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  1. Good luck, Buddy! No advice to offer as I've never done a competition cook, just a pat on the back to you for getting in the ring and chasing the dream. Do you have a link or is there a website for the event? Your leg quarters look great!
  2. Very nice! That is some mighty good looking bird. The color of the gravy is a classic brown and appears to be the perfect consistency. Okay, I need to stop licking my screen now, excuse me, ya'll.
  3. Awesome! New meat, fellas! Seriously though, welcome to a great site. Lot's of great people here who are very talented and willing to help.
  4. Welcome to the site, MrBet62. There is a rich amount of knowledge, tips, and inspiring information to mine here on this site for all those golden nuggets which will help you create the magic of grilling. You are going to really enjoy the kamado grill you get. Have you decided on the make and model you are going to get?
  5. The hanging pots have flowers in them. Mrs skreef wanted a few flowers here and there. We have a few more hanging baskets just haven't hung them yet Do a couple of Nasturtium baskets and then you can use some of the blossoms in a salad.
  6. I agree. I use a Bic Multi-Purpose Lighter. $3.14 I "volcano" using a cardboard paper towel tube to stage the lump so as to leave a center "well" hole in my pile. Then drop two cotton balls soaked in rubbing alcohol in the "well." After the cotton balls take, I lay a piece of lump across the opening to ignite. By using this technique, I get my fire inside and underneath the lump.
  7. Welcome to the group, Chandler. There is a wealth of information in these threads to help, share, and inspire. In short time, I am sure, you will be adding to the quality of the forum by sharing your cooks.
  8. Thanks, Folks. Next time I do ribs, I will try the no foil approach at a temp around 225 degrees and cook until rack has that flexible/bendable feel. I appreciate ya'lls feedback.
  9. It was a really good fatty, lots of different flavors going on. Great job Mrs skreef.She had a green eye might as well have a finger in there also - LOL the entry has my vote, not because of the "finger" or "eye" images, but because of the use of spinach as an ingredient. a very cool idea
  10. I was thinking a more slow n low with a final sear approach also.Thanks Marshall I will definitely try a different approach next time. You are welcome. I enjoy coming across other's whose cooks expand, inspire, challenge, educate, and kick butt. Yours did that for me. Now, I gotta grab me chickens and start experimenting. The more I learn, the better I become.
  11. Your thread - http://www.kamadoguru.com/topic/27047-baby-back-ribs-q/ It was an inspiration to me to do some research on the 2-2-1 method. I wasn't looking to do a Baby Back cook, but since my store was out out of St. Louis style, I played the hand I was dealt. However, I didn't want mushy ribs so I went with the 2-2-1 method. I think a 3-2-1 method would have resulted in mushy ribs and not foiling would dry them out too much They came out perfect! Pesto, I would be interested in your results. For sure, document and take plenty of photos of your process. I am sure I can learn from your cook. I am always searching more on rib smoking/cooking. Good luck!
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