts, breads, etc on the kamado. Thanks, Chuck
  15. Wow! That table looks awesome. Look forward to seeing the finished product.
  16. Bingo. I have done overnight cooks without worrying about adjusting vents and I do not use any devices to help maintain temps.
  17. BTW, welcome to the forum. Make sure to visit the introductions category and introduce yourself.
  18. If you are unable to get your temps above 200* you have air flow problems. Check to make sure your ash pan is not full or charcoal grate is not clogged.
  19. Congrats on the new grill. As others have said, just start cooking and enjoy the delicious food you will get from it.
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